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Deviant Behavior / Edition 6

Deviant Behavior / Edition 6

by Erich Goode

ISBN-10: 0130825786

ISBN-13: 9780130825780

Pub. Date: 10/25/2000

Publisher: Prentice Hall

The author seeks to understand deviance from the major sociological perspectives and theories of deviance by providing a comprehensive, balanced examination of the conceptual foundation of the sociology of deviance. An honest and direct approach is constant throughout the text and imparts a practical knowledge towards real world matters that enables the reader to


The author seeks to understand deviance from the major sociological perspectives and theories of deviance by providing a comprehensive, balanced examination of the conceptual foundation of the sociology of deviance. An honest and direct approach is constant throughout the text and imparts a practical knowledge towards real world matters that enables the reader to think clearly about them. The book gives the reader interesting material about real life experiences of deviance from which they can learn and understand the different types of deviant individuals that exist in our society. Helps the reader understand the full range of deviance and emphasizes deviance is not always a motivated behavior whose occurrence needs to be explained. For anyone interested in understanding deviant behavior.

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Table of Contents

Preface     xi
Introduction     1
Deviance in Everyday Life     3
So, What Is Deviance?     4
Societal and Situational Deviance     6
The ABCs of Deviance     7
Deviant Behavior     7
Deviant Attitudes and Beliefs     9
Physical Characteristics     10
Tribe, Race, Religion, and Nation     11
A Fourth Type of Deviance     11
What Deviance Is Not     12
Relativism     14
Summary     16
Personal Account: A Computer Pirate Tells His Story     18
Questions     21
Approaches to Deviance     22
Positivism: An Introduction     23
Constructionist Approaches to Deviance: An Introduction     27
Deviance and Social Control: An Introduction     31
Formal and Informal Social Control     33
Summary     34
Personal Account: A Stripper Mom Tells Her Story     36
Questions     41
Explaining Deviant Behavior: Positivist Theories     42
Free Will, Rational Calculation, and Routine Activities Theory     43
Social Disorganization and the Chicago School     45
Anomieor Strain Theory     47
Anomie Theory into the 1990s and Beyond     51
Differential Association and Learning Theory     53
Social Control Theory     54
A General Theory of Crime: Self-Control Theory     56
Summary     58
Personal Account: Clinical Depression     60
Questions     64
Constructionist Theories of Deviance     65
Functionalism     67
Labeling or Interactionist Theory     68
Conflict Theory     74
Feminism     77
Controlology or the New Sociology of Social Control     80
How Are Judgments of Deviance Made?     83
The Role of Religion in Judgments of Deviance     83
Religion and Politics     86
Red State, Blue State     89
Retro versus Metro     89
Summary     91
Personal Account: Cody, the Identity-Constructing Homosexual     94
Questions     99
Studying Deviance: Methods in Social Research     100
The Use of Official Data     101
Survey Research     104
Participant Observation     112
Narratives, Autobiographies, Life Histories, and Personal Accounts      116
Ethical Issues in the Study of Deviance: Tearoom Sex, a Case Study     118
Summary     120
Personal Account: Field Experiment: Public Reactions to Normative Violations     121
Field Experiment: Two Guys Holding Hands in Public, Steven M. Clayton     122
Questions     125
Criminal Behavior     126
Deviance and Crime: A Rough Division of Labor     127
Crime and Deviance: A Conceptual Distinction     130
Common Law and Statutory Law     131
What Is Our Mission? Constructionism versus Positivism     133
The Severity of Crime     134
The Uniform Crime Reports     137
Property Crime     138
Shoplifting and Employee Theft     141
Summary     143
Personal Account: Omar's Story     145
Questions     148
Criminal Violence     149
Violence: An Introduction     150
Murder     150
Forcible Rape     157
Robbery     164
Is Robbery a Crime of Passion?     168
Summary     169
Personal Account: Having a Deviant Father     170
Questions     172
Illicit Drug Use      174
Drug Use: The Social Construction of a Social Problem     176
What Is Drug Use?     179
A Classification of Drugs and Their Effects     180
The Extent of Drug Use in the United States     182
Marijuana Use in the United States, 1960-2004     187
Marijuana Use as Deviance and Crime     189
The War on Marijuana? The Great Transformation, 1990-2000s     192
Hallucinogenic Drugs     194
Cocaine and Crack     197
Heroin and the Narcotics     201
Methamphetamine     202
Summary     205
Personal Account: Barbiturate Abuse     207
Personal Account: Smoking Marijuana     209
Questions     211
Deviant Organizational Behavior     272
White-Collar and Corporate Crime     215
Corporate Crime: Correlative Features     217
Four Recent Examples of Corporate Deviance     221
Police Use of Excessive Force     223
The Sexual Abuse of Children by Roman Catholic Priests     228
Summary     234
Personal Account: Employee Pilferage     235
Questions     237
Sexual Deviance     238
What's Deviant About Sexual Behavior?      240
Essentialism versus Constructionism     241
Gendering Sexuality     244
Homosexuality     245
Sex Work     253
Extramarital Sex     257
Summary     259
Personal Account: Bondage and Discipline Sex     261
Questions     265
Personal Account: Being a Homosexual Priest     266
Questions     268
Cognitive Deviance: Holding Unconventional Beliefs     269
The Social Functions of Belief Systems     274
The Intersection of Religion and Deviance     277
Religious Sects and Cults     278
Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Evolution     281
Paranormal Beliefs as Deviant     286
Summary     289
Personal Account: The Belief That Extraterrestrials Are on Earth     291
Questions     293
Mental Disorder     294
What Is Mental Disorder?     295
Models of Mental Disorder     297
Essentialism Approaches Mental Disorder     298
Constructionism     301
Labeling Theory     303
The Modified Labeling Approach     305
Families of the Mentally Disordered: Labeling by Intimates     307
The Epidemiology of Mental Disorder     309
On Being Sane in Insane Places     310
Chemical Treatment of Mental Disorder     315
Deinstitutionalization     317
Deviance and Mental Disorder: An Overview     318
Summary     319
Personal Account: Interview with Anna-Maria, a Manic-Depressive     321
Questions     325
Physical Characteristics as Deviance     326
Abominations of the Body: An Introduction     330
Physical Disability     330
Conformity to and Violations of Esthetic Standards     332
Body Modification as Physical Deviance     335
Obesity     336
Intersexuality     340
Are the Overweight Universally Stigmatized? Black-White Differences     340
Agnes     341
The Two Debates: Essentialism-Constructionism/Nature-Nurture     342
From Bruce to Brenda to David (The Story of "John" and "Joan")     344
Freaks     345
Disability and Tertiary Deviance     346
Summary     347
Personal Account: Jan, the Transitioning Transsexual     349
Questions     353
References      354
Photo Credits     369
Name Index     370
Subject Index     374

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