Deutsche DJ Charts, Vol. 2

Deutsche DJ Charts, Vol. 2


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Ota Dance


Disc 1

  1. How Do You Do
  2. Xplode 2
  3. Mr. Lonely  - Franky B.
  4. To France 2005  -  M.R.
  5. Here We Are (Whoomp!)  -  Hypeman
  6. Tricky Tricky  -  Busted DJs
  7. Stop That Shit
  8. On the Roxxx
  9. Everytime You Leave  -  Karma
  10. Lyteo  -  Sam
  11. Ganz Entspannt  - DJ Andy Garcia
  12. Lonely  -  Deep Spirit
  13. Where Is the Love  - Di Fumetti
  14. Summer Vibez  -  Raccoon
  15. Secret of Love  -  Barcera
  16. Just 4 You  -  2 Vibez
  17. Kinetic Power  -  Sound Posse
  18. More, More, More!  -  East Clubbers
  19. Blade
  20. Banging in Dreamworld  -  Bangbros

Disc 2

  1. A Walk in the Park 2005  -  Conways
  2. Club Tropicana
  3. Jezabel  -  Milk & Sugar
  4. Together
  5. Every Single Day  -  Dhany
  6. Sonnenschein  -  Heiko & Maiko
  7. Dance, Dance, Dance  -  MC Scholar
  8. Slip Away  -  Mohito
  9. Cross the Sky  -  General Moders
  10. Creeps
  11. Nasty Girl
  12. Listen to You  -  Diva La Disco
  13. Let's Get Together
  14. Come Back  - Vegas Lite
  15. Daily Disco
  16. Get Over Here  - R.S. Faber
  17. Shine On  -  Sunloverz
  18. Sweet Danger  -  Adama
  19. Realize  -  Oral Tunerz
  20. Dark Side of the Moon  -  Bastian

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mark Summers   Sampling
Mallorca Lee   Vocals
Michael Feiner   Vocals
Leroy Daniels   Vocals
Gaybee   Vocals
Laura Meets Bangboy   Vocals
Laura Nori   Vocals
Paula P'Cay   Vocals
Kathrin Peters   Vocals
Sven Rossenbach   Saxophone
Shoutings   Vocals
Heiko Maier VonSchriesheim   Vocals

Technical Credits

Bobby Vinton   Composer
George Michael   Composer
Mike Oldfield   Composer
Steve Winwood   Composer
Sound Factory   Producer,Remixing
Nick Bailey   Composer
David Forbes   Composer,Programming,Producer
Andy García   Composer
Per Gessle   Composer
A. Gordon   Composer
Will Jennings   Composer
Howard Jones   Composer
Ramon Zenker   Composer,Producer
Kirsty Hawkshaw   Vocal Effect
R.S. Faber   Composer,Producer
Marvin Willis   Producer
Bass T.   Producer
Ivano Fossati   Composer
Paul Hutsch   Composer,Producer
Stefan Benz   Composer,Producer
Mike Milk   Composer,Producer
Mallorca Lee   Composer,Programming,Producer
Gene Allan   Composer
Dennis Bierbrodt   Composer
Gottfried Engels   Composer,Producer
Michael Urgacz   Producer
Axwell   Composer
Cameron Saunders   Composer
Criss Tonino   Composer
Rank 1   Remixing
Jens Kindervater   Producer
Warp Brothers   Producer
Oscar Prudente   Composer
Shaun Baker   Composer,Producer
Bernd Johnen   Producer
Guido Kramer   Composer,Producer
Michael Koehne   Composer
Olaf Kruegel   Composer
Steven Sugar   Composer,Producer
Sebastian Wolter   Composer,Producer
Olav Bel Goe   Producer
Stephan Endemann   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Michael Lee Bock   Producer
Thorsten Brostmeyer   Composer,Producer
Nils Karsten   Producer
Sam   Composer
Sean Tyas   Producer
Stefan Plambeck   Composer,Producer
Sebastian Ingrosso   Producer
Jörg Ritzinger   Producer
DJ Teeno   Composer
DJ Andy Garcia   Producer
Tim Coltrane   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Alvaro   Producer
Roland Binder   Composer
Bonito   Producer
Dominik Cydlik   Composer
Bernhard Hochrainer   Composer
Hal Ritson   Composer,Producer
Bastian   Producer
Takis Tylla   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Alex Botar   Composer,Producer
Lizzy Pattinson   Composer
Clap Production   Producer
Ernesto   Producer
Jan Hendrik Geßner   Producer
Eric M. Hoefges   Producer
Janardana   Producer
Roland Kahl   Composer,Producer
Maik Karthäuser   Producer
Tobias Lützenkirchen   Producer
James Mitchell   Producer
Paul PCay   Producer
Tom Pulse   Composer,Producer
Sven Rossenbach   Composer
Francois Sanders   Producer
Alexander Sojanoff   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Heiko Maier VonSchriesheim   Composer,Producer
Marco "Lawless" Walter   Composer,Producer
Alexander Woeste   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Pooya Ziraksaz   Composer,Producer
Cunningham   Producer
M. Missy   Producer
Alex Belcher   Composer

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