Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin

Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin

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by Leo Stelten

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The Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin includes approximately 17,000 words with the common meanings of the Latin terms found in church writings. Entries cover Scripture, Canon Law, the Liturgy, Vatican II, the early church fathers, and theological terms. An appendix provides descriptions of ecclesiastical structures and explains technical terms from ecclesiastical law


The Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin includes approximately 17,000 words with the common meanings of the Latin terms found in church writings. Entries cover Scripture, Canon Law, the Liturgy, Vatican II, the early church fathers, and theological terms. An appendix provides descriptions of ecclesiastical structures and explains technical terms from ecclesiastical law. The Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin has already been widely praised for its serviceability and indispensability in both academic and Church settings and will prove to be an invaluable resource for theological students and for those seeking to improve their knowledge of ecclesiastical Latin.

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Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin

By Hendrickson Publishers

Hendrickson Publishers Marketing, LLC

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All rights reserved.
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a:interj.; ah

a, ab, abs:prep. w. abla.; by, from

Áaron -ónis, or indecl.: m.; Aaron, brother of Moses

ábacus -i: m.; small table for cruets, credence, shelf in wall near altar

abaliéno -áre: (1); alienate, go away, depart, separate, remove, legally transfer

abámita -ae: f.; female ancestor, sister (of the following word)

ábavus -i: m.; great-great-grandfather, ancestor, forefather

Ábba:indecl.; Aramaic; Father

ábbas -abbátis: m.; abbot; see Appendix

abbátia -ae: f.; abbey, abbacy

abbatiális -is -e: pertaining to an abbot or abbey

abbátia nullíus: abbey exempt from ecclesiastical jurisdiction

abbatíssa -ae: f.; abbess

abbreviátor -óris: m.; one who makes abstracts from papal bulls

abbrévio -áre: (1); shorten, cut off, abbreviate

Abdías -ae: m.; Obadiah, a minor prophet; a book of the O.T.

abdicátio -ónis: f.; a renouncing, disowning

ábdico -áre: (1); renounce, abandon, give up

abdíco -ere -dixi -dictum: (3); disapprove of

ábditum -i: n.; hidden place, lair, secret

ábditus -a -um: concealed, hidden

ábdo -ere -didi -ditum: (3); hide, conceal, secrete

abdúco -ere -dúxi -dúctum: (3); lead away, carry away, seduce

abecedárium -ii: n.; the alphabet

abecetuórium -ii: n.; the act of tracing Greek and Latin alphabets on the floor while consecrating a church

Ábel: -élis, or indecl.,Abélus -i: m.; Abel

ábeo -íre -ívi -itum: (4); go away

aberrátio -ónis: f.; relief from anything irksome, diversion

abérro -áre: (1); go astray, wander

ab extrínseco: from the outside, externally

ab hómine: by or from a man; ecclesiastical penalty inflicted by a judge

abhórreo -horrére -hórrui: (2); shrink back or away from

Abías -ae: m.; Abia


abiégnus -a -um: of fir

ábiens -eúntis: pres. part. ofábeo

ábies -etis: f.; fir tree

abietárius -ii: m.; carpenter

ábigo -ere - égi -áctum: (3); banish, drive away

ab inítio: from the beginning

ab intrínseco: from the inside, internally

ab ipso (ípsa) convénto(-ta):see Appendix

Ábiron:indecl.; Abiram, a conspirator against Moses and Aaron

ábitus -us: m.; departure

abjécte: cowardly

abjéctio -ónis: f.; outcast; casting out

abjício (abício) -ere -jéci -jéctum: (3); refuse, throw away, cast off, debase, degrade, abandon

abjúdico -áre: (1); take away by judgment, deny an oath

abjúngo -ere -júnxi -júnctum: (3); unlock, unloose

abjurátio -ónis: f.; abjuration, foreswearing, denial under oath, perjury; see Appendix

abjúro -áre: (1); deny an oath, perjure

ablácto -áre: (1); wean

ablátor -óris: m.; one who takes away

ablátus -a -um: perf. pass. part. ofaúfero

ablegátio -ónis: f.; a sending away

ablégo -áre: (1); send off or away, remove

ábluo -ere -lui -lútum: (3); wash, cleanse

ablútio -ónis: f.; washing, ablution, pouring on, mixture of water and wine in the liturgy

abnegátio -ónis: f.; denial

abnegatívus -a -um: negative

abnegátor -óris: m.; a denier

ábnego -áre: (1); deny, refuse, be unwilling

abnórmis -is -e: unconventional, abnormal, irregular

ábnuo -ere -ui -úitum: (3); deny, refuse by nod of the head, reject

abnúto -áre: (1); deny repeatedly, refuse often by nod of the head

abóleo -ére -évi -itum: (2); destroy, abolish, terminate

abolésco -ere -évi: (3); decay little by little, vanish, cease

abolítio -ónis: f.; a removing, abolition, annulling, withdrawal

abólla -ae: f.; thick woolen cloak

abominábilis -is -e: detestable, hateful, worthy of destruction

abominátio -ónis: f.; detestation, aversion, loathing

abóminor -ári: dep. (1); abhor, hate, detest, loath

abórior -íri -órtus: dep. (4); disappear, pass away, set, miscarry, fail

abortívus -a -um: untimely, prematurely born, abortive

abórtus -us: m., abortívum -i: n.; abortion, miscarriage

ábra -ae: f.; maid

abrádo -rádere -rási -rásum: (3); rub off, take away, erase

Abrahámus -i, indecl. in the Psalms: m.; Abraham

abrenunciátio -ónis: f.; repudiation, renouncing

abrenúntio -áre: (1); renounce

abrípio -ere -rípui -réptum: (3); drag or tear away

abrogátio -ónis: f.; revocation, formal repeal; see Appendix

ábrogo -áre: (1); revoke, abrogate, annul

abrúmpo -ere -rúpi -rúptum: (3); loosen, separate, break

abrúptio -ónis: f.; a tearing away, a rending asunder, a divorce

abrúptus -a -um: steep, precipitous, broken off from, separated

abs:prep. w. abla.; by, from

Ábsalom:indecl.; Absalom, son of David and Maacah

abscédo -ere -céssi -céssum: (3); retire, depart

abscéssio -ónis: f.; separation, a going away

abscéssus -us: m.; death

abscído -ere -cídi -císsum: (3); cut off

abscíndo -ere -cidi -scíssum: (3); tear away, cut off

abscónditum -i: n.; a hidden place or thing; inabscóndito: in secret

abscónditus -a -um: hidden, concealed, secret, unknown, obscure, out of sight;abscóndite:adv.

abscóndo -ere -didi -ditum: (3); hide, conceal

abscónsio -ónis: f.; a shelter

abscónsus -a -um: hidden, secret, concealed, unknown

ábsens -éntis: absent; pres. part. ofábsum

abséntia -ae: f.; absence

absída -ae: f.; apse, apsis

absidátus -a -um: vaulted, arched

absidiále -is: n., absidióla -ae: f.; a smaller apse flanking a larger one

absílio -íre: (4); leap up, jump up; fly away

absímilis -is -e: unlike, dissimilar

absínthium -ii: n., absínthius -ii: m.; see absýnthium

ábsis -ídis: f.; apse

absísto -ere -stiti: (3); be exiled, cease, depart, withdraw

ábsit: God forbid, far be it

absolútio -ónis: f.; absolution, forgiveness, sacramental remission of sin; see Appendix

absolutórius -a -um: of or relating to absolution or acquittal

absolútus -a -um: perfect, complete, absolute; absolúte:adv.

absólvo -ere -sólvi -solútum: (3); absolve, pardon, release, forgive

absónus -a -um: unsuitable, incongruous; discordant

absórbeo -ére -ui -órptum: (2); swallow, gulp, absorb

ábsque:prep. w. abla.; without, apart from

abstémius -a -um: temperate, abstemious, abstaining

abstérgeo -ére -térsi -térsum: (2); blot out, wipe away

abstérreo -ére: (2); frighten away, deter, remove

ábstinens -éntis: temperate, abstinent

abstinéntia -ae: f.; abstinence, moderation, not eating certain foods

abstíneo -ére -ui -téntum: (2); abstain, hold back, refrain

abstráctio -ónis: f.; detachment, removal

ábstraho -ere -tráxi -tráctum: (3); bring forth, drag or draw away

abstrúdo -ere -úsi -úsum: (3); hide, conceal

ábsum -esse, áfui, afutúrum: be absent, be away

absúmo -ere -súmpsi -súmptum: (3); take away, lessen, destroy; consume

absúrde: absurdly, irrationally, discordantly

absúrditas -átis: f.; incongruity, absurdity

absýnthium -ii: n.; wormwood, absynth

Ábula -ae: f.; Avila

abúndans -ántis: rich, abundant, overflowing, abounding in, copious; abundánter,abúnde:adv.;abundántius:comp. adv.

abundántia -ae: f.; abundance, plenty, prosperity, richness

abúndo -áre: (1); abound, overflow, be rich, have abundance of

abúsio -ónis: f.; scorn, contempt

abúsor -óris: m.; abuser

abúsus -us: m.; wasting, using up, consuming, abuse, misuse

abútor -úti -úsum: dep. (3); abuse, misuse, destroy

abýssus -i: f.; abyss, the depths, the sea; place of the dead

a capélla: in chapel style, without musical accompaniment

ac: and, as

académia -ae: f.; academy, college

académicus -a -um: academic

Accaronítae -árum: m. pl.; people of Accaron or Ekron

acathólicus -a -um: non-Catholic; acathólice:adv.

accédit -ere: (3); impers.; it is added

accédo -ere -céssi -céssum: (3); approach, come near, accede, approve, assent to

accelerátio -ónis: f.; hastening

accélero -áre: (1); hurry, hasten

accéndo -ere -di -cénsum: (3); inflame, kindle, set fire to

accénseo -ére -ui -cénsum: (2); add, reckon in addition, count, number

accensíbilis -is -e: burning

accéntus -us: m.; accent; parts sung by celebrant in the liturgy

acceptábilis -is -e: acceptable, pleasing

accéptio (acceptátio) -ónis: f.; respect, acceptance, agreeing; favoritism; distinction; see Appendix

accépto -áre: (1); accept, receive

accéptus -a -um: acceptable, worthy, agreeable, welcome; as a n. noun: receipt

accérso (arcésso) -ere -sívi -sítum: (3); summon, call, arraign

accéssio -ónis: f.; entrance, admission, addition, accession

accessórius -a -um: accessory, adjunct; accessórie:adv.

accéssus -us: m.; approach, access; increase; inspection, examination

áccidens -éntis: n.; accident

accidéntia -órum: n. pl.; appearances, accidents

áccido -ere -cidi: (3); happen, take place, occur, come to pass; arrive, fall down upon

accíngo -ere -cínxi -cínctum: (3); gird, equip

áccio -íre -ívi(-ii) -ítum: (4); summon, call to, procure, take

accípio -ere -cépi -céptum: (3); accept, receive, take

accípiter -tris: m.; hawk

acclamátio -ónis: f.; exclamation, ceremonial greeting, a shout (usually, but not always) of approval

acclámo -áre: (1); cry out at, shout, exclaim

acclínis -is -e: bowing, leaning

acclíno -áre: (1); lean on or against

acclívis -is -e: inclined upward, ascending, steep

áccola -ae: c.; sojourner

áccolo -ere -ui -cúltum: (3); dwell by or near

accommodátio: -ónis: f.; adjusting, compliance, indulgence

accómmodo -áre: (1); adjust, incline, accommodate, put on, fit

accrédo -ere -crédidi -créditum: (3); believe

accrésco -ere -crévi -crétum: (3); grow, increase

accrétio -ónis: f.; increment, increase

accúbitus -us: m.; prostration, repose, reclining at table; seat, couch

áccubo áre: (1); lie down, recline

accúmbo -ere -cúbui -cúbitum: (3); sit at table, recline

accumulátio -ónis: f.; a heaping up, accumulation

accúmulo -áre: (1); heap up, augment, accumulate

accurátio -ónis: f.; carefulness, accuracy

accurátus -a -um: accurate, exact, careful; accuráte:adv.

accúrro -ere -cúrri(-cucúrri) -cúrsum: (3); occur, run to meet

accusátio -ónis: f.; accusation

accusátor -óris: m.; accuser

accusatórius -a -um: accusatory, of an accusation

accúso -áre: (1); accuse, blame, call to account publicly

acédior -ári: dep. (1); be pained, be wearied, be morose

acéphalus -a -um: without a head, unattached, without an ecclesiastical superior

ácer, ácris, ácre: ardent, bitter, sharp, keen; ácriter:adv.

acérbitas -tátis: f.; bitterness, evil, sinfulness

acérbus -a -um: bitter, sour, sharp, harsh; acérbe:adv.

acérra -ae: f.; casket or boat or container for incense

acérvo -áre: (1); heap up, amass

acérvus -i: m.; heap, pile, multitude of similar objects

acescéntia -ae: f.; acidity, sourness

acésco -ere, ácui: (3); become or turn sour

acetábulum -i: n.; dish, bowl

acétum -i: n.; vinegar, acid

achátes -ae: m.; agate



acícula -ae: f.; pin

ácidus -a -um: sour, tart; harsh; sharp; ácide : adv.

ácies -éi: f.; sharpness, acuity, keenness, edge; eye, pupil of eye; line of battle

ácinum -i: n., ácinus -i: m.; grape, stone of a grape, berry

acistárium -ii: n.; monastery

aclouthía -ae: f.; liturgical rite, Divine Office, in Eastern rite Churches

acolythátus -us: m.; acolyte or order of acolyte

acólythus -i: m.; acolyte

acquiésco -ere -quiévi -quiétum: (3); be satisfied with, follow, agree

acquíro -ere -quisívi -quisítum: (3); procure, acquire

acquisítio -ónis: f.; purchase, acquisition

acquisítus -a -um: acquired

ácra -órum: n., ácra -ae: f.; promontory, headland

ácriter: keenly, sharply, violently

acroáticus -a -um: designed for hearing only; esoteric

Act.:abbrev. ofÁcta Apostólorum; the Acts of the Apostles

ácta -órum: n. pl.; things done, acts, accomplishments, decisions, records of a process, register of public acts; see Appendix

Ácta Apostólicae Sédis: the Acts of the Apostolic See, official Vatican publication

Ácta Mártyrum: the Acts of the Martyrs

Ácta Sánctae Sédis: the Acts of the Holy See, now ÁctaApostólicae Sédis

Ácta Sanctórum: the Acts of the Saints

actinósus -a -um: glorious, full of rays

áctio -ónis: f.; action, deed, process, suit

áctio gratíarum: thanksgiving

Áctio sacrífica: Eucharistic Sacrifice

actívitas (actuósitas) -átis: f.; activity, movement, action

actívus (actuósus) -a -um: active, practical; actíve:adv.

áctor -óris: m., áctrix -ícis: f.; doer, petitioner, plaintiff, actor, agent

actuális -is -e, actuósus -a -um: actual, practical, active; actuóse:adv.

actuálitas -tátis: f.; reality, existence

actuárius -ii: m.; clerk, register, secretary, actuary

áctuo -áre: (1); implement, actuate

actuósitas -átis: f.; activity


áctu: actually

áctus -a -um: perf. pass. part. ofágo

áctus -us: m.; deed, act, work, office, the doing of an action; see Appendix

áctus nóxius: sin

acúitas -átis: f.; insight, sharpness, perception

acúleus -i: m.; sharp point, sting

acúmen -inis: n.; keenness, sharp point

acúo -ere -ui -útum: (3); sharpen, exercise

acupictúra -ae: f.; embroidery

ácus -us: f.; needle, pin

acutále: somewhat sharply

acútus -a -um: sharp, sharpened, keen, pointed, acute; bis acútus: two-edged

acystérium -ii: n.; monastery

ad:prep. w. acc.; to, toward, at, against, near, unto

ad amússim: exactly, accurately

ad beneplácitum nóstrum: at our good pleasure

ad cautélam: for caution or safety

ad díem: on the day

ad éxtra: external, outward

ad extrémum: finally

ad hoc: for this purpose, moreover, besides

ad hóminem arguméntum: an argument based on principles admitted by an opponent

ad hunc módum: in this way

ad id quod: beside that

ad intentiónem dántis: according to the intention of the donor

ad ínterim: in the meantime


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Guest More than 1 year ago
As a devaut Roman Catholic, i believe it invaluable to be able to read the official bible of the Roman Catholic Church: The Latin Vulgate. The Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin completes a regular Latin dictionary such as Cassell's (which i strongly recomend for everyday Latin). Everyday latin dictionaries do not contain words and terms neccessary to understand Church Latin. I strongly recommend the Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin fo all who wish to read Roman Catholic documents.