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Disciplines of a Godly Woman

Disciplines of a Godly Woman

3.6 5
by Barbara Hughes

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Barbara Hughes carefully guides her readers through the Scriptures, asks them questions for self-evaluation, and provides helpful suggestions for direct application of these fundamental spiritual disciplines.


Barbara Hughes carefully guides her readers through the Scriptures, asks them questions for self-evaluation, and provides helpful suggestions for direct application of these fundamental spiritual disciplines.

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What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“Barbara Hughes shares both God’s Word and the joy of living it. In her own warm voice, she invites women to believe and to adorn the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s an invitation not to a list of abstract disciplines, but to the grace of God that trains us in all the layers of real life.”
Kathleen B. Nielson, Director of Women’s Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition

“This book is a treasure chest of Biblical wisdom. As Barbara urges us to fight the flab in our Christian lives, she generously shares the ways in which God has chiseled away at her life to make her the disciplined woman of faith that she is today. Her writing is thought provoking, stimulating, moving, encouraging, and deeply challenging. Every Christian woman who longs to be more like Jesus should read this book.”
Lindsay Benn, wife to the former bishop of Lewes, The Church of England

Disciplines of a Godly Woman is not a legalistic ten-step plan or checklist. Rather it is Titus 2:3–5 in action, as Barbara Hughes becomes our sister, mother and grandmother in the Lord, challenging us to trust and honor God in the whole of life. After a lifetime in pastoral ministry and family life, Barbara knows the challenges we face as sinners living in a world crowded with ideas and pressures. She also knows that God’s Word provides the wisdom we need and the cross of Christ provides the grace we need. At a time when many younger women are seeking mentors, and many older women feel ill-equipped for the task, this book is a wise and loving answer to both.”
Claire Smith, Bible teacher; author, God’s Good Design: What the Bible Really Says about Men and Women

“As Christian women we long to have our lives give glory to God. This wise book walks us through the practical disciplines of being a woman who lives under God’s authority. I highly recommend it.”
Margaret Grudem, Scottsdale, Arizona

“The word ‘discipline’ often carries with it notions of rigidity and structure. Thankfully, Barbara Hughes is not here to give a heavy-handed list of rules and regulations for the woman who simply cannot find time to do any more than she already does. In this helpful, classic book Barbara walks us through the right kind of discipline, one that serves eternal purposes. She shows us that the way towards godliness is not through our own efforts, but the efforts of Another—our Christ.”
Courtney Reissig, wife; mom; author, The Accidental Feminist and Glory in the Ordinary

“This book captures Barbara Hughes’ deep Biblical insight and practical wisdom. Whether read on your own or in a group, Disciplines of a Godly Woman is helpful for women of any age or circumstance. It is a reminder that life change doesn’t happen by accident or overnight, and that godly living is not a mystery.”
Ainsley Poulos, Chair, EQUIP ministry wives

“Through Disciplines of a Godly Woman, Barbara Hughes has been a cherished mentor to me. She has taught me what it means to be a gospel-centered woman, and the Holy Spirit used the book to ignite in me a greater desire to know God through his Word. Not a ‘white-knuckle’ do-better book on spiritual disciplines, it addresses the heart and gives deeply thoughtful advice on how a woman can center her life on Christ. This book is my first choice to read with other women, and we recommend it regularly at our church. Read this book; let it change your life; and, then, share it with others.”
Keri Folmar, pastor’s wife, the United Christian Church of Dubai; mother of three; author, Joy! A Bible Study on Philippians for Women

“As I look back on my own life as a woman and mother, I am aware of how much I would have benefited from this book. This book is helpful in liberating women from cultural misconceptions about the role of discipline and submission in the Christian life. Barbara Hughes is superbly qualified to write from the heart on the subjects that she takes up by her lifetime of ministry to women, leadership in women’s Bible studies, and service as a pastor's wife.”
Mary Ryken, retired counselor; homemaker

“Barbara’s warm, clear, and engaging style combined with challenges, ideas for further reading, and a firm grasp of the gospel’s power to transform our lives makes this of great help for Christian women everywhere.”
Shiona Rees, pastor’s wife, Edinburgh, Scotland

Meet the Author

Barbara Hughes has supported her husband Kent’s pastoral ministry for over forty years while also raising four children. She is a popular teacher of women’s groups and the author of several books. Barbara and Kent live in Wyncote, Pennsylvania, and have an ever-increasing number of grandchildren.

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Disciplines of a Godly Woman 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
michelemorin More than 1 year ago
Strength Training for Countercultural Women People and books reserve the right to surprise us, and it’s a real delight when both happen at the same time. I opened the pages of Barbara Hughes’s book expecting the equivalent of a heart-to-heart over a mug of steaming tea, an open Bible and a warm sharing of practices that have held us close to God throughout full and following lives. This I found, indeed, but behind the words of Disciplines of a Godly Woman beats the fiery heart of an apologist, a defender of truth! “Train yourself for godliness” — the truth of I Timothy 4:7 — is an invitation to enter into “a godliness workout.” Coupled with the Hebrews 12:1 injunction to throw off impediments, this training process involves practicing and investing energy into the development of habits and attitudes that lead to godliness. Barbara is careful to differentiate between legalism and discipline with wise words about relationship. Any acts of godliness that I perform, rightly motivated, will arise from a desire to do what pleases God, or, what John Wesley referred to as “a zealous obedience.” Referring to her readers as “gospel women” clinches this biblical orientation to grace. Barbara lifts up the spiritual disciplines that she examines and allows them to catch the light like multiple facets of a single jewel. The focus of discipline impacts all the roles that we assume in fulfilling the assignments that God gives, each diverse, each unique and performed with love. Anyone who has logged in a few years in a pew has heard or read pages of important words about the disciplines of prayer, Bible study, and worship. For those who have not, Disciplines of a Godly Woman is an extremely helpful primer, but the text moves on to the pondering of deep things of God in these important areas of “basic training.” No matter how long one has believingly followed Christ, there is always a need for growth, perseverance, and the bending of the will to God’s will. Viewed as disciplines in my training toward godliness, issues such as contentment, propriety, nurturing, good deeds, witnessing, and giving become more than simply items on a never-ending checklist. They are exercises that build my understanding and my embrace of my role as a countercultural woman who understands that the words of Jesus identifying the Holy Spirit as “helper” have “forever elevated the position of the one who assists.” Barbara brooks no excuses and holds high the standard of obedience. In her discussion of the call to marriage versus singleness, she says, “Maybe this sounds unpleasant to you. Obedience often feels that way initially.” My ear detects the crisp tones of Elisabeth Elliot’s no-nonsense teaching ministry. However, love is held up as the motivation for all good deeds, and may, in the end, have to be “put on” (in Colossians 3 parlance) as an act of the will — deliberately and one sleeve at a time. With gentle assistance toward personal worship and reading of the Word in multiple appendices, Barbara puts an arm around her readers while affirming the truth that a relationship with God requires effort. Even so, there is “no contradiction between grace and hard work.” Grace says: I will act in obedience because of my love for God . . . not to earn His love for me. I will follow the teaching of God’s Word because I am in relationship with its Author . . . not because I fear losing that relationship. I will persevere in the disciplines of the Christi
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago