Dirty Girls: The Naked Truth about Our Guilty Secrets (Unpretty, Unclean, and Utterly Horrifying)

Dirty Girls: The Naked Truth about Our Guilty Secrets (Unpretty, Unclean, and Utterly Horrifying)

by Gillian Telling

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The Naked Truth Isn't Always Pretty.See more details below


The Naked Truth Isn't Always Pretty.

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So, ladies... As you know, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Actually, some old fart coined that catchy title years ago to sell millions of books, and, well, he totally succeeded in selling millions of books. And desktop calendars. And even those miniature books that no one really wants but gets /in their stockings at Christmas every year. Good for him. But what he also did was spawn an entire generation of men and women who treat this catchy title as though it were the word of God. Because it explains everything! No wonder men and women have so many issues trying to get along well with one another! How on earth are we supposed to be friends and lovers when we obviously come from completely different planets? Guys aren't even the same species as us. They're Martians! Basically, asking men and women to get along as human beings is like asking a native San Franciscan to stop talking about how delicious the burritos are there. It's simply not natural.

But is it really that simple? Men and women can have vast differences in their outlooks and actions. That's not a total shocker. But what I have found in the past few years of writing a sex column for Maxim magazine, for which I have interviewed countless women about their lives, dirty secrets, and dreams for the future, is that women are actually not all that different from men. They seem to want the same things out of life as the opposite sex does: success, health, friendship, money, a career, a functional family, functioning relationships, a good body, and lots and lots of great sex. Women want to have fun and are funny, and they can be nasty, horny, brutish little buggers at the same time.

Don't get me wrong-I'm not trying to say women are the new men. We don't want to be men. Why would we want to be men? Lower salaries and suffering through nine months of sobriety during pregnancy notwithstanding, for the most part, it's pretty good being us. I'm just saying we're just so much more similar to guys than anyone has ever admitted. Until now. The jig is up, sisters. I'm exposing us, in this book, for the filthy, funny, picky, generous, cruel, nasty, beautiful beasts we really are.

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