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The Digital Sea

The Digital Sea

4.8 4
by Thomas K. Carpenter

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It’s 2052. Reality is just a download away.

Decay is ubiquitious as the world's population shrinks under Sagan's Law. But no one cares as their lives are consumed by the Digital Sea: an immersive augmented reality that’s always on, seen through eye-screens and controlled by the mind.

Zel Aurora, a skilled reality-hacker, can change


It’s 2052. Reality is just a download away.

Decay is ubiquitious as the world's population shrinks under Sagan's Law. But no one cares as their lives are consumed by the Digital Sea: an immersive augmented reality that’s always on, seen through eye-screens and controlled by the mind.

Zel Aurora, a skilled reality-hacker, can change the Digital Sea with a thought, but all that power can't save her daughter from a deadly disease. So Zel makes a deal with the Djed, a powerful crime lord that she's betrayed once before, to stop the new realities threatening his global empire. When the Djed sends along his murderous bodyguard that’s immune to her powers to make sure she completes the job, she’s forced to make a choice that may cost her daughter’s life.

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Meet the Author

Thomas K. Carpenter resides near St. Louis with his wife Rachel and their two children. He earned his degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Missouri Rolla. After finishing up his M.B.A. in the summer of 2006, he returned to his roots of writing fiction. When he’s not busy writing his next book, he’s playing soccer in the yard with his kids or getting beat by his wife at cards. He keeps a regular blog at www.thomaskcarpenter.com and can be found on twitter @thomaskcarpente.

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Digital Sea 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
JDBrink More than 1 year ago
The Digital Sea is one part Neuromancer, one part Matrix, and three parts pure Carpenter.  The narration follows various characters all over the globe in a futuristic world that could one day very much become our reality.  The Digital Sea is a virtual veneer that covers our world, received through cyberspace links that most people cannot do without anymore.  It very much echoes our growing reliance on the constant distractions of cell phones, one-thousand cable TV channels, and riding the endless surf of the Internet.  Carpenter’s world also realistically mimics our own in its global problems.  The nations of the world are desperate to reduce their populations, some even manufacturing wars to get it done.  But an underworld warlord (for motives that, I admit, were not quite clear to me) hires/blackmails Zel Aurora to sabotage the Digital Sea in order to prevent the manipulation that is working toward nuclear war.  Zel is a refreshing action hero in that she is motivated by the love her daughter rather than money or adrenaline, and that she has a unique mental handicap that puts her at a distance from the rest of humanity (though I think Carpenter might have been better off inventing a condition than stretching the one he used to fit her).  Carpenter takes on a big challenge with this novel, following various developed characters at international and cross-cultural levels, and then deftly brings them all together as the book reaches its climax.  While splitting my attention and affection for so many characters was a problem for me at times, it did weave a more complex and convincing tapestry, and seeing it all come together at the end made it well worth it.   This first novel of his series is a great achievement, however one drawback to self-publishing a novel of this length is finding an editor to double check your work: there were some mistakes and inconsistencies scattered around the 350+ pages, but they were easily forgivable.  Carpenter’s novel is as well-developed and fast-paced as any globe-trotting cyberpunk adventure out there and well worth the read for any fans of the genre.  I give it 3.5 - 4 stars. J. D. Brink author of A Long Walk Down a Dark Alley
1000-Plus-Books-to-Read More than 1 year ago
Zel Aurora is a highly skilled hacker in a new age world that rides the Digital Sea. Zel's talents are highly sought after, especially by a dangerous crime lord named Djed who Zel once worked for and has been hiding from ever since. Zel's main job now is her daughter, who is ill, and keeping them both hidden in a Digital world where information is a mere thought away. As Zel's daughter further deteriorates before her eyes she makes a deal with the devil, the very man she has been trying to avoid for years.. the Djed, in hopes that he may be able to save her daughters life. The cost is high as Zel is sent out on a mission that may end up killing her before she can save her daughter. And if she doesn't succeed many more will lose their lives. Lets Talk About It: This book was so good. SO GOOD. From the storyline to the characters to the sub stories, it all was fantastic. The world in this book is an advanced technology world where everything and everyone is a part of the Digital Sea. Meaning the computers that we are used to are now a part of you so that you can change your appearance with a thought (and a downloaded app/software), the world you see around you can be cloaked with the scenery of your choice and it's all done via your mind. The Digital Sea is the world. Technology has taken over and very few people choose to live without it. It doesn't sound that far out there does it? That's one of the things that grasped me most with this book and even had me talking about it with friends was that this book described a world that is not too far off in the future. That it could very well become our reality. Zel is a bad ass character. Not only is she a highly skilled hacker she is also a high functioning autistic person. Her world is seen in numbers and from those numbers she creates Pandora, her operating system that is able to do more than even the experts have been able to do. She embarks on this journey to save her sick daughter from death and her only way to do is to work for, again, a very dangerous man named the Djed. Zel isn't the only character in this book, though she is the main one. There's a journalist named Jartelle who is hot on the trail of a huge story that ends up being more than meets the eye and so many other characters who end up being a part of the story and crosses paths with Zel in the end. I really enjoyed the structure of this book too. With there being so many key players I appreciated the chapters displaying the characters name so I easily knew where we were at in the story. It all blended together very well too as each piece layered into the next to great the whole effect. I really hope that there is a follow up book. I want more of Zel and the ending seemed to leave an opening for something to come next. If this sounds like something you might enjoy even just a little bit go pick it up, you won't regret it! Melissa Reviewer for 1000 + Books to Read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The author presents an impressive and orginal view of the future. This book is easy to recmmend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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