Digital Soundboy Soundsystem: Fabriclive, Vol. 63

Digital Soundboy Soundsystem: Fabriclive, Vol. 63

by Digital Soundboy Soundsystem

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  1. Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter
  2. Gumbai
  3. Heavy Water Riddim
  4. Body Language
  5. Lezgo
  6. The Oracle
  7. Face Up
  8. Red
  9. Do Without You
  10. Hex
  11. Grinding
  12. Formula 2
  13. Silo Pass
  14. Higher
  15. Wobble That Gut
  16. Telepathy
  17. Total Recall
  18. Fright Night
  19. Warp
  20. Higher
  21. Ain't Nobody
  22. 480 BC
  23. Filth
  24. Displaced
  25. Source 16
  26. More Funk
  27. Baby Girl
  28. Neon
  29. Firing Line
  30. Hangover (Bababa)
  31. Daim
  32. Hard
  33. Together
  34. Peace & Dub
  35. Raver
  36. Pass the Dutchie
  37. Pass the Kouchie
  38. Grand Funk Hustle
  39. Turn Down the Lights
  40. One DJ
  41. Little Things
  42. Run Em Out
  43. Tear Down Vip
  44. Fighting Fire
  45. Marka
  46. Jus' a Rascal
  47. Hold You
  48. Headlock
  49. Original Nuttah

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Digital Soundboy Soundsystem   Primary Artist
MC Fats   Vocals
Levon Vincent   DJ
David Rodigan   Vocals
Johnni Wheeler   Vocals

Technical Credits

Nina Simone   Arranger,Producer
Peter Collins   Producer
Leroy Sibbles   Composer
Jackie Mittoo   Composer
Nat Shapiro   Producer
Fitzroy Simpson   Composer
Harold Wheeler   Arranger,Producer
George Bennett   Composer
Shy FX   Producer,Remixing,Additional Production
Adam Hunter   Engineer
Huford Brown   Composer
Anthony Ferguson   Composer
Zed Bias   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Engineer
Fraser T. Smith   Composer,Producer
Sides   Producer
Booka Shade   Composer
Dylan Mills   Composer
Justin Martin   Composer,Producer
J. Thompson   Composer,Producer
Arthur Smith   Composer,Producer
Benny Page   Remixing,Additional Production
Youngstar   Producer
Breakage   Remixing,Additional Production
Paul "Seiji" Dolby   Composer,Producer
Imran Passard   Producer
Bloodfire   Producer
A. Ferguson   Composer
H. Lawes   Composer,Producer
Bok Bok   Producer
J. Barbosa   Composer
Rui Pite   Composer
Andro Carvalho   Composer
Phil D. Young   Composer
DJ Pat Bo   Composer
Stefan Moerth   Composer
Curtis Lynch   Producer
O. Jones   Composer,Producer
D. White   Composer,Producer
W. Knighton   Composer,Producer
L. Sibbles   Composer
Robert Bernard Lyn   Composer
Jason Cambridge   Composer
Ricardo Johnson   Composer
Windell Edwards   Composer
S.A. Smith   Composer
Kalaf Angelo   Composer
Clare Maguire   Composer
Oliver Jones   Composer,Producer
Baxta   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Thomas Edwards   Composer,Producer
Skanky   Composer,Producer
Edson Keid Fernandes   Composer
C. Bierman   Composer,Producer
Rene Lavice   Composer,Producer
& Mensah   Producer
Tesmond Rowe   Composer
Carlo Anderson   Composer,Producer
Ashley Tindall   Composer,Producer
Ardalan Noghre-Kar   Composer,Producer
Wayne Goodlitt   Composer,Producer
Vanguard Vardoen   Composer
Mensah Anderson   Composer
Matthew Benyayer   Composer,Producer
George Ovens   Composer,Producer

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