Dimension of Terror: Book Three: The Adventure Continues


A daring rescue has landed Socrates and his friends in a time trap inhabited by horrific creatures from a primeval world. Meanwhile, young Tooney brings to light information that inspires his cruise ship Captain, Sam Obrien, into coordinating an extraordinary expedition. Discover how the independent efforts of Socrates and Tooney combine in an unparalleled journey into the heart of Earth's most fascinating expanse of ocean, the Bermuda Triangle. Prepare yourself----their worlds will collide. With what ...
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Dimension of Terror: Book Three: The Adventure Continues

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A daring rescue has landed Socrates and his friends in a time trap inhabited by horrific creatures from a primeval world. Meanwhile, young Tooney brings to light information that inspires his cruise ship Captain, Sam Obrien, into coordinating an extraordinary expedition. Discover how the independent efforts of Socrates and Tooney combine in an unparalleled journey into the heart of Earth's most fascinating expanse of ocean, the Bermuda Triangle. Prepare yourself----their worlds will collide. With what consequences? Dive in and find out!
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781477272183
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Publication date: 10/10/2012
  • Pages: 268
  • Product dimensions: 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.56 (d)

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Dimension of Terror

Book Three: The Adventure Continues
By Thomas McGee


Copyright © 2012 Thomas McGee
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-7218-3

Chapter One

Navigating the dimensional corridor felt like a dream trek in slow motion—no propulsion, no control of movement—helplessly tumbling through time and inner space. It took only seconds for the journey to end in a cushioned freefall into an ancient sea. Kaihula wasted no time moving her infants to a staging area where her mate NuiMalu was anxiously awaiting her return. His eyes started glowing with excitement when Kaihula and six newborns swam into view. Socrates and his friends backed away to give the proud parents some privacy. Nui kept the reunion brief because the area was not safe. Acting decisively, he hurried everyone toward the safety of his family's domain. As they sped away, Poker looked up and saw Shredder cruising near the surface. Pokers anger at the mako exploded and he took off toward the shark in a rage when, out of the dim background came a familiar voice: "Hey Poker, what's happening?" Poker stopped so sudden that water rushed past him in a rippling current.

"Jacko, is that you? Oh, dude, you sure had us all worried. How could you let Shredder get you into this mess?"

"I don't know; I guess it was the humiliation of being called a coward in front of Bondar and Two Stars. But hey, what about you, something crazy must have happened to bring you here? Kaihula assured me she would be getting Shredder and me back as soon as her babies arrived. What is going on?"

Nui suddenly shouted in panic, "Kaihula, take the little ones! All of you follow her! I've got this!"

Socrates, Poker, and Jacko spun around, their eyes locking onto a frightful image: an enormous reptilian flying creature targeting Shredder. The beast passed over the top of the water twice, then came swooping in low for the kill. Nui sped toward the surface, positioning himself directly under Shredder to avoid detection. Socrates, Poker, and Jacko instinctively followed his lead. The beast timed its kill perfectly and in an instant had Shredder clutched in the grip of its huge, razor sharp talons, plucking him from the water like an eagle snatching a trout from a lake. The creature immediately turned heavenward with wings spread wide and neck extended, gleefully screeching its victory. Its success was short lived: NuiMalu broke the surface at high speed with mouth wide open and, locking the beast's neck in his powerful jaws, came crashing back hard into the water, slashing his head ferociously from side to side while diving straight for the bottom. Poker and Jacko responded by piercing the predator's body through with their swords while Socrates joined in, targeting the top of the talons and biting down hard to get Shredder out of its grip. It took only a moment for the fight to end. The beast was dead, leaving a cut and bleeding Shredder lifelessly floating belly-up. Poker and Jacko once again swung into action, rolling Shredder over and positioning him tightly between them, moving him forward to get oxygen through his gills. Poker called out, "C'mon you toothy goofball, move! You can do it! Do not give up!" Detecting Shredder coming to he continued: "Are those bubbles? Are you doing bubbles? You must be breathing because where else would the bubbles be coming from? Makos sure do have a problem with the bubbles!"

Shredder lazily opened his eyes and in a strained voice said, "Ah, shut up! No, I am not doing bubbles ... you crazy swordfish!"

Socrates and Jacko started laughing.

Astonished, Nui backed away. He thought the others would have rejoiced at the mako's demise. Instead, they risked their lives to save him and were now working together to revive him. Socrates looked at Nui with a smile and a shrug and said, "Hey, it's called ... teamwork."

Nui responded by saying, "Well, how about sharing a meal together? " Motioning toward the pterodactyl he urged; "Eat all you can; your next opportunity could take awhile."

Socrates lip curled in defiance of the suggestion, he and his friends backing away from the repulsive carcass, rejecting even the thought actually eating it. Nui continued; "You may think that I am kidding, but we do not joke around much in this place. Food is food no matter what its source. I suggest you take advantage of it before the crocs smell it, and that will not take long."

He quickly began tearing the creature's flesh apart, hastening them to eat their fill.

Chapter Two

The scent of death spread quickly through the region, triggering an automatic response from the plesiosaurs gravest enemies. Detecting their approach, Nui hurried his guests away, leading them to a hidden high ledge to get a clear view of the monsters arriving to feast on the carrion. A wave of fear swept over them at the sight of the gruesome beasts. Resembling saltwater crocodiles, these were massive in comparison, their heads being at least a fourth of their overall body length, their backs lined with thick horizontal rows of curled armor. Scarier still were their jaws, the front of their snouts sporting long, curled back at the tip, glistening fangs followed by multiple rows of triangular, razor sharp teeth. They began ripping apart the avian remains with omnipotent savagery, the entire carcass disappearing in a matter of moments. The crocs then circled, scanning the area in search of more food. They finally swam away, disappearing into their hiding places, silently awaiting another victim.

Once the area appeared safe, Poker raced forward with a defiant look and said, "Let me at 'em, let me at 'em!"

Nui was stunned and hustled to pull Poker back to the ledge. Socrates, Jacko, and Shredder watched Nui, wondering how long it would take him to 'get it'. Nevertheless, they could not hold in their urge to laugh very long and suddenly busted out in hysterics. Nui finally managed to figure out Poker's improvisation, rolled his eyes, and started chuckling. Addressing Poker, Nui asked, "What is with you? At first, you are angry with your friend, then you help save him, and now you turn a horror story into comedy. Are you nuts?"

Poker crossed his eyes, cocked his head to one side, and said, "Say whaaat?"

Nui totally lost it. He was laughing so hard that he could not speak, swim, or even move. It was a good thing that their location was secret because none of them was currently in any condition to be serious about another fight. Regaining his composure, Nui warned; "Look, guys, you are going to have to keep your zany remarks to a minimum. Your lives require being on constant alert and one small mistake could result in a battle to the death. And believe me; in this place, each of you is very close to the bottom of the food chain."

Chapter Three

Nui led the four away to the security of his family's hidden sanctuary and, seeing his family intact, gave way to a sigh of relief. Sensing Nui and Kaihula's need for some private time with their babies, Kaihula's parents, Mau and Makana, offered a guided tour to the newcomers.

Leading them some distance away, Mau began his oration: "The interior of our cavern is thousands of feet deep, while the entrance fronts an enormous bay. Krill and baitfish are abundant here and we have no problem protecting our food supply from other species competing for it. That is of course, with the exception of a large number of evil humans living in the rock masses above the bay and the pterodactyls, one of which you confronted earlier. Together they pose a slight risk to our food source. However, we have managed with some scare tactics to limit their desire for a chance confrontation with us. As peaceful as we try to be, our family has no problem playing the role of 'terrifying-nasties' when it comes to protecting what is ours."

Mau and Makana continued the tour, spending a significant amount of time pointing out the highlights and dangers of their domain. Upon returning to the privacy of the plesiosaurs secret place, NuiMalu quickly greeted them, thanking Socrates and his pals and for what they had done to save his family: "You risked your lives and your futures in your beautiful kingdom to save someone you don't even know."

Amaya answered; "Were we wrong to trust you?"

"Well, no," Nui responded, "but how could you tell we were worth your trust?"

Two Stars swam up alongside Amaya and in a soft voice responded to Nui; "A mother that risks everything for her young deserves trust. Seeing Kaihula for the first time with little Manny was the most incredible display of affection we have ever seen. Others cannot help but be drawn to someone like that. Now that we are acquainted, I would have to say that our instincts have been right on, wouldn't you agree?"

Kaihula and Makana swam over to Amaya, Two Stars, Auntie Noni, Serine, and Zippee, kindly rubbing their faces against them. Kaihula softly whispered; "You are more than we deserve."

Socrates, once again brimming with curiosity, questioned Mau and Nui: "So, why does Kaihula take the risk of laying her eggs on the other side of the dimensional window?"

Mau's eyes slumped in silent reflection, a look of grief seizing his countenance. He then began his explanation: "Many generations ago, an epoch event happened that completely changed the world. A giant fiery object struck the ocean, lighting it up with the brilliance of a thousand suns, and sending a devastating shock wave circling the world. Tearing landmasses from their foundations, the vicious currents re-arranged everything previously known before the agitation subsided. Every creature felt its affect in some way, the majority perishing. Those of us who typically make our home in the deep, obscure trenches of the ocean floor fared best. However, the 'event' changed life as we knew it."

Mau shortly hesitated.

"What do you mean ... what changed," asked Socrates?

"On the positive side, those of us trapped under the blanket of the object's melted expanse benefit immensely from the incredibly pure water. On the other hand, we never again saw the sky. The light we enjoy is mysteriously constant; which is strange being that no luminaries are visible. The object actually created a world within itself, altering our lives in a significant way."

Mau's eyes glared into the distance for a moment. He then turned to Socrates and said; "Time—is trapped here. None of us—age."

Socrates replied; "That's a good thing, right?"

"Yes, you could say that. Only, there is a serious downside. Some of the creatures trapped here are of the deadliest species the world has ever seen. The upside is that, with the change to our environment, most are ... hybrid. Nothing except plants, small fish, and extreme deep-water species like ourselves, can successfully reproduce. The numbers of most ancient species slowly continues to dwindle, your earlier fight with the pterodactyl being one of the causes. The good thing for our family is that one more horrifying vestige of the past is now history. Unfortunately, every day brings another challenge to our survival. For instance: when Kaihula and Makana begin laying their eggs, oxygen rich, silvery bubbles start emitting from the eggs shells until the infants hatch. The off gassing draws a lot of attention to the location of their nests. That is why we use the dimensional window when it comes time to spawn our young. The isolated area of their nests on the other side remains completely devoid of any danger to their eggs development."

Uncle Gnarls questioned Mau; "If you have that figured out, and your species has lived from the indefinite past, why are there not more of you?"

Nui answered; "Sadly, some of our young have fallen prey to the crocs on our return through the window. The impulsiveness of our newborns puts them in perilous situations. Others have simply disappeared through small spaces deep within our cavern. We have no idea what has happened to them because the openings are too small for us adults to navigate through to see where they ended up and no doubt, they are now too large to return. For the first time ever ... we have managed to get all our newborns back safely, thanks to the actions of you and your friends. We are deeply indebted to you."

"You don't have to be," stated Uncle Gnarls. "The way we see it is that we have an obligation to help each other regardless of the risks."

Nui took a moment, looking each of Socrates' friends in their eyes, acknowledging; "You certainly proved that today. Only, our gravest problem we have yet to show you. All other dangers fade in comparison."

Nui led everyone to where the cavern fronts the enormous bay. None of them was in any way prepared for what they would see from another of Nui's secret lookouts.

Humans, large muscular humans, were encamped on a land mass at the end of the bay. Nui elaborated on what Mau had touched on earlier: "This whole region, including the area you arrived from, was part of their kingdom. They are evil creatures from the distant past that built an island mecca in the middle of the sea. They are the ones who designed the large crystal to harness the suns energy during a solar event, dispersing intense light through their network of caverns, causing the ocean to appear to dance with golden fire, for no other reason I suppose than to show off their magnificence. Most perished ages ago, when what we call ... 'the flaming star' ... hit this region. Yet, some of them happened to be within the far reaches of this bay and were able to survive: only now, they too remain trapped. What these do not know is that the crystal's energy created a passage that connects your world with ours. Surprisingly, the canyon where the crystal is located sustained no real damage from the cosmic event even though a powerful force remains within the canyons structure, having caused some major catastrophes over the years. Mau and Makana discovered the strange passage you arrived through a long time ago. Mau approached the quivering mass, drawn by its mysterious presence in the middle of a wall of stone. Cautiously nudging up against it, he disappeared. Makana went in after him. They ended up in the cavern where all of you were before coming here. Kaihula and I used to explore it with them frequently. We felt fortunate to have finally discovered an area where Kaihula and Makanas' eggs can safely hatch, far away from the ever-present danger we experience on this side. Our hope is that we can keep this brood of young ones subdued in our protected area long enough for them to grow up."

Kaihula swam in close to her mate, "Honey, perhaps you should show them, you know ... the other problem we have in the bay."

Nui agreed and led the way to another location. Socrates was in shock by what he saw and heard. Overpowering masters were forcing humans of smaller stature to harvest sea plants and construct huge dwellings, frequently beating their captives mercilessly to keep them moving. Screams of the unfortunate echoed throughout the bay, making Socrates feel sick, he sorrowing at their demise of not being able to escape ... even into the sleep of death. Once again, Socrates' demeanor changed from puzzlement to anger, knowing that this situation too, had to be changed.

It was time to return to Nui's cavern to come up with a plan.

Chapter Four

Sam O'Brien, the cruise ship skipper of the near ill-fated 'Ocean Gem,' was sitting in his stateroom reviewing the ships log of the perilous event he recently experienced in the Bermuda Triangle. Suddenly, Corey Coulson, one of his crewmembers, interrupted him: "Captain, the parents of young Tooney, you know, the little boy we saved on our last cruise, are here to see you sir."

"What do you mean the boy we saved; you mean the boy the dolphin saved, don't you?"

"Sorry sir, yes sir, including a host of other fish from my perspective."

The Captain smiled; "Quick, show them in Seaman Coulson, and please, arrange for some liquid refreshment."

Tooney's parents were excited to be re-uniting with the man who, guided by no more than gut instinct, common sense, and a willingness to listen, helped save their son.


Excerpted from Dimension of Terror by Thomas McGee Copyright © 2012 by Thomas McGee. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Chapter 33....................237
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