Destroyed (Lost In Oblivion, #3)

Destroyed (Lost In Oblivion, #3)

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by Cari Quinn, Taryn Elliott

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Now that he's successful beyond his wildest dreams with his band Oblivion, Simon Kagan is happy to enjoy his all-access pass to the groupie train. After getting more fists in the ribs than hugs growing up, he discovers having a warm female in his bed is an easy way to escape the loneliness.

Until Margo.

From the moment the classy, buttoned up violinist entered his


Now that he's successful beyond his wildest dreams with his band Oblivion, Simon Kagan is happy to enjoy his all-access pass to the groupie train. After getting more fists in the ribs than hugs growing up, he discovers having a warm female in his bed is an easy way to escape the loneliness.

Until Margo.

From the moment the classy, buttoned up violinist entered his sphere, he knew she was different. After one amazing night in the studio, he feels like he's finally connected with someone on a deeper level-only to have her walk away without a backward glance.

As a member of the Boston Symphony orchestra, Margo Reece's life revolves around the regimented structure of a second chair violinist. But Simon's uncanny ability to crawl into a song and create a smoky, sin-filled experience translated into the hottest night of her life. She walked away afterward because that's what she was supposed to do.

And Margo always does what she's supposed to.

Until Simon.

When she's called on again to blend her sound with Oblivion's, she has to make the decision to play it safe or let her wild side free.

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Lost in Oblivion Series , #3
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Meet the Author

USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn likes music and men, so she figured why not write about both? When she's not writing, she's screaming at men's college basketball games on TV, playing her music too loud or causing trouble. Sometimes simultaneously.

National bestselling author Taryn Elliott is obsessed with rock stars, men, and her unending playlists-maximizing these things seemed like a very good idea. When she's not writing, she's losing hours to hot men on TV, and/or a graphic design project. Multitasking is her middle name.

They decided to combine forces and found that hey...this writing deal is even more awesome when you collaborate with your best friend.

And so Lost in Oblivion was born.

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Destroyed (Lost In Oblivion, #3) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Shyla Wright More than 1 year ago
It was absolutely amazing. I loved this book. The title described it perfectly. I couldn't put it down. I Can't wait to read more.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Reallyvreally loved the books... so worth reading.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this series and all the characters. They are all so loveable but stilll wild rock n roll!
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars --DESTROYED is the third full length installment in Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott’s contemporary, new adult LOST IN OBLIVION erotic romance rock series focusing on the members of the rock band Oblivion. This is lead singer and front man Simon Kagan, and classical violinist Margo Reece’s storyline-a second chance for two people who never forgot the one that got away. Told from dual third person perspectives (Simon and Margo) DESTROYED follows the rebuilding of a relationship; a friendship between Simon and Margo that was all but destroyed following a one night stand wherein Margo walked away without a backwards glance. What ensues is sexually tense and continuously toxic confrontations between our leading couple. From name calling to disgust, Margo and Simon have issues whenever either one is in the same room with the other. Margo is about to head out on tour, to accompany the band on stage, and in this neither Simon or Nick are thrilled with the prospect: Nick doesn’t like change and Simon’s attraction to Margo finds our leading singer in a precarious predicament. The relationship between Margo and Simon is fraught with bitter memories of their one night together. Margo wanted Simon but walked away knowing that Simon would never settle for one woman, and Simon found himself wondering where it all went wrong. Fast forward several months and Simon has tried to forget Margo and her curvaceous body. Our hero’s reputation as a manwhore is not without some disappointing moments. Sex and alcohol are Simon’s vises-he is a sexual beast both on and off the stage. Coming face to face with his past finds Simon’s aggression towards Margo amplified by the return of a former bandmate. The $ex scenes are graphic, intense, dramatic, sometimes combative, and bold. The sexual tension is palpable but their tug –o-war, and cat and mouse games of ‘want you/want you not was frustrating. The back and forth was continuous; I felt the romance was missing-it was all about the $ex and in this the love connection was almost non existent. At this point I never thought I would see Simon Kagan settle down. LOST IN OBLIVION is an ensemble series. All of the previous storylines characters and members of the band play a secondary and supporting role throughout the novel. Jazz and Harper’s pregnancies have advanced wherein Gray and Deacon have just about lost their minds as it pertains to the impending births of their first born children. The band’s popularity has made OBLIVION a star on the rock and roll circuit; and Snake comes back looking for his piece of the pie. DESTROYED does not end with a happily ever after but a cliffhanger that will focus on Simon’s future and the band’s past. Lost in Oblivion is gritty, graphic and not without some controversial moments but it is a series about rock and roll, and the lifestyle that is conducive to controversy and trouble-sex, drugs, alcohol, infighting with the band, and of course, their public image and private lives. I am a fan of Quinn and Elliott’s LOST IN OBLIVION series, but not a fan of the drawn out, back and forth between a couple whose need for one another is dangerous and dark. I want some romance in my romance storylines but the gritty reality of fame pushes love and romance down the list of priorities and wants.
CoffeeGoddessTK More than 1 year ago
Simon Kagan, lead singer of the group Oblivion, is living the life. As the band rockets to fame, he's loving life in the limelight and all that it brings. The one bump? Margo Reece, the girl that got away. Margo, oldest daughter of a proper New England family, has always done the right thing. Until Simon, that is, and an encounter that neither one can forget. Recently dismissed from her position with the Boston Philharmonic, she finds herself working with Simon and the rest of the band, and with the way that the sparks fly between these two, things are about to get very hot. I am an absolute sucker for books about hot rockers, and Taryn Elliot and Cari Quinn do these like nobody's business. The Lost In Oblivion series has all the things that are good with this trope, and are, like the rest of their books, some of my favorites. Simon and Margo seem like an unlikely pair, with all of the differences between them, but the heat that they generate is off the charts. I mean, seriously combustible. And the more time that they spend together, the more the inevitable changes start to creep in, and, before you know it, I'm over here swooning. "But everything felt bigger here in this tiny space. As if she couldn't get away from him, or more importantly that she didn't want to. She squeezed his fingers. "Simon, I need..." "You need what?" She was so empty. The thought of telling him that was so huge and so scary that she shut it down. She didn't own him. Had never owned him, she was only borrowing. "I'm yours." Her eyes flew open and he gazed at her without fear and without a lick of hesitancy. "I've always been yours, Violin Girl. I've just been hoping you would take me." I was in a puddle. Just done. These ladies know just how to craft words, to create a story that will create no small amount of feels, and keep me thinking about it long after. As they are wont to do, Taryn and Cari have left us with one heck of a cliffhanger, and August seems much too far away for the next chapter for Simon, Margo, and the rest of the band. I happily give Destroyed 5+ 'oh, my gosh, I am SO happy, but wait, oh, no you didn't' stars, and urge you to add it and the rest of the Lost In Oblivion books to your TBR. They're a wild and sexy ride that you definitely don't want to miss. *** ARC provided for an honest review ***
kdawnms More than 1 year ago
S(igh)mon & Violin Girl - a combination that is amazing. Super slut vs conservative good girl...WOW! Opposites attract big time in this fast passed read about a musical rock group who have worked hard and made it. I highly recommend you begin at the beginning of the series - go figure :)! Seduced is the first to suck you into Lost in Oblivion. The authors Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn are amazing together (and as individual authors) and have created a breath-taking series. I can't wait for the next one!
Staci70 More than 1 year ago
I've been intrigued by what Simon and "Violin Girl's" story would be since the character was first introduced. I have to say the actual book did not disappoint at all. This book opens with Oblivion getting ready to have a release party and tour. Simon and Violin Girl aka Margo have crossed paths since their encounter years ago. Flash forward to their party and tour and their need for the sounds only Margo can provide. She is asked to play with the band for the release party and the chemistry between her and Simon is off the charts. This book was fantastic and I couldn't wait to see how things would play out between them. All I can say about the ending without giving anything away is that I CANNOT wait for the next book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book had me at page one. I love this series but simon and margos book is nothing short of amazing...wish the next book was sooner than august...a must read!!! More please
Mabelyne13 More than 1 year ago
I love this series. It is so realistic, I want to actually hear this band and see the guys fingers playing their guitars. Though I was a little disappointed that to read Simon's story it requires to purchase another book. Though I can't wait until Aug. when the next book comes out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Destroyed is the latest book in the "Lost in Oblivion" series.  This book has two focuses -- lead singer Simon and his relationship with Margo, and exploring the good and bad that come from an up-and-coming band who are headliners for the first time in their lives There's some new drama with Snake, tension with Simon and Violin Girl, and a personal issue with Simon that will affect the whole band.  I don't want to say more because I don't want to spoil it, but I kept swiping past the end of the book, hoping there'd be a few more pages to calm my head.   The storyline is solid, and punctuated by H-O-T scenes with Simon and Margo.  In retrospect, I would have liked to have seen their transformation from a couple who steal a seemingly angry quickie whenever they can grab it, to where they care about each other.  That didn't detract at all from the enjoyment of reading the story :)  -- it was still a fantastic journey, and a very good read. We'll find out what happened to Simon, and see more Simon and Margo, in the next installment of this series, Consumed, which is due out on August 4th.   If you haven't yet experienced the suck-you-in writing from the fab partnership that is Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn, you are missing out. Buy this book.  Heck, buy the whole series.  Start with Seduced.  You won't be disappoint
Hai-Yen More than 1 year ago
Blasphemous! I broke my own rule: reading a book out of order in a series. Why? Because I was given an ARC by the authors. I was eager to delve into the Lost of Oblivion world, to get a taste of all the buzz and I must say, I'm glad I did. Now, I can hardly wait to read the rest of the series. As a music lover, "Destroyed" was the ultimate treat. It tugged at my heart strings and moved every part of me on many levels. It provoked a roller coaster of emotions. In a sense, it left me wanting more but oh so satisfying at the same time. Simon has earned his nickname "Super Slut" for obvious reasons and he owns it shamelessly. He also owns the stage when he is performing as the front man of Oblivion. Margo, the ever quiet violinist whose upbringing would not allow her to stray from her good manners had a taste of the sexy rock star, and now she is longing for more. Their chemistry is combustible as much on and off stage, but yet the both of them are fighting it with all their might. Their constant banters are hilarious, too. To witness the camaraderie between the band members is a unique experience. Although each character has its own personality, they fit so well together, as a whole. Music, their shared passion is what drives them to work hard and it is simply gratifying to see them reap what they sow. These characters are so endearing, you cannot help but root for them, wishing them well. They make you want to be part of their circle. Ms. Elliott and Ms. Quinn, you have ruined me for other authors. Your writing is so raw and thus, so damn good, one can only be in awe. I will make it my goal to go through your entire work.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Once upon a time there were three friends who turned to music to escape life's darkest moments and it’s finally paying off.  In this book meet up with the band as they are about to embark on their first headlining tour.  While all the main characters are here this book focuses on our lead singer and resident Super Slut, Simon Kagan, and the only woman who has ever gotten under his skin. This book is so well written that Simon and Margo’s sexual game of cat and mouse will make you squirm.  Trust me I know. ;)  And when they finally give into it there is no surface left unscathed.  If you haven’t done so already, I recommend that you start from the first book Seduced and go from there.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Margo has always been the "good" daughter. She's a reserved,  curvy young woman,  who hides inside the black clothing her mother tells her to wear. She has a job, her parents approve, playing violin with the Boston Symphony. She doesn't realize she's unhappy until she had a one time uninhibited romp with Simon a while back.  Since then she's been unsettled. The secret she's told no one about has unsettled her,  too. But, they'd all find out soon enough.  Simon sings lead for the up and coming rock band, Oblivion; it's made up of friends, old and new. They understand each other and form a family, complete with two married couples. The time with Margo affected Simon deeply.  He tried not to think of her, but one night stands didn't help - they weren't Margo. Now, Margo would be sitting in,  playing with his band awhile!  He's got another problem no one knows of. He'd deal with it himself. He's dealt with things on his own for a long time. Margo and Simon share a steamy physical attraction.  There's no courtship or pretty words. They do share a love of music.  But, is that all?  This is well written and witty. The plot and characters,  hope and pain, pull you in.  They are people with hopes and dreams. I recommend this book, it's a good story.  Gave four stars due to cliffhanger ending.  Received book free for honest review. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Destroyed. What can I say about this book? That it's the latest addition to an already incredible series? That the sexual tension between Simon and Margo should be bottled and that it'd sell a million? That this book plays with your emotions? Or that these authors are one hell of a team when they're already fabulous authors in their own right? I can say all of those things and more.  This continuation of the Lost in Oblivion series reminds me how much I love these books, characters and story. Not all is sunshine and roses for the boys and girl, though on the cusp and beginning of their first headlining tour and with two of their little 'family' pregnant. Plus Simon is fighting a very personal battle that isn't easy to deal with when you're the lead singer of one of the biggest up and coming bands out there. Not going to spoil it for anyone, just will say you really should buy it! 
KSP91301 More than 1 year ago
When I read the intro book in the Lost in Oblivion series I was a little unsure about some of those guys. Let’s face it. They make it pretty tough for a good girl to love their womanizing, sometimes selfish, sexist & overindulgent ways. But with each book they’ve grown.  I’ve gotten to know them better and have changed my tune.  Now I love them so much I’m ready to join the fan club, buy a VIP ticket with backstage pass, and maybe slip one of them a room key. In Destroyed, they’ve become so wildly popular due to the huge success of their last album that they’re heading out on tour as a headliner.  Joining them is a new female member who amps up their sound and heats up more than the sheet music for one hot rocker. Enter Simon Kagan. Lead guitarist. Proverbial man slut. Watching him get twisted up over a classical violinist of all things is a huge thrill. Payback really is incredibly sweet.  And once Margo realizes that Oblivion’s music sings to her soul unlike any other, she fully commits to the band and enjoying all of Simon’s talents during the summer tour.  She’s the perfect match for the sexy rocker, and they set the concert venues ablaze with their fiery passion.  Destroyed is about the garage band finally making it big, reaping the rewards for all their years of hard work, long nights, and playing in third rate clubs. It’s about a motley group of friends who’ve become family. It’s inspiring. It’s fun. It’s thrilling. And it’s so freaking sexy it’ll rock worlds. I. love. it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As always these ladies bring it. I was given this book as arc in return for an honest review. I love it as I love the rest. I am dedicated to this series. The music and instruments are well descripted And the characters pull it all together.