Deutsche Elektronische Musik, Vol. 2

Deutsche Elektronische Musik, Vol. 2

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Not quite as heavy on early-'70s material as the first volume of Deutsche Elektronische Musik, this sequel from Soul Jazz offers another wide-ranging mix of experimental music from Germany. It too is fairly balanced between the obscure and the relatively well-known, with no artist appearing more than twice. BetweenSee more details below


Not quite as heavy on early-'70s material as the first volume of Deutsche Elektronische Musik, this sequel from Soul Jazz offers another wide-ranging mix of experimental music from Germany. It too is fairly balanced between the obscure and the relatively well-known, with no artist appearing more than twice. Between the extremes of Hans-Joachim Roedelius' tranquil piano-and-bird-sounds piece "Le Jardin" and D.A.F.'s jagged and confrontational "Co Co Pino," there are the likes of Michael Rother's dazed "Karrussell," Eno, Moebius & Roedelius' burbling "Base & Apex," and Can's tumbling "Halleluwuah" (included as five-minute edit, different from the one on the band's Anthology). This time, succinct electronic explorations such as Pyrolator's "Danger Cruising," Asmus Tietchens' "Zeebrugge," and Michael Hoenig's "Sun and Moon" (taken from the onetime Tangerine Dream member's 1978 album, released in the U.S. on Warner), are more common than guitar-driven trance jams. Once again, there's no Kraftwerk, but that doesn't thwart the set from providing another smart sampling that, depending on the listener's level of knowledge, can function either as an entry point or as a gap filler; most of the parent albums are within a range of good to tremendous. David Stubbs' lengthy sleeve notes here are typically informative and illuminating. Forgive the label for identifying an image of Kurt Dahlke as "Pyrolater."

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Soul Jazz


Disc 1

  1. Station 1: Globus Im Selben Boot  -  A.R. & Machines
  2. Halleluwah  -  Can
  3. Le Jardin  -  Roedelius
  4. Karussell  - Michael Rother
  5. Der Große Krieger  -  Popol Vuh
  6. Sun and Moon  - Michael Hoenig
  7. You Play For Us Today  -  Agitation Free
  8. Co Co Pino  -  Daf
  9. Emphasis  - Harald Grosskopf
  10. A Morning Excuse  -  Amon Düül
  11. Fata Morgana  - Wolf Sequenza
  12. Nossa Bova  -  Bröselmaschine
  13. Base & Apex  -  Moebius
  14. In A Sacred Manner  -  Gila
  15. Himmelblau  - Wolfgang Reichmann

Disc 2

  1. Als Hätt Ich Das Alles Schon Mal Gesehen  -  A.R. & Machines
  2. Sundance Chant  -  Gila
  3. Isi  -  Neu!
  4. Danger Cruising  -  Pyrolator
  5. Die Weiße Alm  - Sergius Golowin
  6. Electric Day  -  YOU
  7. Gibli  -  Niagara
  8. Ja Sie Sollen Gottes Kinder Heissen Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei  -  Popol Vuh
  9. Der Prophet  - Rolf Trostel
  10. China  -  Electric Sandwich
  11. Zeebrugge  - Asmus Tietchens
  12. Krautrock  -  Faust

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Peter Michael Hamel   Organ
Michael Hoenig   Synthesizer,Steel Guitar
Al Gromer Khan   Sitar
Michael Rother   Organ,Synthesizer,Guitar,Percussion,Piano,Electric Piano,Vocals,Synthesizer Bass,electronics
Klaus Schulze   Organ,Drums,Mellotron
Klaus Weiss   Percussion,Drums
Jerry Berkers   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Bongos,Choir, Chorus
Chris Karrer   Vocals
Udo Lindenberg   Percussion,Drums
Wolfgang Riechmann   Synthesizer,Bass,Guitar,Violin,Electric Piano,Vocals,Electric Drums
Irmin Schmidt   Organ,Electric Piano
Robert Görl   Drums,Vocals
Peter Bursch   Acoustic Guitar,Flute,Sitar,Vocals
Jochen Carthaus   Harmonica,Saxophone,Vocals
Holger Czukay   Bass
Ted de Jong   Tambourine
Werner Diermaier   Drums
Klaus Dinger   Organ,Guitar,Percussion,Piano,Vocals
Thomas Dinger   Drums
Jurgen Dollase   Guitar,Piano,Triangle,Mellotron,Vibes
Robert Eliscu   Oboe
Wolf Fabian   Drums
Florian Fricke   Piano,Keyboards,Vocals,Mellotron
Lhan Gopal   Drums
Udo Hanten   Synthesizer,Sounds
Joe Harris   Percussion,Conga,Timbales
Robby Heibl   Bass,Cello,Electric Guitar,Choir, Chorus
Mike Hellbach   Conga,Tabla,Spoons,Mellotron
Hans-Joachim Irmler   Organ
Michael Karoli   Guitar
Renate Knaup-Kroetenschwanz   Choir, Chorus
Peter Leopold   Drums,Piano (Grand)
Sabine Merbach   Vocals
Albin Meskes   Synthesizer
Jorg Ohlert   Organ,Guitar,Mellotron
Jean Hervé Peron   Bass
Uli Pop   Bongos
Ferdinand Povel   Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Burghard Rausch   Drums,Marimbas,Vocals
Ack Van Rooyen   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Jorg Schwenke   Guitar
Rudolf Sossna   Guitar,Keyboards
Achim Stutessen   Synthesizer
Lutz Ulbrich   Organ,Guitar,Zither
Gary Unwin   Bass
Conny Veit   Synthesizer,Flute,Guitar,Electric Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,12-string Guitar
Paul Vincent   Guitar
Ulrich Weber   Electric Guitar
John Weinzierl   Electric Guitar
Gunther Wusthoff   Synthesizer,Saxophone
Djong Yun   Vocals
Gabi Delgado   Vocals
Klaus Wiese   Tambura
Jaki Liebezeit   Drums
Sergius Golowin   Vocals
Bernd Witthuser   Acoustic Guitar
Adrian Self   Compield
Michael Gunther   Bass
Stuart Baker   Compield
Chrislo Hass   Synthesizer,Saxophone,Tape
Kenji Suzuki   Vocals
Jenni Schucker   Flute,Vocals,Bells
Daniel Fichelscher   Guitar,Percussion,Conga,Drums
Klaus Lormann   Bass
Christian Schulze   Electric Piano
Wolfgang Spelmans   Synthesizer,Guitar
Willi Kismer   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Zither
Walter Wastrupp   Acoustic Guitar,Flute,Percussion,Tabla,electronics
Sam "The Cute" Sins   electronics
Lutz Ringer Bass   Vibes
Jörg Mierke   Flute,Guitar,Percussion,Conga,Glockenspiel,Triangle,Choir, Chorus,electronics
Falk U. Rogener   Synthesizer
Daniel Secundus Fieschelscher   Bass,Percussion,Drums

Technical Credits

Peter Baumann   Producer
Michael Hoenig   Arranger,Producer
Popol Vuh   Producer
Michael Rother   Producer
Can   Composer,Producer
Klaus Weiss   Composer
Agitation Free   Composer
Amon Düül   Composer,Producer
D.A.F.   Composer
Faust   Composer
Harald Grosskopf   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Engineer
Dieter Moebius   Composer,Producer
Neu!   Producer
Niagara   Producer
Achim Reichel   Producer
Rolf Trostel   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Hans Tim Cessteu   drum programming
Dieter Dierks   Producer,Engineer
Brian Eno   Composer,Producer
Kurt Graupner   Engineer
Udo Hanten   Producer
Rolf Ulrich Kaiser   Producer
Peter Kramper   Engineer
Olaf Kubler   Producer
Uwe Nettelbeck   Producer
Konrad Plank   Producer,Engineer
Hans-Joachim Roedelius   Composer,Producer
Conny Veit   Composer,Producer
Duncan Cowell   Mastering
Eberhard Panne   Engineer
Wolfgang Sandner   Producer
Sergius Golowin   Composer
Bröselmaschine   Composer
Kurt Dahlke   Composer
Pete Reilly   Mastering
Reinhard Langowski   Producer
David Stubbs   Sleeve Notes
Schnitzler   Composer
Reichel   Composer
Sequenza   Composer
Rokko Ekbek   Producer
Popul Buh   Producer
Peter Strecker   Producer
Peter Lündemann   Engineer
Klaus Klinger-Klanger   Sleeve Design
Jordi Nerdüweil   Sleeve Design

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