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Dignity: The Best of Deacon Blue

Dignity: The Best of Deacon Blue

by Deacon Blue

Product Details

Release Date:
Sony Uk


Disc 1

  1. Real Gone Kid
  2. Dignity
  3. Twist And Shout
  4. Your Town
  5. Fergus Sings The Blues
  6. Wages Day
  7. Loaded
  8. When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)
  9. Love And Regret
  10. Your Swaying Arms
  11. Will We Be Lovers
  12. Queen Of The New Year
  13. Chocolate Girl
  14. Closing Time
  15. Cover From The Sky
  16. I Was Right And You Were Wrong
  17. Only Tender Love
  18. Hang Your Head

Disc 2

  1. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
  2. Ragman
  3. Beautiful Stranger
  4. Real Gone Kid
  5. Long Window To Love
  6. Fourteen Years
  7. Orphans
  8. Silhouette
  9. Your Constant Heart
  10. Circus Lights
  11. My America
  12. The Very Thing
  13. Love's Great Fears
  14. Fellow Hoodlums
  15. One Day I'll Go Walking
  16. Fall So Freely Down
  17. All Over The World
  18. Raintown

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