Diamond Collection

Diamond Collection

by The Treorchy Male Voice Choir

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Emi Gold Imports


  1. CWM Rhondda  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  2. Jacob's Ladder  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  3. Battle Hymn of the Republic  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  4. Myfanwy  -  Jonathan Price String Ensemble
  5. The Easter Hymn  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  6. Comrades in Arms  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  7. The Finnish Forest  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  8. I Believe  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  9. Annie's Song  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  10. Close Thine Eyes  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  11. Pilgrims Chorus (Tannhauser)  - John Cynan Jones
  12. Tydi a Roddaist (Thou Gavest)  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  13. Calon Lan  - John Cynan Jones
  14. The Impossible Dream  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  15. The Jimmy Brown Song  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  16. Mae d'Eisiau di Bob Awr  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  17. With You on My Mind  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  18. A Valley Called Rhondda  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  19. We'll Keep a Welcome  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  20. Men of Harlech  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  21. Cymru Fach  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir
  22. My Way  -  Treorchy Male Voice Choir

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Treorchy Male Voice Choir   Primary Artist

Technical Credits

Adolphe Adam   Composer
Pietro Mascagni   Composer
Richard Wagner   Composer
Paul Anka   Composer
John Denver   Composer
Joe Darion   Composer
Mitch Leigh   Composer
C. Walker   Composer
David Richards   Composer
Roy Ringwald   Composer
Jacques Revaux   Composer
Claude François   Composer
William Steffe   Composer
Gilles Thibault   Composer
Henry Geehl   Composer
Jean Villard   Composer
Dean Powell   Liner Notes
James Harper   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Julia Ward Howe   Composer
Barratt   Composer
Bryan Davies   Composer
George Linley   Composer
Frederick Edward Weatherly   Composer
Joseph Parry   Composer
Arwel Hughes   Composer
Guido Menasci   Composer
John Hughes   Composer
Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti   Composer
Luc Dettome   Composer
Mynyddog   Composer
Mai Jones   Composer
T Lewis   Composer
Ieuan Rees Davies   Composer
May Gillington   Composer
Mansel Thomas   Composer
Lula Mae Joshua   Composer
King Charles   Composer
John Meirion Davies   Composer
John Haydn Davies   Composer
John Cynan Jones   Composer
Roland Hughes   Composer

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