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Discovering Art: A User's Guide to the World of Collecting

Discovering Art: A User's Guide to the World of Collecting

by Jeanne Frank

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Library Journal
A private dealer who got her start as a clerk at a department store gallery in the 1960s, Frank sets out to bring knowledge and confidence to novices who might be interested in modern art but feel shut out by the "mystique" of the art world. Her convivial tone and offhanded dismissals of gallerists and critics may go far in developing readers' self-assurance, but, unfortunately, her casual way with the facts of her business call the work as a whole into question. Artists' names are misspelled, art historical terms are confused, and her own pronouncements on the art world sometimes sound as autocratic as those she criticizes. (Bibliography not seen.) By contrast, Vartian, a lawyer for galleries and collectors, has written a useful if sober guide to the legalities of collecting art and popular items such as stamps and coins. His text will not inspire any reader actually to enter the world of collecting; indeed his anecdotes of theft, fraud, and miscommunication may scare some away. But anyone who has bought even one work and suddenly realizes the need to learn the basics will welcome his clear explanations. Offering just the right amount of detail, he discusses the various tax advantages of being an investor rather than a collector and what to consider when choosing between reserves and guaranties if consigning at auction. Frank's book cannot be recommended in its current form; Vartarian's work will serve flea-market mavens and art connoisseurs alike in almost all public library collections.Eric Bryant, "Library Journal"

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