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Diseases of Poultry / Edition 12

Diseases of Poultry / Edition 12

by Wiley, A. M. Fadly, J. R. Glisson

ISBN-10: 0813807182

ISBN-13: 9780813807188

Pub. Date: 07/08/2008

Publisher: Wiley

Now in its Twelfth Edition, Diseases of Poultry continues its tradition of excellence as the definitive reference of poultry disease. Following the same user-friendly format, the book has been thoroughly updated to reflect the most current knowledge of avian pathology, including new coverage of genetic resistance to disease.

Coverage is given to both


Now in its Twelfth Edition, Diseases of Poultry continues its tradition of excellence as the definitive reference of poultry disease. Following the same user-friendly format, the book has been thoroughly updated to reflect the most current knowledge of avian pathology, including new coverage of genetic resistance to disease.

Coverage is given to both common and uncommon diseases, and chapters are organized by disease type, including viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic diseases as well as others, such as nutritional, developmental, metabolic, noninfectious diseases and toxins. Each disease section provides detailed coverage of history, etiology, pathobiology, diagnosis, and intervention strategies, as well as the economic and public health significance of each disease.

With a host of international authors, Diseases of Poultry is a must-have resource for all veterinary pathologists, practitioners, agricultural managers and industry leaders involved in poultry health and production.

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Table of Contents

Contributing Authors xi

Introduction xix

Foreword xxi

1 Principles of Disease Prevention: Diagnosis and Control 3

Introduction, A. J. Bermudez

Disease Prevention and Diagnosis, A. J. Bermudez and B. Stewart-Brown

Antimicrobial Therapy, D. P. Wages

2 Host Factors for Disease Resistance 47

Introduction, J. M. Sharma

Avian Immune System, J. M. Sharma

Genetics of Disease Resistance, H. H. Cheng and S. J. Lamont


3 Newcastle Disease, Other Avian Paramyxoviruses, and Pneumovirus Infections 75

Introduction, D. J. Alexander and D. A. Senne

Newcastle Disease, D. J. Alexander and D. A. Senne

Avian Metapneumovirus, R. E. Gough and R. C. Jones

Avian Paramyxoviruses 2–9, D. J. Alexander and D. A. Senne

4 Infectious Bronchitis 117
D. Cavanagh and J. Gelb Jr.

5 Laryngotracheitis 137
J. S. Guy and M. Garcia

6 Influenza 153
D. E. Swayne and D. A. Halvorson

7 Infectious Bursal Disease 185
N. Eterradossi and Y. M. Saif

8 Chicken Infectious Anemia Virus and Other Circovirus Infections 209

Introduction, K. A. Schat and L. W. Woods

Chicken Infectious Anemia, K. A. Schat and V. L. van Santen

Circovirus Infection of Pigeons and Other Avian Species, L. W. Woods and K. S. Latimer

9 Adenovirus Infections 251

Introduction, S. D. Fitzgerald

Group I Adenovirus Infections, B. M. Adair and S. D. Fitzgerald

Egg Drop Syndrome, B. M. Adair and J. A. Smyth

Hemorrhagic Enteritis and Related Infections, F. W. Pierson and S. D. Fitzgerald

Quail Bronchitis, W. M. Reed and S. W. Jack

10 Pox 291
D. N. Tripathy and W. M. Reed

11 Reovirus Infections 309

Introduction, R. C. Jones

Viral Arthritis, R. C. Jones

Other Reovirus Infections, R. C. Jones

12 Viral Enteric Infections 329

Introduction, Y. M. Saif

Turkey Coronavirus Enteritis, J. S. Guy

Rotavirus Infections, M. S. McNulty and D. L. Reynolds

Astrovirus Infections, D. L. Reynolds and S. L. Schultz-Cherry

Avian Enterovirus-Like Viruses, J. S. Guy, M. S. McNulty and C. S. Hayhow

Turkey Torovirus Infection, D. L. Reynolds and A. Ali

13 Viral Infections of Waterfowl 367

Introduction, P. R. Woolcock

Duck Hepatitis, P. R. Woolcock

Duck Virus Enteritis (Duck Plague), T. S. Sandhu and S. A. Metwally

Hemorrhagic Nephritis Enteritis of Geese (HNEG), J. L. Guérin

Parvovirus Infections, R. E. Gough

14 Other Viral Infections 405

Introduction, Y. M. Saif

Miscellaneous Herpesvirus Infections, J. P. Duchatel and H. Vindevogel

Avian Nephritis, T. Imada

Arbovirus Infections, J. S. Guy and M. Malkinson

Turkey Viral Hepatitis, J. S. Guy

Avian Encephalomyelitis, B. W. Calnek

Avian Hepatitis E Virus Infections, X. J. Meng, H. L. Shivaprasad, and C. Payne

15 Neoplastic Diseases 449

Introduction, A. M. Fadly

Marek’s Disease, K. A. Schat and V. Nair

Leukosis/Sarcoma Group, A. M. Fadly and V. Nair

Reticuloendotheliosis, A. M. Fadly, G. Zavala and R. L. Witter

Dermal Squamous Cell Carcinoma, S. Hafner and M. A. Goodwin

Multicentric Histiocytosis, S. Hafner and M. A. Goodwin

Other Tumors of Unknown Etiology, R. L. Reece


16 Salmonella Infections 619

Introduction, R. K. Gast

Pullorum Disease and Fowl Typhoid, H. L. Shivaprasad and P. A. Barrow

Paratyphoid Infections, R. K. Gast

Arizonosis, H. L. Shivaprasad

17 Campylobacteriosis 675
Q. Zhang

18 Colibacillosis 691
H. J. Barnes, L. K. Nolan, and J-P Vaillancourt

Coliform Cellulitis (Inflammatory Process), J-P Vaillancourt and H. J. Barnes

19 Pasteurellosis and Other Respiratory Bacterial Infections 739

Introduction, J. R. Glisson

Fowl Cholera, J. R. Glisson, C. L. Hofacre, and J. P. Christensen

Riemerella anatipestifer Infection, T. S. Sandhu

Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale Infection, R. P. Chin, P. C. M. van Empel, and H. M. Hafez

Bordetellosis (Turkey Coryza), M. W. Jackwood and Y. M. Saif

20 Infectious Coryza and Related Bacterial Infections 789
P. J. Blackall and E. V. Soriano

21 Mycoplasmosis 805

Introduction, S. H. Kleven

Mycoplasma gallisepticum Infection, D. H. Ley

Mycoplasma meleagridis Infection, R. P. Chin, G. Y. Ghazikhanian, and I. Kempf

Mycoplasma synoviae Infection, S. H. Kleven and N. Ferguson-Noel

Mycoplasma iowae Infection, J. M. Bradbury and S. H. Kleven

Other Mycoplasmal Infections, S. H. Kleven and N. Ferguson-Noel

22 Clostridial Diseases 865

Introduction, H. J. Barnes

Ulcerative Enteritis (Quail Disease), D. P. Wages

Necrotic Enteritis, K. Opengart

Botulism, J. E. Dohms

Gangrenous Dermatitis, K. Opengart

23 Other Bacterial Diseases 891

Introduction, H. J. Barnes

Staphylococcosis, C. B. Andreasen

Streptococcus and Enterococcus, S. G. Thayer, W. D. Waltman, and D. P. Wages

Erysipelas, J. M. Bricker and Y. M. Saif

Avian Intestinal Spirochetosis, D. J. Hampson and D. E. Swayne

Tuberculosis, R. M. Fulton and S. Sanchez

Other Bacterial Diseases, H. J. Barnes and L. K. Nolan

24 Avian Chlamydiosis (Psittacosis, Ornithosis) 971
A. A. Andersen and D. Vanrompay


25 Fungal Infections, B. R. Charlton, R. P. Chin, and H. J. Barnes 989



Candidiasis (Thrush).

Dermatophytosis (Favus).


Sporadic Fungal Infections.



Zygomycosis (Phycomycosis).

Macrorhabdosis (Megabacteria).


26 External Parasites and Poultry Pests 1011
N. C. Hinkle and L. Hickle

27 Internal Parasites 1025

Introduction, L. R. McDougald

Nematodes, T. A. Yazwinski and C. A. Tucker

Cestodes and Trematodes, L. R. McDougald

28 Protozoal Infections 1067

Introduction, L. R. McDougald

Coccidiosis, L. R. McDougald and S. H. Fitz-Coy

Cryptosporidiosis, L. R. McDougald

Cochlosoma anatis Infection, A. J. Bermudez

Histomoniasis (Blackhead) and Other Protozoan Diseases of the Intestinal Tract, L. R. McDougald

Miscellaneous and Sporadic Protozoal Infections, A. J. Bermudez


29 Nutritional Diseases 1121
K. C. Klasing

30 Developmental, Metabolic, and Other Noninfectious Disorders 1149
R. Crespo and H. L. Shivaprasad

31 Mycotoxicoses 1197
F. J. Hoerr

32 Other Toxins and Poisons 1231
R. M. Fulton


33 Emerging Diseases and Diseases of Complex or Unknown Etiology 1261

Introduction, Y. M. Saif

Multicausal Respiratory Diseases, S. H. Kleven

Multicausal Enteric Diseases, D. L. Reynolds

Hypoglycemia-Spiking Mortality Syndrome of Broiler Chickens, J. F. Davis

Proventriculitis and Proventricular Dilatation of Broiler Chickens, S. Hafner, M. A. Goodwin, J. S. Guy, and M. Pantin-Jackwood

Index 1279

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