Discovering the Universe (with Cd-ROM) / Edition 4

Discovering the Universe (with Cd-ROM) / Edition 4

by William J. Kaufmann, Neil F. Comins, Neil F. Comins

ISBN-10: 0716726467

ISBN-13: 9780716726463

Pub. Date: 04/28/1996

Publisher: Freeman, W. H. & Company

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Freeman, W. H. & Company
Publication date:
Edition description:
Older Edition
Product dimensions:
8.52(w) x 10.88(h) x 0.74(d)

Table of Contents

IModern Astronomy1
1Discovering the Night Sky10
2Gravitation and the Waltz of the Planets36
3Light and Telescopes54
4The Origin and Nature of Light80
What If ... We Had Infrared-Sensitive Eyes?97
IIThe Solar System99
5The Earth and Its Moon110
6The Other Inner Planets133
7The Outer Planets156
8Vagabonds of the Solar System185
9Our Star, The Sun205
What If ... The Moon Didn't Exist?223
IIIThe Stars225
10The Nature of Stars232
11The Lives of Stars248
12The Deaths of Stars270
13Black Holes292
What If ... The Earth Orbited a 1.5-M[actual symbol not reproducible] Sun?303
IVThe Universe305
14The Milky Way Galaxy311
16Quasars and Active Galaxies346
18The Search for Extraterrestrial Life381
What If ... The Earth Were Closer to the Center of the Galaxy?389

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