Dinosaurs Meet Dr. Clock: A Holiday House Reader

Dinosaurs Meet Dr. Clock: A Holiday House Reader

by Martha Weston

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Children's Literature
Dr. Clock (rather aptly named) has invented a time machine. He packs a lunch and his notebook, sets the dials on his machine and off he goes back into the past. This travel adventure takes him all the way back to the time of the dinosaurs. They capture him and treat him like a specimen instead of the other way around. Poor Dr. Clock is like a favorite toy as he is passed back and forth among the pachycephalosaurus (head butters.) Dirty and disheveled, Dr. Clock makes a run for it and manages to get back into his time machine. It is nip and tuck but he manages to move into the future. Unfortunately for Dr. Clock, he doesn't end up in his lab, but in the midst of a jousting match. I guess we will be seeing further adventures of this bumbling scientist. It may be amusing for some young readers. A "Holiday House Reader," Level 1. 2002, Holiday,
— Marilyn Courtot
Kirkus Reviews
Time-travel, dinosaurs, and a scientist-inventor add up to a simple but satisfying equation in this mid-level easy reader. Dr. Clock travels in his time machine to the era of the dinosaurs, where he meets two plant-eating pachycephalosauri (cleverly introduced in the text with phonetic pronunciation of their tongue-twisting title). He observes the plant-eating dinosaurs, recording their appearance and habits in his notebook like a serious scientist, even when the dinosaurs are trying to carry him off. Dr. Clock escapes in his time machine, traveling forward in time and landing by mistake in the middle of a jousting tournament with knights in shining armor. Weston (Annie and Bo and the Big Surprise, 2002, etc.) inserts lots of droll humor in both her text and watercolor-with-ink illustrations, with clever little jokes and plays on words that new readers will enjoy. "Dr. Clock cannot write in his notebook," says the text as the picture shows him bundled up in the dinosaur's arms. This short but solid story could be used for dinosaur or time-travel themes or could easily be integrated into first-grade lessons in scientific observation or creation of time lines. Better yet, it's just plain fun to read. Though only time will tell, Dr. Clock seems ready to rock on with more adventures in his time-travel machine. (Easy reader. 4-8)

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Holiday House, Inc.
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Reader Level 1 Series
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6.10(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)
300L (what's this?)
Age Range:
5 - 8 Years

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