Dimensional Analysis for Meds / Edition 2

Dimensional Analysis for Meds / Edition 2

by Anna M. Curren, Laurie D. Munday

ISBN-10: 076685938X

ISBN-13: 9780766859388

Pub. Date: 10/28/2001

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Calculating dosages has never been so easy! Dimensional Analysis for Meds is a completely self-instructional learning tool created to simplify clinical calculations. Utilizing the method of dimensional analysis, the material is presented in a helpful format that encourages step-by-step learning.


Calculating dosages has never been so easy! Dimensional Analysis for Meds is a completely self-instructional learning tool created to simplify clinical calculations. Utilizing the method of dimensional analysis, the material is presented in a helpful format that encourages step-by-step learning.

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Cengage Learning
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

Directions to the Studentvii
Section 1Refresher Math1
1.Relative Value, Addition, and Subtraction of Decimals3
Relative Value of Decimals3
Addition and Subtraction of Decimals7
Summary Self Test8
2.Multiplication and Division of Decimals11
Multiplication of Decimals11
Division of Decimals12
Elimination of Decimal Points13
Reduction of Fractions14
Reduction of Numbers Ending in Zero15
Expressing to the Nearest Tenth16
Expressing to the Nearest Hundredth17
Summary Self Test18
3.Solving Common Fraction Equations20
Whole Number Equations20
Decimal Fraction Equations23
Multiple Number Equations26
Summary Self Test28
Section 2Introduction to Drug Measures31
4.Metric, International (SI) System33
Basic Units of the Metric/SI System33
Metric/SI Prefixes34
Metric/SI Abbreviations34
Variations of Metric/SI Abbreviations35
Metric/SI Notation Rules35
Conversion Between Metric/SI Units37
Common Errors in Metric/SI Dosages39
Summary Self Test40
5.Additional Drug Measures: Unit, Percentage, Milliequivalent, Ratio, Apothecary, Household42
International Units (U)42
Percentage (%) Measures43
Milliequivalent (mEq) Measures43
Ratio Measures44
Apothecary and Household Measures45
Apothecary/Household Notations46
Apothecary/Household To Metric/SI Equivalents Table46
The Apothecary/Metric Conversion Clock47
Summary Self Test48
Section 3Reading Medication Labels and Syringe Calibrations51
6.Reading Oral Medication Labels53
Tablet and Capsule Labels54
Tablet/Capsule Dosage Calculation57
Oral Solution Labels61
Measurement of Oral Solutions62
Summary Self Test65
7.Hypodermic Syringe Measurement71
Standard 3 cc Syringe71
Tuberculin Syringe75
Tubex and Carpuject Cartridges77
5, 6, 10, and 12 cc Syringes80
20 cc and Larger Syringes82
Summary Self Test84
8.Reading Parenteral Medication Labels88
Reading Metric/SI Solution Labels89
Percent (%) and Ratio Solution Labels90
Solutions Measured in International Units (U)91
Solutions Measured as Milliequivalents (mEq)92
Summary Self Test94
9.Reconstitution of Powdered Drugs105
Reconstitution of a Single Strength Solution105
Reconstitution of Multiple Strength Solutions107
Reconstitution from Package Insert Directions108
Summary Self test110
10.Measuring Insulin Dosages115
Types of Insulin115
U-100 Insulin and Syringes117
Lo-Dose Syringes117
I cc Capacity Syringes119
Combining Insulin Dosages121
Summary Self Test123
Section 4Medication Administration Systems127
11.Medication Administration Records129
Medication Record 1131
Medication Record 2133
Medication Record 3135
Medication Record 4137
12.Medication Card Administration138
Reading Medication Cards138
Summary Self Test139
Section 5Dosage Calculation Using Dimensional Analysis143
13.Dosage Calculation Using Dimensional Analysis145
The Basic DA Equation145
Equations Requiring Metric Conversions151
Summary Self Test155
Section 6Dosage Calculation from Body Weight, and Body Surface Area171
14.Adult and Pediatric Dosages Based on Body Weight173
Converting lb to kg173
Converting kg to lb174
Calculating Dosages from Drug Label Information175
Calculating Dosages from Drug Literature178
Summary Self Test181
15.Adult and Pediatric Dosages Based on Body Surface Area187
Calculating BSA from kg and cm187
Calculating BSA from lb and in189
Dosage Calculation Based on BSA190
Assessing Orders Based on BSA191
Calculation of BSA Using a Nomogram192
Use of the West Nomogram193
Summary Self Test195
Section 7Intravenous Calculations199
16.Introduction to IV Therapy201
Primary Line201
Secondary Line203
Volume Controlled Burettes205
Indwelling Infusion Ports205
Electronic Infusion Devices (EID's)206
Electronic Rate Controllers206
Volumetric Pumps207
Syringe Pumps209
Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) Devices209
Introduction to IV Fluids210
Determining Percentages in IV Fluids211
Parenteral Nutrition212
IV Medication Guidelines/Protocols212
Summary Self Test215
17.IV Flow Rate Calculation217
IV Tubing Calibration217
Small Volume gtt/min Calculation219
Large Volume gtt/min Calculation from mL/hr Ordered221
Division Factor Method of Calculation223
Regulating Flow Rate225
Correcting Off-Schedule Rates225
Summary Self Test228
18.Calculating IV Infusion Times230
Calculating from Volume and Hourly Rate Ordered230
Calculating Large Volume Infusion Time from gtt/min, Volume and Set Calibration232
Calculating Small Volume Infusion Time from gtt/min, Volume and Set Calibration234
Determining Infusion Completion Time236
Labeling Solution Bags/Bottles with Infusion Time238
Summary Self Test242
19.IV Medication and Titration Calculations246
Calculating mL/hr Rate from Dosage Ordered247
Calculating gtt/min Rate from Dosage Ordered249
Calculating mL/hr Rate from Dosage per kg Ordered251
Calculating Dosage Infusing from Flow Rate253
Titration of Infusions255
Summary Self Test260
20.Heparin Infusion Calculations263
Calculating mL/hr Flow Rate from U/hr Ordered263
Calculating gtt/min Flow Rate from U/hr Ordered265
Calculating U/hr Infusing from mL/hr Infusing268
Calculating U/hr Infusing from Solution Strength, Set Calibation and gtt/min Rate270
Reading Heparin Labels and Preparing IV Solutions273
Summary Self Test274
Section 8Pediatric Medication Calculations277
21.Pediatric Oral and Parenteral Medications279
Oral Medications279
IM and s.c. Medications281
Summary Self Test282
22.Pediatric Intravenous Medications286
Methods of IV Medication Administration286
Medication Administration Via Burette287
Comparing IV Dosages Ordered with Protocols291
Summary Self Test295

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