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Dig Here Said the Angel

Dig Here Said the Angel

by Daniel Amos

Product Details

Release Date:
Stunt Records


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Daniel Amos   Primary Artist
Terry Scott Taylor   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Tim Chandler   Bass,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Noise
Greg Flesch   Guitar,Keyboards,Choir, Chorus,Mando-Guitar
Steve Hindalong   Percussion
Alex MacDougall   Percussion
Ed McTaggart   Drums,Choir, Chorus
Rob Watson   Keyboards,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Paul Averitt   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Pete Coatney   Choir, Chorus
Jerry Chamberlain   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Marty Dieckmeyer   Choir, Chorus
Eve Selis   Choir, Chorus
Tom Gulotta   Choir, Chorus
Eric Townsend   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Jason Townsend   Choir, Chorus
Frank Lee Drennen   Choir, Chorus
Theo Obrastoff   Choir, Chorus
Debi Taylor   Choir, Chorus
Sunshine Gospel Choir   Choir, Chorus
Noël Ferro   Choir, Chorus
Spencer Ferro   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Jimmy A.   Artwork
Terry Scott Taylor   Composer,Producer
Daniel Amos   Composer
Amy Brown   Artwork
David Ferguson   Executive Producer
Derri Daugherty   Engineer
Jerry Chamberlain   Composer
David G. Danglis   Artwork
Tom Gulotta   Artwork,Art Direction,Band Photo
Stephen Robertson   Executive Producer
Eric Townsend   Executive Producer,Artwork
Jason Townsend   Artwork
D.W. Dunphy   Artwork
Maria Chandler   Artwork
Brian Thomas   Artwork
Scott Anderson   Artwork
Mark Zellmer   Engineer
Steve Smith   Executive Producer
Memo Salazar   Cover Image,Band Photo
Linda A. Miller   Executive Producer
Paul Estes   Artwork
Jay Howard   Executive Producer
Bryce Hendry   Artwork
Brenda Howard   Executive Producer
Bob Uetz   Executive Producer
Amalia Howard   Artwork
Alex Hernandez   Artwork
Alen Blazekovik   Artwork
Eric Ruhaak   Artwork
Derek Luptak   Artwork
David Pence   Artwork
Daria Dykhanovska   Artwork
Damian Sawyer   Artwork
Daiv Whaley   Artwork
Curtis Whittier   Artwork
Christina Kuebler   Artwork
Cherokee Carr   Artwork
Charles Bradford   Artwork
Kevin Shafer   Executive Producer
Kevin Autenrieth   Executive Producer
Ken Van Egmond   Executive Producer
Jerry Creager   Artwork
Jason Derr   Artwork
Jamison Chaleen   Artwork
Gary Teter   Executive Producer
Michelle Van Egmond   Executive Producer
Michael Turkett   Artwork
Michael J. Petri   Executive Producer
Matt Croslin   Artwork
Mark Prinsen   Executive Producer
Wayne Barnett   Artwork
Stig Olav Skeie   Executive Producer
Sharon Autenrieth   Executive Producer
Sarah Issler   Artwork
Sara Teter   Executive Producer
Ritchie Roesch   Artwork
Richard W. Towry   Executive Producer
Paul Ramsaroop   Executive Producer

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