Diana by the Moon

Diana by the Moon

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by Tracy Cooper-Posey

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Diana -- a fiery kitten of a Roman woman, who hides a terrible past, and struggles to lead her people on a desparate quest for survival against famine and Saxon raids, unable to trust anyone.

Alaric -- proud Celtic warrior and trusted lieutenant to the upstart British leader, Arthur, who must overcome his hatred of Romans if he is to fulfill Arthur's ambitions in


Diana -- a fiery kitten of a Roman woman, who hides a terrible past, and struggles to lead her people on a desparate quest for survival against famine and Saxon raids, unable to trust anyone.

Alaric -- proud Celtic warrior and trusted lieutenant to the upstart British leader, Arthur, who must overcome his hatred of Romans if he is to fulfill Arthur's ambitions in the north.

A haunting tale of two lives touched by the coming of King Arthur, and two hearts & souls struggling to come together against odds as great as those against Britain itself.

Only together will they survive, or else be sundered...forever.

Editorial Reviews

Cindy Penn
Fans of Tracy Cooper-Posey diverse and unique work will be delighted to read her newest release, Diana by the Moon. With the consummate skill readers have come to expect, Cooper-Posey presents a memorable tale of a woman's evolution. Tracy Cooper-Posey has a remarkable narrative voice that lends itself perfectly to whatever genre she chooses. With this marvelous tale she perfectly captures the strength of her incredible heroine in prose which is distinctive, sharp, crisp and yet powerfully feminine. This reviewer can hardly wait to see what genre this talented author tackles next; indeed, it seems nothing is beyond her pen's capacity. Very highly Recommended!
Word Weaving
Lee Padgett
The BookNook and CompuServe Romance Reviews. Diana by the Moon easily ranks as one of the best historical romances I have read this year. Tracey Cooper-Posey deftly blends historical detail with heart-touching romance, a beautifully rendered plot and compelling characters that will haunt you for days after you read the last page. Highly recommended for lovers of historical romance!
The BookNook and CompuServe Romance Reviews

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Hard Shell Word Factory
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Jewels of the Morrow Series
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5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.59(d)

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Emma Darcy
Emma Darcy, author of over 80 books:

I thought your plotting was terrific, your secondary characters fine -- adding a richness and roundness to the story, the romantic/sexual tension was brilliantly developed, the pacing perfect, and the writing very strong and evocative. If I were you, I'd get myself a good agent and go straight for the historical romance market.

Meet the Author

Tracy Cooper-Posey is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author. She writes erotic vampire romances, hot romantic suspense, paranormal and urban fantasy romances. She has published over 60 novels since 1999, been nominated for five CAPAs including Favourite Author, and won the Emma Darcy Award.

She turned to indie publishing in 2011. Her indie titles have been nominated four times for Book of the Year and Byzantine Heartbreak was a 2012 winner. She has been a national magazine editor and for a decade she taught romance writing at MacEwan University.

She is addicted to Irish Breakfast tea and chocolate, sometimes taken together. In her spare time she enjoys history, Sherlock Holmes, science fiction and ignoring her treadmill. An Australian, she lives in Edmonton, Canada with her husband, a former professional wrestler, where she moved in 1996 after meeting him on-line.

Her website can be found at http://TracyCooperPosey.com

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Diana By the Moon 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
JackieBCentralTexasJB More than 1 year ago
Read on February 21, 2014 Book Info  ebook, 0 pages Published April 8th 2010 by Cerridwen Press (first published August 1st 2000) ISBN 141992379X (ISBN13: 9781419923791) URL  other editions (3) Source: Ecopy from author  Book Buy Links  AMAZON  B&N  BOOK SYNOPSIS He is Arthur's man. His duty is his life. She fears and mistrusts him. The only way they will survive is to work together. Britain, 469 A.D.: Shortly after the Roman legions returned to Rome, leaving Britain open to Saxon attacks, Diana's abusive parents die during a Saxon raid on their villa farm, the same day her brother takes most of the male slaves and servants to join the rebel Celt, Arthur. Diana, who no longer trusts anyone, must find a way for the women in her household to survive after the enemy has stolen everything. They struggle to eke out a living from the meager provisions remaining. Alaric, proud Celtic warrior and trusted lieutenant to the upstart British leader, Arthur, has been sent by him to establish and maintain a line of signal beacons -- one of which must be built on a strategic hill on Diana's property. His mission is critical to the security of Britain. Alaric must overcome his hatred of Romans if he is to fulfill Arthur's ambitions in the north. He forces Diana to agree in return for the protection of Alaric and his men. Diana is pulled into a deadly political net, when Roman British enemies, including the Bishop of Eboracum, take exception to her new Celtic allies. A haunting tale of two lives touched by the coming of King Arthur, and two hearts and souls struggling to come together against odds as great as those against Britain itself. Only together will they survive, or else be sundered...forever. Diana by the Moon is part of the Jewels of Tomorrow series Reader Advisory: This book contains references to rape in war. Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published elsewhere. My Thoughts In the times after the Roman legions withdrew from Britain the invasions of Saxon hordes caused the loss of life of many. Diana and the inhabitants of her families villa are some of the casualties of war. Even though she and other womenfolk survived the consequences of losing the menfolk whose labour provided for their families means privation and hardships heretofore unknown. Diana herself lost her parents, older sister and brother-in-law during a Saxon raid and this thrusts a once shy retiring young woman into the role of head of house and responsible for the welfare of all those who were left alive by the raiders. Having taken on the task of providing for those in her care Diana has finally found the purpose for her life that she thought had passed her by, however by Roman law an unmarried female cannot possess nor manage property and this becomes a dilemma in her future. Alaric is first and foremost a soldier, so when he finds himself having to negotiate a way which is acceptable to both Diana and himself that allows him to carry out his mission he is at first angered. However as time goes on and he becomes aware of the dire straits that Diana and her people face from lack of provisions to carry them through the winter his attitude changes and he enlists his men to add their labors to helping ease the burden as well as fortify the villas defenses. Over time the daily interactions of Alaric and Diana draw them closer, their alliance becomes even more pressing when a mutual enemy tries to force Diana into an unlikely marriage. Their story is one of sacrifice, courage, loyalty and ultimately a love that erases boundaries of culture and upbringing providing hope for a better future for themselves and those who followed in their footsteps. Like other well researched historical romances this one relies heavily on events that are common to the time period and add flavor as well as realism to the story constructed around it’s characters. My favorite legends are those of King Arthur so this was a great addition to showcase the man’s ability to inspire loyalty as well as his grand vision to unite the peoples of Britain. A sweeping saga that combines bits of the legend of King Arthur and a love affair that heralds a new regime for the people of opposing cultures. Filled with suspense as well as darker subject matters this tale rings true and was a pleasure to read from start to finish! [Ecopy from author in exchange for honest review]
kcody03 More than 1 year ago
When two mighty forces collide, chaos ensues. This is an exciting story filled with intrigue, danger, action, and fiery passions. The war raging on between these two nations is violent and causing turbulent emotions within each nation's citizens, especially hatred. It seems highly unlikely for two people from opposing sides to fall in love, but their is a fine line between love and hate. The imagery and descriptions used in this book were detailed and yet she was able to handle more sensitive issues well without overdoing it. I loved the world building and the raw emotion this book evoked. The characters were all well done and had tons of personality. Diana is a fiery woman who dies what needs to be done. She is in a time of uncertainty and trusts no one. However, she does have a softer side which I liked. Diana is a fierce warrior and I really enjoyed getting to know her. She doesn't back down to anyone and her courage knows no bounds. Alaric is just as fierce and proud. So when these two come together sparks fly. The romance in this story was handled very well and not overdone. I also liked that there was no insta love happening. We got time to see these two get to know one another and slowly, but surly build trust. I loved their interactions which were always passionate and interesting. This is a book you won't want to put down!
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
Diana by the Moon takes place in Arthurian England - but it is far from your typical story from this time period.  Diana is a young Roman woman left to run her family's estate after a Saxon raid kills the men.  She is a very strong character, but the experiences she had during the raid have left her emotionally scarred with a very hard edge to her personality.  The other women left behind, as well as her little sister Minna, are doing everything they can to try and run the estate to make food for them to survive. Alaric is a soldier with the celt, Arthur.  Diana hates Arthur - she places part of the blame of the Saxon raid on his shoulders.  Alaric is one of the most loyal soldiers Arthur has and everything he does is for Arthur.  When he offers Diana protection in exchange for food and shelter he has no idea how slim things are.  As they work the estate together they become more and more close, with an uneasy friendship developing between them. There is a lot of charcter building in the story which I love.  Both Diana and Alaric are so very well developed with a depth to them I don't see very often in a romance.  There were a few side storylines amongst the other characters to help keep the story interesting at all times as well.  This would have gotten five starts but for two things.  One is a pet peeve about either of my main characters having sex during the book with someone other than the other leading character.  I know that it happened during the time and it was historically accurate, but it's just something I'm not a fan of.  This was a great story and I'm so glad I read it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LASR_Reviews More than 1 year ago
originally posted at: www.longandshortreviews.blogspot.com ***** Diana wonders, "Is it all the world that resents my place in it?" Her overwhelming desire is to have the freedom to live, work, and take care of her home and not to be subjugated to the desires, wishes, and demands of another who would control her and all she owns. In the northern area of fifth-century Britain, Diana survived the horrors of the Saxons' attack. While she suffers the "Red Cloud" nightmare, both night and day, she keeps it at bay as best she can as she manages the villa after all the men are gone, the gate is destroyed, and all thing of value are stolen. With labor of women and children, she runs a well-ordered household, expects, and receives precision and speed in doing the work needed for all of them to survive. She is fair and just. Only with her little, mute sister Minna does she show a never-failing, patient gentleness. When the Roman legionnaires left some fifty years ago, Britain splintered into little groups of Britons, Celts, Romans, and Saxons (many mercenaries and slaves that the legionnaires deserted}. Now the Saxons raid mercilessly and the different groups squabble with each other. It is a chaotic time. In the north, the Roman Catholics are virtually defenseless against the Saxons and marauders. Yet the bishops of the church demand all the old customs and laws be adhered to and allegiance be given to the church in Rome. Diana is in a precarious situation. Arthur, with his plan to unit the country, sends Alaric and his soldiers north to build and tend a beacon and to maintain peace in the area. They arrive and insist then bargain with Diana to feed and house them during their stay. She is desolate but determined to hold what is hers. Alaric's allegiance to Arthur and the vision for Britain's future never falters as he carries out Arthur's orders and does what needs to be done to keep his bargain with the tiny, feisty Diana that reminds him of a feral kitten with her back arched, fur raised, an claws showing. Her never-ceasing efforts to take care of those in her household makes him and his men willing to help as they all struggle to survive. Diana By The Moon, full of struggles, conflicts, underhanded dealings of a bishop, and the innate need to love and be loved, captures the reader's attention and heart. When it looks like all is lost for Diana, she gambles that a culture she has no real knowledge of will help her save the villa and help her realize her hope of having control of her estate, her life, and her freedom. In her gamble, she gains a love that surpasses all she'd ever dreamed of. Tracy Cooper-Posey is a superb story teller and creates realist scenes of life and the struggles of that age. But her scene of Alaric seeing Diana in the snowy clearing in the forest enchants, as do many others, one of which is the ceremony with the Priestess of the Moon that is pure magic. Spellbinding imagery makes the story sparkle. When Alaric comes to fully understand and met Diana's needs, the love scene is breathtaking. Diana By The Moon lifts up hope for humanity and shows a remarkable, giving love that fills the heart with happiness. GOOD READING!