Development of Cardiovascular Systems: Molecules to Organisms

Development of Cardiovascular Systems: Molecules to Organisms

by Warren W. Burggren

This book is a unique overview of cardiovascular development from the cellular to the organ level across a broad range of species.See more details below


This book is a unique overview of cardiovascular development from the cellular to the organ level across a broad range of species.

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List of contributors; Foreword Constance Weinstein; Introduction. Why study cardiovascular development? Warren B. Burggren and Bradley B. Keller; Part I. Molecular Cellular and Integrative Mechanisms: Determining Cardiovascular Development: 1. Genetic dissection of heart development Jau-Nian Chen and Mark C. Fishman; 2. Cardiac membrane characteristics Lynn Mahony; 3. Development of the myocardial contractile system Anne M. Murphy; 4. Vasculogenesis and angiogenesis of the developing heart Robert J. Tomanek and Anna Ratajska; 5. Extracellular matrix maturation and morphogenesis Wayne Carver, Louis Terracio and Thomas K. Borg; 6. Endothelial maturation Jackson Wong; 7. Embryonic cardiovascular function, coupling and maturation: a species view Bradley B. Keller; 8. Hormonal systems regulating the cardiovascular system Makoto Nakazawa and Fusae Kajio; Part II. Species Diversity in Cardiovascular Development: 9. Evolution of cardiovascular systems: insights into ontogeny Anthony P. Farrell; 10. Morphogenesis of vertebrate hearts José M. Icardo; 11. Invertebrate cardiovascular development Brian R. McMahon, George B. Bourne and Ka Hou Chu; 12. Piscine cardiovascular development Peter J. Rombough; 13. Amphibian cardiovascular development Warren W. Rurggren and Regina Fritsche; 14. Reptilian cardiovascular development Stephen J. Warburton; 15. Avian cardiovascular development Hiroshi Tazawa and Ping-Chun Lucy Hou; 16. Mammalian cardiovascular development Kent L. Thornburg, George D. Giraud, Mark D. Reller and Mark J. Morton; Part III. Environment and Disease in Cardiovascular Development: 17. Oxygen, temperature and pH influences on the development of non-mammalian embryos and larvae Bernd Pelster; 18. Modelling gas exchange in embryos, larvae and fetuses Alan W. Pinder; 19. Principles of abnormal cardiac development Adriana C. Gittenberger-de Groot and Robert E. Poelmann; 20. In utero and postnatal interventions in cardiovascular malformations V. Mohan Reddy and Frank L. Hanley; 21. Insights into the future care of congenital cardiovascular malformations Edward B. Clark; Epilogue. Future directions in developmental cardiovascular sciences Bradley B. Keller and Warren W. Burggren; References; Systematic index; Subject index.

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