Discovering Language / Edition 1

Discovering Language / Edition 1

by William Vesterman

ISBN-10: 0205128297

ISBN-13: 9780205128297

Pub. Date: 11/28/1991

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.

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Table of Contents

Rhetorical Contents
Ch. 1Proper Words in Proper Places: What Is Good English?1
How Dictionaries Are Made3
Out-of-Town Words7
Crush vs. Whip11
Sociological Habit Patterns in Linguistic Transmogrification15
Why Good English Is Good for You22
The Definition and Determination of "Correct" English35
Meditation: An Argument for My Grade46
Ch. 2The Word That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Euphemism, Jargon, and Taboo49
New Age Babble66
Bowdlerizing the Bard: How to Protect Your Kids from Shakespeare75
What "Dirty Words" Really Mean82
On the Use of "Dirty" Words88
Aunt Ethel92
Ch. 3Language and Gender: Is English Sexually Biased?97
One Small Step for Genkind99
The Name Is Mine112
Too Many Women Are Misconstruing Feminism's Nature116
The Hand That Rocks the Helm121
Real Men Don't: Anti-Male Bias in English126
Why No Honorifics? Newspapers Are Making a Big Ms. Stake140
Non-Gendered Language - Can It Work?145
Ch. 4Race Is a Four-Letter Word - But What Does It Mean?149
That Word "Black"151
Pink and Brown People155
A Name That Reaches Back159
If Black English Isn't a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?163
Memories of a Bilingual Childhood168
Defining the "American Indian": A Case Study in the Language of Suppression175
White Like Me184
The Last American Racist192
Ch. 5The Political and Social Power of Words197
Politics and the English Language199
On Tolerance213
The Language of Debased Values218
Freshman Class?221
Extra! Much of Europe Feels Blah225
The Supreme Court Rules Correctly229
Ch. 6Language and the Media: Public Speech and Private Meaning233
The Boss Don't Like Swindle, Make It Robbery242
Foul Play254
Printed Noise263
Whatever Happened to Plain Old Weather?267
On Reading Trash271
The Language of Batman275
Ch. 7Language and Advertising281
The Rhetoric of Democracy283
You Haven't Come a Long Way, Baby294
Teaching from the Classifieds308
Aristotle and the Advertisers312
The Question of Condom Ads326
Beatles Buy-Out330
Fun Video336
Ch. 8Language and Literature: The Best That Has Been Thought and Said339
Education by Poetry341
Good Readers and Good Writers352
Reading in Slow Motion359
Exercises in Style378
The Cliche Expert Testifies as a Literary Critic385
The Harvard Man Who Put the Ease in Casey's Manner391
The Language of Lolita400
Ch. 9Inspirations for the Life of Writing405
On Keeping a Diary407
On Keeping a Notebook411
The Making of a Writer419
The Writing Life430
Revision and Life440
Writing as a Mode of Learning445
Imitation: An Approach to Composition456

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