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Die Ariola Star-Club


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Bear Family

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Disc 1

  1. All Around the World
  2. Stupidity
  3. Slippin' and Slidin'
  4. Unchain My Heart
  5. Bad Boy
  6. Short on Love
  7. Hello Josephine
  8. You Can't Sit Down
  9. I'm Late
  10. She Said Yeah
  11. Golly Golly What
  12. I've Been Watching You
  13. Sky Boat Song
  14. You Make Me Happy
  15. Shake, Shake, Shake
  16. Sherry Baby
  17. Down in the Valley
  18. Clarabella
  19. Heeby Jeebies
  20. Ooh Poo Pah Doo
  21. Wa Watussi
  22. Let's Dance
  23. Broken Arrow
  24. Lipstick, Powder and Paint

Disc 2

  1. Wilhelm Tell Twist
  2. Domino Twist
  3. Fanny Mae
  4. Roly Poly
  5. The Dog
  6. I'm in Love Again
  7. Green Onions
  8. Monkey Time
  9. I Don't Want Money
  10. Shake It Easy Baby
  11. Wildwood Days
  12. Twistin' the Night Away
  13. Let the Four Winds Blow
  14. Hello
  15. African Waltz
  16. Your Cheatin' Heart
  17. New Orleans
  18. Sweet Talk Me Baby
  19. Monkey Time
  20. Sherry Baby
  21. Put Yourself in My Place
  22. Sweety Beaty Baby
  23. Say Mama

Disc 3

  1. Bye Bye Johnny (Johnny B. Goode)
  2. Baby That Is Rock 'N' Roll
  3. Everybody Loves a Lover
  4. I'm Talking About You
  5. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
  6. Got to Find My Baby
  7. Money
  8. Then She Kissed Me
  9. Sweet Little Sixteen
  10. Roll Over Beethoven
  11. Putty in Your Hand
  12. Memphis Tennessee
  13. Da Doo Ron Ron
  14. Mr. Moonlight
  15. Tell Me What I Can Do
  16. Spanish Harlem
  17. My Gal Is Red Hot
  18. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
  19. Bo Diddley
  20. Mashed Potatoes
  21. Sunbeam at the Sky
  22. Twist and Shout
  23. What Do You Want With My Baby

Disc 4

  1. Rip It Up
  2. You Can Make It If You Try
  3. Little Ruby
  4. Baby You Don't Have to Go
  5. Slow Down
  6. That's Alright
  7. Beautiful Delilah
  8. Long Tall Sally
  9. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man
  10. You'd Better Move On
  11. Roadrunner
  12. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
  13. Farmer John
  14. Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller
  15. Some Other Guy
  16. I'm a Hog for You
  17. Sweets for My Sweet
  18. Forellen Twist
  19. Good Golly Miss Molly
  20. Johnny B. Goode
  21. Beautiful Dreamer
  22. Hippy Hippy Shake
  23. Now's the Time to Fall in Love @@Big And The Tigers Göff
  24. I'll Never Let You Go @@Big And The Tigers Göff
  25. Mean Woman Blues @@Big And The Tigers Göff
  26. Oh, Carol
  27. Shakin' All Over

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Arthur Baker   Vocals
Mike Hart   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Achim Reichel   Guitar,Vocals
Herbert Bornholdt   Drums,Vocals
Peter Bosch   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Howie Casey   Saxophone
Frank Dostal   Vocals
Peter Hecht   Keyboards
Peter Hesslein   Guitar,Vocals
Herbert Hildebrand   Bass,Vocals
Dieter Horns   Bass,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Jurgen Isenbart   Drums
John Kennedy   Guitar,Vocals
Lemmy Lembrecht   Drums,Vocals
Terry McCusker   Drums
George Meier   Guitar
John Phillips   Flute,Saxophone
Joachim Rietenbach   Drums
Niels Taby   Drums,Vocals
Dicky Tarrach   Drums
David Boyce   Drums
Archie Legget   Bass,Vocals
Paddy Chambers   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Lovelady   Drums
Bobby Thompson   Bass,Vocals
Alex Young   Saxophone
Frank Rosmann   Vocals
Bob Horton   Tenor Saxophone
Henner Hoyer   Vocals
Cliff Roberts   Drums
Bobby Patrick   Trumpet,Vocals
Bob Lawton   Vocals
Gibson Kemp   Drums
Dave Percy   Guitar,Vocals
Pete Mackey   Bass,Vocals
John Peacock   Piano
Nick Carver   Saxophone
Bob Harrison   Trumpet
Mike Byrne   Vocals
Mike Kontzle   Guitar
Edward Taylor   Guitar,Vocals
Sam Hardie   Piano
John Frankland   Guitar,Vocals
Charlie Flynn   Guitar,Vocals
Geoff Bethell   Piano
Michael Scholz   Keyboards,Vocals
Peter "Peet" Becker   Drums
Erwin Biesterfeld   Bass,Vocals
Jürgen Bock   Bass,Rhythm Guitar
Peter Butschkow   Drums
John McKeefrey Dolan Ian Campbell   Bass,Vocals
Peter R. Carter   Saxophone
Tony Cavanaugh   Drums
Heiner Dahl   Bass
Baz Davies   Guitar
Rainer Degner   Guitar,Vocals
Hans Werner Doering   Guitar
Klaus Dreymann   Guitar,Vocals
Barthhold Dunker   Piano,Hammond Organ,Vocals
Randolf Gade   Guitar,Vocals
Joachim Gierloff   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Erich "Long Erwin" Goetze   Drums,Vocals
Joey H. Graul   Vocals
Wolfgang Gronau   Guitar,Vocals
Max Grümmert   Guitar
Helmut "Cheetah" Hackbart   Bass,Vocals
Mamoud Hari   Saxophone
Eggert Johannsen   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Wolfgang Korb   Guitar
Hajo Kreutzfeld   Guitar,Vocals
Waldemar Kropp   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
"Sir Rudy" Krüger   Drums
Horst Krüger   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Olaf Leitner   Piano
Manfred Liebschner   Drums
Volker Lindner   Guitar,Vocals
Ingo Lührs   Bass,Vocals
Kurt "Zappo" Lüngen   Bass,Vocals
George Mavros   Drums,Vocals,Gesang
Pete McCrory   Guitar
Klaus Meinert   Banjo,Vocals
Kalle Moesbauer   Rhythm Guitar
Rüdiger Neber   Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Volker Neber   Bass
Wolfgang Pardy   Drums
Gerold Rabba   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Hellmut Rabba   Bass
Peter Rakow   Guitar,Vocals
Ronald Ratzke   Bass
Klaus Rebesky   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Marianne Rebesky   Vocals
Brian Redman   Drums
Kenny Rees   Bass
Rolf Roger "Bömmel" Reich   Saxophone
Volker Reinhold   Guitar,Vocals
Hermann "Rugy" Rugenstein   Guitar,Vocals
Dieter Sadlowsky   Drums
Dirk Scherf   Bass
Nils Schmidt   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Bernd Schultz   Keyboards
Ken Shalliker   Bass,Vocals
Frederick "Freddy" Smith   Drums
Michael Soldat   Keyboards
Jürgen Stapelfeld   Bass
Bodo Stuewe   Drums
Bernd von Mahren   Rhythm Guitar
George Watson   Guitar,Vocals
Dieter Wendt   Drums
Pricilla White   Vocals
John A. Wiggins   Keyboards
Hans Joachim "Henne" Winterstein   Vocals
Olgerd Woköck   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Wolfgang Woköck   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Bernd Wolf   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Woods   Saxophone

Technical Credits

Willie Dixon   Composer
Chuck Berry   Composer
Dave Bartholomew   Composer
Achim Reichel   Introduction
Fats Domino   Composer
Colin Escott   English Translations
Berry Gordy   Composer
Ulf Kruger   Liner Notes,Illustrations
Phil Medley   Composer
Monica Millet   Composer
Hank Williams   Composer
Bert Russell   Composer
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Holger Von Bargen   Art Direction
Günter Zint   Illustrations
Robert "Bumps" Blackwell   Composer
Janie Bradford   Composer
Wolfgang Taubenauer   Artwork
Rüdiger Articus   Illustrations
Fritz Bauer   Illustrations
Werner Brennecke   Illustrations
Manfred Günther   Illustrations
Marlene Günther   Illustrations
Otto Hottman   Illustrations
Harald Mau   Illustrations
Sylke Merbold   English Translations
Marianne Rebesky   Contributor
Fritz Schmidt Norden   Producer
Werner Voss   Illustrations
Manfred Weissleder   Producer

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