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Dictionary of Logic as Applied in the Study of Language: Concepts/Methods/Theories / Edition 1

Dictionary of Logic as Applied in the Study of Language: Concepts/Methods/Theories / Edition 1

by W. Marciszewski

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ISBN-10: 9024721237

ISBN-13: 9789024721238

Pub. Date: 07/31/1981

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

Product Details

Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
Melbourne International Philosophy Series , #9
Edition description:
Product dimensions:
6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Abstraction operator.- Algebraic structures.- Algorithms.- Analyticity.- Antinomies.- Arithmetic.- Automata.- Automata, finite.- Categorial grammar.- Classes, theory of.- Combinatory logic.- Completeness.- Computability abstract theory.- Consequence.- Consistency.- Counterexample, the method of.- Decidability.- Deduction theorem.- Deductive method.- Definability.- Definition.- Deontic logic.- Description, definite.- Dialogic logic.- Dot notation.- Duality.- Elementary theory.- Entailment and relevance.- Extension.- Formalization.- Gödel’s theorem.- Grammar, formal.- Independence.- Intension.- Intuitionistic logic.- Lambda-operator.- Legniewski’s systems.- Logical form.- Logic, modern, history of.- Many-valued logic.- Mappings.- Meaning.- Modality.- Modal logic.- Modal semantics.- Model theory.- Name.- Natural deduction.- Normal form.- Polish notation.- Pragmatics, logical.- Predicate logic.- Probability.- Programming languages.- Quantifiers.- Questions.- Recursive functions.- Relations, theory of.- Semantics, logical.- Sentence.- Sentence logic.- Sequent calculus.- Sets, infinite.- Sets, ordered.- Set theory, axiomatizations of.- Syntax, logical.- Tense logic.- Topology.- Trees.- Truth.- Truth-table method.- Types, theory of.- General bibliography.- Subject index and glossary.- Index of symbols.

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