Dirty Little Secrets: Sex in the WorkPlace

Dirty Little Secrets: Sex in the WorkPlace

by Rosemary Agonito

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Dirty Little Secrets explores all forms of sexual liaisons in the workplace, consensual and coercive, and examines their impact on and off the job. Rosemary Agonito considers how both men and women use sexuality as a form of power at work, the differing perceptions of ex by women and men on the job, the various sexual games both genders play, the most dangerous forms of sexual liaison in the workplace, and more. Dirty Little Secrets also explores the negative consequences of sex in the workplace, as well as looking at sex as a positive force on the job. The hidden underbelly of sexual politics common in all workplaces are revealed, along with concrete suggestions to individual and corporations. Dirty Little Secrets is an important contribution to gender studies, workplace rights, business management, and sexual harassment policy development.
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