Devil's Rumble: The Davie Allan & the Arrows Anthology

Devil's Rumble: The Davie Allan & the Arrows Anthology

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by Davie Allan

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Sundazed is one of the top reissue outfits; its CD and LP packages are consistently full of great liner notes, wonderfully remastered sound, and faithful reproductions of original sides as well as expertly chosen compilations with full artist involvement. This 40-track, double-disc collection is the only true best-of that fuzz guitar frenzy icon Davie Allan will ever


Sundazed is one of the top reissue outfits; its CD and LP packages are consistently full of great liner notes, wonderfully remastered sound, and faithful reproductions of original sides as well as expertly chosen compilations with full artist involvement. This 40-track, double-disc collection is the only true best-of that fuzz guitar frenzy icon Davie Allan will ever need. Davie Allan & the Arrows recorded four original albums for Mike Curb's Tower and Sidewalk labels between 1964-1968 and scored numerous (nearly 20) soundtracks for American International Pictures' reigning B-movie warlords of the '60s during the same period, including the mother of all biker flicks, The Wild Angels starring Peter Fonda (pre-Easy Rider) and Nancy Sinatra; it was directed by Roger Corman, who picked Allan based on the strength of the band's debut album, Apache '65 (featuring Billy Strange on rhythm guitar) and early singles. Seven of those album tracks (six of which made up the Arrows' first few singles) are here along with the four prime cuts from The Wild Angels, making up the first 11 cuts of disc one! The Wild Angels tracks are laced with roaring, thundering motorcycle sounds; the first Allan cuts were absolutely drenched in fuzz years before Jimi Hendrix made the scene. Allan's guitar playing was equal parts Duane Eddy, Dick Dale, Link Wray, and Nokie Edwards with his own finessed yet aggressive attack, and the Gibson and Mosrite fuzz boxes made him a snarling creature from another planet. Among the tracks here is one of the greatest psychedelic rock instrumentals of all time, "Blue's Theme." The other half of disc one contains cuts from the Devil's Angels soundtrack -- among them the amazing theme and psychedelic freakout cut "The Ghost Story," as well as an homage to Wray's "Rumble" entitled "The Devil's Rumble," with everything recorded in overdrive and distorted to an exponential power of sick! Farfisa organs and drums were layered into these mixes, creating a sound as dark in many ways as the Velvet Underground's more twisted experiments some years later, but revved with the energy of the mid-'60s Sunset Strip. Disc two collects soundtrack material from Thunder Alley and Teenage Rebellion, including the other signature Allan cut, the blistering screech of "The Young World," as well as the spare but equally compelling "Action on the Street." One of the most compelling aspects of the Arrows' appeal is that as time progressed -- seemingly at lightning speed given how prolific the band was -- Allan never grew complacent. He was always stretching, looking for other sounds and other ways to expand the textural and dynamic range of the guitar -- even if that meant re-recording earlier cuts with new arrangements and effects, like "Blue's Trip," a remake of "Blue's Theme" that was less psychedelic but full of a lean toughness and elasticity that the overdriven original had forgone for obvious reasons. What's more, "Blue's Trip," a phenomenal version of "Ghost Riders in the Sky," and the psychotic anthem "Fuzz Theme" make this second disc as essential as the first. Other original cuts here are "Another Cycle from Detroit," the acid-drenched "Mind Transferral," the hyper scree of "Invasion," and the monumental biker wet dream epic "Cycle-Delic" (which clocks in at six minutes and 46 seconds), turning this set into one of the greatest beat-fabulous six-string rage-tastic bombastic compilations ever issued. Not only does it give listeners an overdue reappraisal of one of the electric guitar's greatest innovators and most soulful players, but it provides a real slice of time and place. Many of the soundtracks that boasted the music of Davie Allan & the Arrows were meant to exploit the teen wallet and so they did, but they also (perhaps unwittingly) provided one of the greatest proto-garage punk outfits in history the opportunity to raise hell on wax. With an excellent package that is chock-full of photos, band comments, and authoritative liner notes by "the Seth Man", this Davie Allan & the Arrows anthology is essential listening for anybody interested in tough psych rave-up engine-revving rock & roll.

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Sundazed Music Inc.


Disc 1

  1. Apache '65
  2. Blue Guitar
  3. The Rebel (Without a Cause)
  4. Tomahawk
  5. Scratchy
  6. Commanche
  7. Moondawg '65
  8. Dance the Freddie
  9. Theme from The Wild Angels
  10. U.F.O.
  11. Blues' Theme
  12. Bongo Party
  13. The Chase
  14. The Unknown Rider
  15. Devil's Angels
  16. Cody's Theme
  17. Theme from Thunder Alley
  18. Pete's Orgy
  19. The Devil's Rumble
  20. The Ghost Story

Disc 2

  1. King Fuzz
  2. Action on the Street
  3. (Ghost) Riders in the Sky
  4. The Young World
  5. The Born Loser's Theme
  6. The Loser's Bar
  7. Moonfire
  8. Cycle-Delic
  9. Blue Rides Again
  10. Invasion
  11. Blue's Trip
  12. 13th Harley
  13. Another Cycle in Detroit
  14. Mind Transferral
  15. Lulu's World
  16. Glory Stompers
  17. The Stompers and the Souls
  18. The Checkered Flag
  19. Hellcats
  20. Shape of Things to Come

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Davie Allan   Primary Artist,Vocals
Drew Bennett   Bass,Group Member
Larry Brown   Drums,Group Member
Wayne Allwine   Guitar,Group Member
Jared Hendler   Keyboards,Group Member

Technical Credits

Davie Allan   Composer,Producer,Author
Barry Mann   Composer
Stan Jones   Composer
Drew Bennett   Composer,Author
Larry Brown   Producer,Author
Gene Chrisman   Composer
Mike Curb   Composer,Producer,Author
Harley Hatcher   Producer
Guy Hemric   Composer
Jerry Lordan   Composer
Jerry Styner   Producer
Cynthia Weil   Composer
Dave Allan   Composer
Kirby Allan   Composer
Wayne Allwine   Author
Jared Hendler   Author

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Devil's Rumble: The Davie Allan & the Arrows Anthology 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
poughkeepsiejohn More than 1 year ago
You may not know who Davie Allen is. But chances are, if you've seen a late 1960's biker film like "The Born Losers", "Wild In The Streets" or "The Wild Angels", then you've definitely heard his music. He and his band, The Arrows, started out as a surf-rock instrumental band. Yet, Allen truly hit his stride when he started scoring biker flicks for American International Pictures, under the auspices of one Mike Curb (yes, the same Mike Curb who later worked for The Osmonds). Most of his music hasn't been heard or available for years. Luckily, Sundazed Records, located in the wilds of Coxsackie, New York, have been putting out some impressive re-issues as of late and this collection, "Devil's Rumble", features forty of those songs, starting with the surf twang and ending with guitar feedback and the volume turned up to ten. By the way, these recordings are in mono which actually gives the CDs a more ambient, if not louder, sound. Some of the songs have motorcycle sound effects on them but with Allen's impressively shredding fuzztone guitar (particularly on "Blues' Theme" and an instrumental run-thru on "The Shape Of Things To Come"), those things aren't necessary. Allen dropped out of music for a while but came back roaring a few years ago thanks to Little Steven Van Zandt's radio show, Underground Garage, which brought his music back to a whole new audience. Allen recently recorded a Christmas album of instrumentals called "Fuzz For The Holidays". That, too, is worth a listen and not just in December.