Disco Giants, Vol. 1-10

Disco Giants, Vol. 1-10


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Disc 1

  1. You Are Beautiful  -  Chic
  2. Let’s Talk  -  One Way
  3. I Feel For You  - Chaka Khan
  4. Fall Down (Spirit of Love)  -  Tramaine
  5. Candy Man  -  Mary Jane Girls
  6. Burnin’ Love  -  Con Funk Shun
  7. I Need You  -  Network
  8. The Rhythm of the Jungle  -  Quick
  9. Got to Be Real  -  Selection
  10. Garden of Eve  - Yvonne Gage

Disc 2

  1. Dreamer  -  B.B. & Q. Band
  2. You & Me Tonight  -  Aurra
  3. Nights of Pleasure  -  Loose Ends
  4. My Magic Man  -  Rochelle
  5. You Can’t Run from My Love  - Stephanie Mills
  6. Just Another Lover  - Johnny Kemp
  7. You Are in My System  -  System
  8. I’m Out to Catch  - Leon Haywood
  9. Love Take Over  -  Five Star
  10. To Be with You  -  Maxx Traxx

Disc 3

  1. I Found Lovin’  -  Fatback
  2. In the Evening  - Sheryl Lee Ralph
  3. All of Me for All of You  -  9.9
  4. Plane Love  - Jeffrey Osborne
  5. Mine All Mine  -  Ca$hflow
  6. Fresh  -  Kool & the Gang
  7. The Lover In Me  -  September
  8. I Like (What You Doing to Me)  -  Young & Company
  9. Got to Find My Way Back to You  -  Tavares
  10. Candlelight Afternoon  - Phyllis Saint James

Disc 4

  1. Baby Love  -  Regina
  2. Put Our Heads Together  -  O'Jays
  3. Love Ride  -  Nuance
  4. Getting Closer  -  Haywoode
  5. They Only Come Out at Night  - Peter Brown
  6. I Like You  - Phyllis Nelson
  7. You Better Quit  -  One Way
  8. Don't Say Goodnight  -  First Love
  9. What People Do For Money  -  Divine Sounds
  10. She (I Can't Resist)  - Jesse Johnson

Disc 5

  1. Sidewalk Talk  -  Jellybean
  2. I'll Do My Best (For You Baby)  -  Ritchie Family
  3. It Should Have Been You  - Gwen Guthrie
  4. Crazy  -  Manhattans
  5. Inside Out  -  Odyssey
  6. I Wonder If I Take You Home  - Lisa Lisa
  7. Once Bitten Twice Shy  -  Vesta
  8. Thinking About Your Love  -  Skipworth & Turner
  9. Single Life  -  Cameo
  10. You Can't Hide Your Love From Me  - David Joseph

Disc 6

  1. Bounce, Rock, Skate (Roll, Bounce)  -  Vaughan Mason & Crew
  2. Feelin' Lucky Lately  -  High Fashion
  3. Givin' It (To You)  -  Skyy
  4. Don't Stop the Music  -  Yarbrough & Peoples
  5. Jump Into My Life  - Stacy Lattisaw
  6. Round and Round  - Jaki Graham
  7. Nights (Feel Like Getting Down)  - Billy Ocean
  8. Mr. Groove  -  One Way
  9. Lovelite  -  O'Brian
  10. Slowdown  -  Loose Ends

Disc 7

  1. Sexomatic  -  Bar-Kays
  2. Save Your Love For No. 1  -  René & Angela
  3. Burnin' Up  - Michael Jonzun
  4. Why Should I Cry?  - Nona Hendryx
  5. I’ve Got to Find a Way  - Zena Dejonay
  6. Is This the Future?  -  Fatback
  7. I'll Keep On Loving You  -  Princess
  8. The Sound of Music  -  Dayton
  9. Gangsters of the Groove  -  Heatwave
  10. Operator  -  Midnight Star

Disc 8

  1. All Night Long  -  Mary Jane Girls
  2. Reach Up  - Toney Lee
  3. Hit and Run  -  Total Contrast
  4. It's Really Love  - Melba Moore
  5. Hey D.J.  -  World Famous Supreme Team
  6. Got to Be Real  - Cheryl Lynn
  7. Private Party  - Bobby Nunn
  8. Object of My Desire  -  Starpoint
  9. Oh Sheila  -  Ready for the World
  10. Attack Me with Your Love  -  Cameo

Disc 9

  1. Let It All Blow  -  Dazz Band
  2. I Am Somebody  - Glenn Jones
  3. Just for the Night  - Evelyn "Champagne" King
  4. Stone Love  -  Kashif
  5. Today is Your Lucky Day  -  Nikko
  6. Act Like You Know  -  Fat Larry's Band
  7. Call Me Mr. Telephone  -  Answering Service
  8. Pickin' Up Pieces  - Brenda K. Starr
  9. What Do I Do  - Phil Fearon
  10. It’s Good to Be the King  - Mel Brooks

Disc 10

  1. Outstanding  -  Gap Band
  2. Encore  - Cheryl Lynn
  3. This Beat is Mine  - Vicky D
  4. Jam On It  -  Newcleus
  5. You Can't Have My Love  -  Jones Girls
  6. So Fine  - Howard Johnson
  7. I Love You More  -  René & Angela
  8. No Way  - Bobbi Humphrey
  9. In Your Car  -  Cool Notes
  10. Right On Track  -  Breakfast Club

Disc 11

  1. Square Biz  - Teena Marie
  2. I Can't Help It  -  Junior
  3. She's Strange  -  Cameo
  4. The Lover In Me  - Sheena Easton
  5. Trapped  - Colonel Abrams
  6. The Medicine Song  - Stephanie Mills
  7. Burn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)  -  Gap Band
  8. You Wear It Well  -  DeBarge
  9. Precious Little Diamond  -  Fox The Fox
  10. We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off  - Jermaine Stewart

Disc 12

  1. Another Man  - Barbara Mason
  2. Spend the Night  -  Cool Notes
  3. Lifetime Love  - Joyce Sims
  4. 19  - Paul Hardcastle
  5. The Real Thing  -  Jellybean
  6. Livin' For Your Love  - Melba Moore
  7. A Night in New York  -  Elbow Bones & The Racketeers
  8. The Groove Line  -  Heatwave
  9. Walkin' the Line  -  Brass Construction
  10. Could This Be Love  -  Ceejay

Disc 13

  1. AM-FM  - Natasha King
  2. You Are Everything  - James "D-Train" Williams
  3. The Rain  - Oran "Juice" Jones
  4. Ménage a Trois  -  K-Ram
  5. Night Lights  - Toney Lee
  6. S.O.S.  - Oliver Cheatham
  7. The Rock  -  Tramaine
  8. Just For Money  - Paul Hardcastle
  9. Candy Love  -  Lili & Susie
  10. I Can Prove It  - Phil Fearon

Disc 14

  1. Dangerous  - Pennye Ford
  2. I Wouldn't Lie  -  Yarbrough & Peoples
  3. Class/Style (I've Got It)  - Linda Lewis
  4. Street Music  -  Bang Gang
  5. Love Me Right Now  -  Rose Royce
  6. Walking Into Sunshine  -  Central Line
  7. I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You)  - Alton Edwards
  8. Friends  - Amii Stewart
  9. Do You Really Love Your Baby
  10. Chief Inspector (Vine Street)  - Wally Badarou

Disc 15

  1. Dancing Tight  -  Galaxy
  2. Doin' It In a Haunted House  - Yvonne Gage
  3. Love Game  -  Pure Energy
  4. Tell Me (How It Feels)  -  52nd Street
  5. I Want You (All Tonight)  - Curtis Hairston
  6. How to Win Your Love  - Spencer Jones
  7. Never Gonna Let You Go  - Chandra Simmons
  8. You're Too Late  -  Fantasy
  9. Lovin' You  -  Status IV
  10. Hot Potato  - Toya Jackson

Disc 16

  1. Lettin' It Loose  -  Heatwave
  2. Head to Toe  - Lisa Lisa
  3. Jump to It  - Aretha Franklin
  4. Just Got Paid  - Johnny Kemp
  5. Give It To Me Baby  - Rick James
  6. Superfine (From Behind)  -  Skool Boyz
  7. Dressing Up  -  Street Angels
  8. Happy  -  Surface
  9. The Heaven I Need  -  Three Degrees
  10. Baby Talk  -  Alisha

Disc 17

  1. If You Can Do It, I Can Too!!  - Meli'sa Morgan
  2. Don't Let Go of Me (Grip My Hips and Move Me)  - Brenta Sutton
  3. Ain't Nothing Goin' On But the Rent  - Gwen Guthrie
  4. Keepin' Love New  - Howard Johnson
  5. Magic Touch  -  Loose Ends
  6. Mind Up Tonight  - Melba Moore
  7. Intimacy  - St. Paul
  8. I Can't Shake This Feeling  -  Klique
  9. (You’re Puttin’) A Rush on Me  - Stephanie Mills
  10. Rock Steady  -  Whispers

Disc 18

  1. Passion From a Woman  -  Krystol
  2. Middle of the Night  -  Body
  3. What You Gonna Do About It  -  Total Contrast
  4. In the Dark  - Roy Ayers
  5. Dancin’ to Be Dancin’  -  Skyy
  6. Falling in Love  -  Sybil
  7. Outta the World  -  Ashford & Simpson
  8. Back to Love  - Evelyn "Champagne" King
  9. Out For the Count  - Ian Foster
  10. Strip This Heart  - John Adams

Disc 19

  1. Seduction  - Val Young
  2. In Your Eyes  - James "D-Train" Williams
  3. Let Me Be the One  -  Five Star
  4. Magic's Wand  -  Whodini
  5. I Really Didn't Mean It  - Luther Vandross
  6. The Truth  - Colonel Abrams
  7. (Baby Tell Me) Can You Dance  - Shanice Wilson
  8. Turn It Up  -  Conway Brothers
  9. Don't You Want Me  - Jody Watley
  10. Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart  -  Kashif

Disc 20

  1. Love Overboard  -  Gladys Knight & the Pips
  2. Back and Forth  -  Cameo
  3. I Didn't Mean to Turn You On  -  Cherrelle
  4. Guilty  -  Yarbrough & Peoples
  5. Freak-a-Ristic  -  Atlantic Starr
  6. Who Found Who  - Elisa Fiorillo
  7. The Smurf  - Tyrone Brunson
  8. Electric Lady  -  Con Funk Shun
  9. Dial My Number  - Pauli Carman
  10. Baby I'm Hooked  - Kathy Mathis

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Wally Badarou   Composer
Babyface   Composer
Arthur Baker   Composer
Chico DeBarge   Composer
Dimples   Composer
Thomas Dolby   Composer
Paul Hardcastle   Composer
Rick James   Composer
Jellybean   Composer
Jesse Johnson   Composer
Kashif   Composer
Johnny Kemp   Composer
Kool & the Gang   Composer
La   Composer
Cheryl Lynn   Composer
Mic Murphy   Composer
Bobby Nunn   Composer
Billy Ocean   Composer
Prince   Composer
Luther Vandross   Composer
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Vesta   Composer
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Full Force   Composer
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Bryan Loren   Composer
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Ian Foster   Composer
Michael Jonzun   Composer
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Richard Dowling   Composer
Rick Adams   Composer
Pomerol   Composer

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