Discipline: Training the Mind to Manage Your Life

Discipline: Training the Mind to Manage Your Life

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by Harris Kern, Karen Willi

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Your mind is your greatest asset and guiding force in acquiring discipline. We show you how to acquire discipline for yourself on your own terms. The amount of discipline you possess determines the level of success in your life. As a result, you will learn how to make the best of every minute - everyday. Discipline embodies many positive attributes that help you

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Your mind is your greatest asset and guiding force in acquiring discipline. We show you how to acquire discipline for yourself on your own terms. The amount of discipline you possess determines the level of success in your life. As a result, you will learn how to make the best of every minute - everyday. Discipline embodies many positive attributes that help you eliminate those negative obstacles that you struggle with on a daily basis. Self-help books that target specific areas, i.e., weight loss, achieving success, confidence-building, etc., are totally ineffective if you lack discipline. That deficiency has kept you from applying those previous readings to your life.

Charts for your Current, Recommended and PRIME (Personally Regulated Improvement Model to Excel) routines are included. Suggestions are given on everything from daily exercise routines, eating healthy and sleep experimentation. How you manage these areas determines the quality of your life.

Discipline is the most critical tool that we all need to consistently strive to be better - and it can be learned. This knowledge is not only important for you, but also for your children, society and generations to come. Our goal is to make discipline a household word again - one mind at a time.

About the Authors

Karen Willi

Karen Willi spent six years climbing the computer industry ladder from 1984-1990. She then became a military spouse and her career shifted to government contract as well as a myriad of Civil Service jobs for the next seven years. A few of those positions included data analyst work for the Army, Naval Telecommunications messaging to ships and Air Force medical administration providing critical data for pre-deployed squadrons. In 1997 she settled into her full-time CEO position of the Willi Family Corporation (WFC) to be a stay at home Mom. WFC is a fast-paced, highly mobile operation, which serves its customers throughout their entire lifecycle. She is now an editor, co-author and website advisor for Harris Kern's Enterprise Computing Institute.

Harris Kern

A world-renowned author, publisher, lecturer, and IT consultant, Harris Kern is the industry's leading mind on simplifying IT - and making it work. His extensive IT background serves as the foundation for his best-selling books. As executive editor of Harris Kern's Enterprise Computing Institute, he united the industry's leading minds to publish "how-to" textbooks on critical IT issues. The series includes titles such as: Managing IT as an Investment, Building Professional Services, IT Services, IT Organization, IT Systems Management, Technology Strategies, High Availability, IT Automation and Software Development. Harris also authored the New Enterprise series featuring: Building the New Enterprise, and Discipline: Six Steps to Unleashing Your Hidden Potential, an autobiography revealing successful management of both personal and professional life.

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Self-help books usually provide you with the 'how-to' but don't provide you with a proven method for continuous self-motivation. Motivational speeches only pump you up for a few hours or maybe a couple days if they're extraordinarily good speakers. New Year's resolutions are nothing but hot air because they are empty promises based solely on a date on the calendar. Most people just don't do a very good job of managing their personal life. They would falter on their goals and objectives, change their priorities on the fly, commit to people and never follow through, etc. For us and we're hoping for you as well, life is all about accomplishments. They could be learning something new, working towards a promotion, buying your first home, balancing your life so you're committed to spending a set number of hours with your family each week, etc. Nothing is more rewarding than feeling like you've gone through a week or an entire month keeping all your commitments and accomplishing important milestones. Wouldn't it be great to feel that way for an entire year or even better, the rest of your life?

In the first book, Discipline: Six Steps to Unleashing Your Hidden Potential, the importance of discipline is discussed and the six simple steps it takes to acquire discipline are given. Throughout the book, the image of a person opening a door and through the door seeing a reflection of him or herself in a mirror is referenced. This is an image called upon again and again because it symbolizes the relationship Harris built with himself in the years it took to acquire discipline. It was all about fulfilling a contract with himself. The book is about you and the constant struggle you have with yourself to fulfill that same promise. If you step through that door and don't like what you see in the mirror, then the book can help you develop the discipline to enjoy stepping through that door rather than dreading it. It's a daily battle as you seek out that elusive element to balancing home and career, personal time and family, and the other forces that life hurls at you on a daily basis.

The goal was to write a very simple book with a very simple message. The book could be read by anyone at any age. In very little time the reader will quickly understand the steps necessary to acquire discipline. We all know how important discipline is and always will be. So why don't people do a better job of applying it to enhance and organize their lives to get as much accomplished as humanly possible each and everyday?

Harris thought his objectives were accomplished. The sole purpose for writing that book was to not only teach people about discipline but to help them acquire it as well. You might say that accomplishing one out of two goals isn't bad, but Harris felt that he hadn't completed that goal in its entirety. People were still asking me the same questions after the first book was published.

1. Why is it so difficult to put some structure in my life?
2. Why is it so hard to focus on my priorities?
3. Why can't I be consistent with my exercise?
4. There aren't enough hours in a day to do everything - I have so much I want to accomplish and I can't keep up with it all!
5. I can't motivate myself - I need a push.

Harris says, "At first I was perplexed because I thought I was preaching discipline 101. In my mind this stuff was easy to comprehend. It wasn't rocket science. So what's up with these people? Why couldn't they get their act together?

After hearing these above statements I realized that understanding the steps for acquiring discipline and learning how to acquire it is one thing and doing it is something else altogether. Attempting to practice it consistently is where people normally fail. Therefore, the guiding principle behind this book is helping people motivate and push themselves by training their mind. Our goal for this book is to teach people how to acquire discipline for themselves."

This book is about training the mind so you can use it as a tool to manage your life as if it were a business. This is the business end of what it takes to get your life headed in the direction that you want it to go. You will learn how to train your mind and what the power of a trained mind can do for you. As with the first book, this will also be very easy to read, absorb, and comprehend.

Discipline is the one thing that encompasses all the positive aspects of ourselves in order to remove all those undesirable things that challenge all of us everyday of our lives. This is why all those self-help books that target specific areas (losing weight, building confidence, career enhancement) are gathering dust and you are still searching for some divine intervention to come into your life. You're holding it in your hands right now. You know its true. Take a minute and think about it. For everything that you have struggled to overcome in your life the reason it remains an issue is a simple lack of discipline to pull it off. Don't be fooled. There is nothing simple about it, but it remains the one single attribute that stands between you and your goals. If you had discipline you never would have felt so overwhelmed by so many things - ever. Lack of it has kept you from applying all those previous readings to your life.

This book is for anyone who is tired of battling the same old bothersome issues in their life and knows they can beat them. It doesn't matter how many issues stand in your way, even one is too many once you welcome discipline into your life. We don't just tell you how to apply it, we show you. You will build your own Personally Regulated Improvement Model to Excel (PRIME) to incorporate discipline into your own life and on your own terms. You have complete control of it. Once you've successfully PRIMEd your life, you can use that control to enhance the quality of your life any way you please.

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Discipline: Training the Mind to Manage Your Life 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
kvoyager More than 1 year ago
Should be useful for many people to organize their lives.
coffeencash More than 1 year ago
After reading this book. Certain things kept getting thrown into my head. For example, time management. I've realized myself now when I am getting lazy and doing nothing, I will realize this quickly and nip it out. Its not ok to waste anymore time. This book gives me good insight also on how to organize my daily tasks in life to be more productive. By me having my days written out and planned, theres no time to bs, I just follow my instructions and things get completed much faster now then they did when I would try to follow through with my plans all cluttered in my head.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The follow-up to "Discipline: Six Steps To Unleashing Your Hidden Potential," "Discipline: Training Your Mind To Manage Your Life" focuses on the little things that help you instill the discipline necessary to achieve the greater goals in your life, and moreover, to make change possible. There are reviews of this book belittling it for focusing on things so seemingly trivial as the minutes that can be saved in the morning, on the way to work, or in the doctor's office. I'll admit - at first - I too thought it was a bit extreme, however, the point will be missed by those who don't actually want to TRAIN the mind to manage your life. This is because this book doesn't sugarcoat the path to discipline. Training requires a strict regimen i.e. a boot camp period. When it comes to discipline, you really do need to start breaking your day into sections and really take notice of the exact amount of time you spend on specific activities. Only by paying attention to the details will you start to train your mind to actually save time and be more efficient. With time discipline and your routine will become second nature, and you won't have to record every minute of the day.

Those who dismiss this book as trivial for focusing on the foundation of what it takes to actually achieve discipline will probably never achieve discipline in their lives. This is most likely why most of the negative reviewers point out at least one other discipline book they've read - because simply stated - they would rather read a plethora of books on the IDEA of change (something which most books make sound much simpler than it actually is) rather than taking the time and effort to focus on the incremental steps necessary to establishing a new routine. Basically if you are looking for something to get you momentarily pumped-up for MOMENTARY results, this is not the book for you. This book is the meat and potatoes of the meal - hence the many quotes throughout it - the idea behind obtaining discipline and control over your life being - just do it! This book makes it clear that that's the only way to become disciplined, stop thinking and start doing. Everything you need to know about the road to gaining control over your life is in "Training Your Mind To Manage Your Life."
Guest More than 1 year ago
Overall I think this is a good book. I was hoping for more of a step-by-step approach to acquiring discipline. However, what I ended up gaining was more valuable. I have been a goal oriented person for many many years, but have a low success rate because I lacked the discipline to carry them out. This book helped me realize that you have to train yourself to stay motivated. This is partly accomplished through positive self-talk and positive mind games. A book giving me a 'formula' for how to automatically be disciplined is what I hoped for, but instead I got a book that taught me that discipline is just plain hard work, which is what I needed.
Guest More than 1 year ago
There are many books out on the market that present theories on how successful people live and operate. Many of them are very good and give you an insight into the world of the successful ladder climber. I personally gained a lot from a few notable greats in the areas of time and people management. Though they are useful I have usually be left wanting for something more or some secret ingredient that makes life run a bit better. How does someone like Jack Welch or Daniel Fuss stay on top? I know they are successful, but did they get their 'game' from luck or something else. I didn't have a valid answer to that question until I read Harris Kern's book on discipline. Now it is plain to see that discipline was a base behavior for most if not all of these successful individuals. How is Harris Kern's book different from other in the 'self improvement' genre? The biggest difference is it isn't theoretical discussion about 'what is' or what to do. The book helps lay the foundation from which all other succuess are derived. It helps you determine what 'you' should do to be successful and get the most out of each minute of each day for the rest of your life. This is important because each persons needs are different from the next person. This means that roads to success are varied and specific to each individual. Simply put, Harris reminds us that we are our own masters and in full control of our lives. He inspires us to challenge ourselves to be better and to never accept anything less than success. In the short period of time since reading this book I have been gain some invaluable benefits in my life. I'm less stressed and getting more done and feeling healthier. If you are like me and carry a title of Chief Procrastinator, this book is for you. If you are at the top of your game, this book is still for you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Harris has figured it out. By setting a goal or goals and keeping focused on them allows for minor pitfalls in life but not letting them overwhelm you. I was over 50 years old and 100lbs overweight. I started working out at a gym 5 or 6 days a week as well as control my eating. I made a commitment to myself that this is what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I would weigh what I would weigh. In 'Discipline Training The Mind To Manage Your Life' Harris recognizes that commitment is the key to success. By not setting a weight goal or a diet time period, I took away the chance of reaching a temporary/false goal and after reaching it, going back to my old habits. I have lost the 100lbs and I still attend the gym daily. I make my work out a priority; I make the time to go, by waking up early, before anything can get in the way or cause me to lose site of my goal. My commitment was to myself and my goal is easily achieved and I have to achieve it every day. It allows that if I stumble for any reason that I can recover immediately. Harris has outlined every step in this book & I recommend his procedures. They work, even if you feel a little pain a couple hours after the workout.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Where Stephen Covey left off in his '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' book in terms of the what, why, how and want (desire), Harris Kern adds a critical component of 'discipline' to ensure successful results. Harris' book 'Discipline: Training the Mind to Manage Your Life' adds the discipline dimension with a roadmap for success that can be applied to all facets of our lives. If you are looking for some keys to achieve more balance, productivity, success and quality in your life, then Harris' book will provide a terrific insight on where to look and what to do.'
Guest More than 1 year ago
Having read Mr. Kern's previous book I was eager to see what other useful methods I could learn to improve my life. For example, I was amazed to learn how much time is wasted in one's life. One may or may not be able to adhere completely to the daily time schedule outlined in the book, but it gives you an idea of how one can improve on time management and become more productive. As they say: 'Time is Gold', and having the discipline to manage time properly can only lead to success.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book reads like a distillation of several years' worth of Redbook articles dealing with self-improvement. Sections like 'You Have the Power' and 'Learn from Others' offer nothing more than a blurb full of pop-culture cliches and overworked quotes. If you're in the throes of adolescent coping, check this one out. If not, look for something written for an adult audience.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Discipline, is one of the very few books that I have read and then go back and re read and use as a reference. PRIME is a great systematic approach to introspectively analyze your personal current state, develop execution level activities geared to accomplishing a more productive future state and guidelines of how to get to that future state. The personal anecdotes add a dose of reality and the highlighted quotes add an inspirational boost. A very thought provoking book that can lead to life changing actions.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book provides an interesting perspective on how undisciplined most of our lives are.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book is a good reminder of how seemingly simple the concept of discipline is. The book seems to have documented some of my personal best procrastination lines ... as well as some obvious reasons why I should do it now. The book outlines a process which will help get you organized and keep your priorities in line. I think that Harris sets the standard to give us an example of someone who religiously follows Discipline. Karen really adds a nice bit of perspective that makes the message so simple and well layed out that it's going to be a lot harder for me to put things off. From now on, I think I'm going to need to schedule in some time to refine my art of procrastination. I think I'll schedule this right before my workout. Thank you Harris & Karen! :)
Guest More than 1 year ago
What a great read!. Not being renound as one to get through books quickly - having started 'Discipline - Training The Mind to Manage Your Life' I couldn't put it down. Harris and Karen have a wealth of motivational suggestions within this gem of a book that are there for the taking - its just a matter of committing yourself to take action. As someone who thought they had a fairly high degree of discipline I now realise I have a long way to go. But taking it step by step as outlined in the book, the task is not nearly as daunting and already I am noticing changes in my attitudes and activity levels. Even if you only pick up two or three of the many pertinent points within this book - READ IT - it has the power to change your life if you only open your mind to the possibilities. Harris - Thank You.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is worth the purchase if only for the liberal use of spot on quotes from a myriad of famous people that really help drill home every point the book makes. But buy this book and in addition you will get a book that will teach you how to use a tool you were born with but may not have successfully used, up until now: self-discipline. This book will teach you how to set and achieve your goals. It teaches you how to avoid the pitfalls that commonly derail you from your objectives. The authors seem to know all the excuses you use to talk yourself out of getting difficult things done, and will walk you through each one. They provide sample routines that can easily be modified to fit your personal needs. It is an easy and enjoyable book to read -- getting through the book will not become one of your unattainable goals!
Guest More than 1 year ago
There are two groups of people that would love reading this book. The first, are those of us who seem to have been 'haunted' by drive toward achievement and discipline most of our lives. After being taunted and labeled obsessive/compulsive, over-achievers and many other negative connotations most of our lives, it is terrific to read that there are others like us. As suspected the alternative, as Kern and Willi explain is complacency, laziness and excuses. The other group is those people who experience a life altering event and want to know how to completely change their attitude and approach to what meaning their lives can have. For these people this will be a tough challenge, but certainly the recipe for wonderfully, previously unimaginable success and happiness is spelled out in this book. In my opinion everyone else should read this book, and will most likely have a ton of 'but's', and even more cynicism as they get exhausted turning page after page of the formula for a rewarding life. This really should be what the doctor orders!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book builds on the foundations of Kern's first book on the topic (Discipline: Six Steps to Unleashing Your Hidden Potential), and presents a much more organized and wholistic view of how Discipline can permeate and direct every aspect of life. From analyzing the way we spend our time; to getting rid of the destructive mental messages (the authors call this 'psyching yourself out') that we subconsciously give ourselves; to keeping ourselves fit; and further to keeping our minds sharp... this book covers it all. The ideas presented in the book are so practical and down-to-earth that anyone can literally implement these ideas the very same day s/he reads the book. However, these same ideas also illustrate just how tough it is to acquire Discipline, because altering one's lifestyle and thinking are much easier said than done. Despite the challenges, the authors make clear through their own lives and achievements that Discipline offers rich rewards to those that diligently seek it. Many readers will certainly find this book inspiring and life-changing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
There are countless of good books on the market that guide and educate people to improve their life style and one of them is the ¿Discipline: Training The Mind To Manage Your Life¿ written by Harris Kern and Karen Willi. This excellent resource in my opinion is one of the best books on the market and I will highly recommend to every family to own this book and place it in a very visible area of the house because this precise, concise, and discrete creation is equivalent to the dictionary where we often look up for uncertain vocabularies and impressions. Like we use the dictionary for unknown words, anybody can find concrete definitions to every confusion, puzzle, and failure in every situation of life and more than that they can follow the true solution based on the real life experience and you don¿t even need the highlighter everything is done for you just find the topic and follow the procedures! The authors¿ suggestions are very honest and easy to follow¿what a gift! ¿.. right in your house without taking time to see expensive behavior specialists or astrologists...make your goal and predict your future. I like how Kern and Willi judge the reality, they say that the only treasure every person in the world gets equally is TIME and it is up to every individual how he/she allocates it, in other words take it or leave it it's up to you. Some people take advantage of their knowledge and trough their hard work build their successful life and others choose to sit and wait for the miracles ¿..don¿t wait for a fortune you and only you can make changes in your life read the book and take advantage of Kern 's and WIlli's guidelines who take you through the journey of their own success and prosperity , follow them and measure the differences. Thank you so much for writing this special book. Angela Mirzoyan
Guest More than 1 year ago
The authors give you a new prespective to the boundaries of discipline however provide real life stories and practical advice on how to attain it. Reading this book makes you wonder how much one can accomplish and motivates you to start setting new goals beyond what you once thought was possible.
Guest More than 1 year ago
What an awesome and inspiring book! Discipline is written by two people who live totally different lifestyles, proving that discipline is important no matter what your walk in life. Harris and Karen take a simple approach and provide you with real life examples on how discipline and structure can improve your quality of life. I highly reccommend this book to anyone who needs discipline in their life, as well as those who consider themselves disciplined already. It provides you with the motivation to push yourself that much further. So, stop wasting time and just do it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Harris' and Karen's new book is the perfect antidote to flaging energy. It jump-starts the reader (or re-rails him) on the fast-moving train of disciple with practical, real-life advice, good humor, a glad heart and great quotes. This is a truly motivational book for all aspects of living.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The recurring and most revealing theme as I have understood it, is the emphasis on the passage of time and our ability or inablility 'Discipline' to maximize how we use it. It's alarming to be reminded of all the valuable time that's wasted daily. This book confronts and challenges you to stop the bleeding and illustrates discipline as the cure!! The book is an easy read and provides a wealth of support to help cultivate new habbits conducive to our goals. Thank you Mr. Kern.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Quite a book! Prepare for a serious look inside your day-to-day behavior - business and personal. The authors have taken a dry subject and made it eminently readable. For example, learn about Playing the Mind Game when "I don't feel very inspired today." They help us to look honestly at the excuses we all use, and learn how to take relatively small steps that achieve breakthrough results. It's a complement to a book when you realize how straightforward actions can be used on rather routine challenges....you wonder "why didn't I think of that!" This book is chock full of these kind of personal Eurekas. Personally, I found the most valuable insights to be in the areas that I would consider my greatest weaknesses. Somehow, Discipline Training helps you see the glass as half full. As you might suspect, the theme is discipline....self-discipline in knowing what outcomes you want and doggedly plotting a course to achieve them. My favorite sections are on gaining a sense of urgency, and reflecting on just how much time each of us wastes each day. Redirection and perseverance are compelling strategies, but how do you discipline yourself to take advantage of your unique competencies to exploit these resources? Check out the Personally Regulated Improvement Model and the chapter on Training Your Mind. This is an easy read. I highly recommend it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As with Harris' first book, this one is full of sage advice, a great deal of quotes and wisdom, delivered with a "no-BS" approach. What people need to do is quit wasting time making excuses as to why they cannot do things (boundaries set by others and perceptions of others), and make their own goals and milestones. A theme of Harris' book is, you only measure success against yourself. The idea of charting wasted time is a great eye-opener! Try it, you will be shocked (and perhaps, temporarily depressed, but YOU can change that!). Harris puts a good focus on the down-to-earth things too, like kids, charities, growing old, retirement. The book itself doesn't inspire you, but it is written in a way that makes you look inside yourself, where inspiration truly resides. My favorite quote from the book is Will Rogers, "Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." That is what Harris writes about, you know the problems, admit them, create a plan to address your weaknesses, set milestones, and get after it! This book (like his last one) really caused me to think how the topics applied to me; I didn't feel like I was just reading about him and his ideas, and that to me makes it one I can recommend.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The PRIME method looks to me like an excellent way for anybody to overcome the obstacles that have kept them from getting what they wanted out of life. I'm a chart and list junkie, so the ones included in the book are right up my alley. I can't overemphasize how much I agree with the views presented here concerning our society and the need to wake up and start taking responsibility for ourselves and our children. Buy this book, read it, and if it changes the way you act in the smallest degree, we will all be better off.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a poorly written, self-published book. It focuses on how great the authors think they are and how great their self-discipline is. Not a hint about how others might help themselves achieve discipline. There are some good quotes in there - of course from other people, but the authors cheapen them by spending time saying how great the quote is. There was clearly not any sort of editor for this book as there are many grammatical errors throughout.