Digital Mammography: Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Digital Mammography, York, England, 10-12 July 1994

Digital Mammography: Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Digital Mammography, York, England, 10-12 July 1994

by Alastair G. Gale

ISBN-10: 0444819169

ISBN-13: 9780444819161

Pub. Date: 10/28/1994

Publisher: Elsevier Science

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Elsevier Science
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International Congress Series, #1069
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New Edition
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6.74(w) x 9.66(h) x 0.79(d)

Table of Contents

Dense feature maps for detection of calcifications3
Performance of automated CAD schemes for the detection and classification of clustered microcalcifications
Automatic micro-calcification localisation using matched Fourier filtering21
Classification and mammographic microcalcifications using image structure and cluster features31
The hysteresis technique for detection of calcifications in digital mammograms41
Automatic microcalcifications and opacities detection in digitized mammographies using a multiscale approach51
Three-dimensional reconstruction of microcalcification clusters within excised breast lesions59
Computer assistance in the digitized mammogram processing to improve diagnosis of breast lesions69
Detection of microcalcifications using wavelets79
A framework for contrast enhancement by dyadic wavelet analysis91
Effects of lossy compression of digital mammograms evaluated by an automatic diagnostics tool101
Nonparametric spatio-temporal change point analysis for early detection in mammography111
Registering time sequences of mammograms using a two-dimensional image unwarping technique121
Mammogram analysis by comparison with previous screenings131
High resolution digital mammography using DIMA and CR: preliminary results143
Developments in digital mammography with monochromatic and narrow energy band X-rays153
Computed radiography as a direct digital mammographic acquisition system163
Telemammography system development - issues and possible solutions173
Digital stereomammography181
Comparison of digital X-ray cameras for stereotactic breast needle biopsy: an observer performance study191
Screen-CCD imaging system for real-time mammography199
Recognition of stellate lesions in digital mammograms211
Computer detection of stellate lesions221
The detection of stellate lesions in digital mammograms231
Characterisation of mammographic lesions241
The analysis of breast abnormalities by computer251
The detection of abnormalities in mammograms261
Computer aided diagnosis of mammograms using a hierarchical framework271
CAD in digital mammography: computerized detection and classification of masses
Computer detection of lesions missed by mammography289
Enriching digital mammogram image analysis with a description of the curvi-linear structures297
An ROC evaluation of adaptive neighborhood contrast enhancement for digitized mammography307
Parenchymal delineation by human and computer observers315
A comparison of spatial noise filtering techniques for digital mammography325
Generating ROC curves for artificial neural networks335
Use of accreditation phantoms and clinical images to evaluate mammography image processing algorithms345
A novel approach to aligning mammograms355
A training and assessment package for digital mammography367
The Mammographic Image Analysis Society digital mammogram database
The application of a computed radiography database to a mammographic reporting environment379
Prompting as an aid to diagnosis in mammography389
Gaze duration predicts the locations of missed lesions in mammography399
To err is human, to compute divine?405
User interface design and data management for digital mass mammography415
Index of authors423

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