Dissecting the Hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network, Revised Edition

Dissecting the Hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network, Revised Edition

4.6 6
by Jayson E Street, Kent Nabors

ISBN-10: 1597495689

ISBN-13: 9781597495684

Pub. Date: 08/06/2010

Publisher: Elsevier Science

Dissecting the Hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network, Revised Edition, deals with hackers and hacking. The book is divided into two parts. The first part, entitled “The F0rb1dd3n Network,” tells the fictional story of Bob and Leon, two kids caught up in an adventure where they learn the real-world consequence of digital actions. The second part, “Security…  See more details below


Dissecting the Hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network, Revised Edition, deals with hackers and hacking. The book is divided into two parts. The first part, entitled “The F0rb1dd3n Network,” tells the fictional story of Bob and Leon, two kids caught up in an adventure where they learn the real-world consequence of digital actions. The second part, “Security Threats Are Real” (STAR), focuses on these real-world lessons.
""The F0rb1dd3n Network"" can be read as a stand-alone story or as an illustration of the issues described in STAR. Throughout “The F0rb1dd3n Network” are “Easter eggs”-references, hints, phrases, and more that will lead readers to insights into hacker culture. Drawing on “The F0rb1dd3n Network,” STAR explains the various aspects of reconnaissance; the scanning phase of an attack; the attacker’s search for network weaknesses and vulnerabilities to exploit; the various angles of attack used by the characters in the story; basic methods of erasing information and obscuring an attacker’s presence on a computer system; and the underlying hacking culture.

  • Revised edition includes a completely NEW STAR Section (Part 2)
  • Utilizes actual hacking and security tools in its story- helps to familiarize a newbie with the many devices and their code
  • Introduces basic hacking techniques in real life context for ease of learning
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    Table of Contents



    How to R34d Dissecting the Hack: The Forb1dd3n Network

    About the Authors


    Prologue 3

    A New Assignment 3

    Chapter One 15

    Problem Solved 15

    Getting Started 21

    The Acquisition 22

    Chapter Two 27

    Just Another Day 27

    The Installation 32

    Chapter Three 35

    In Country 35

    Chapter Four 47

    In Real Life 47

    Chapter Five 57

    Status Check 57

    Log Review 63

    Chapter Six 69

    The Meeting 69

    First Lead 72

    The Discovery 75

    Chapter Seven 81

    Code Review 81

    Chapter Eight 91

    Battle Plans 91

    Data Collection 96

    Chapter Nine 105

    Data Analysis 105

    Shrinking Team 106

    Tenuous Connections 107

    Loose Ends 112

    Expendable Assets 115

    Chapter Ten 119

    Choosing Sides 119

    EPILOGUE 127

    End Process 127


    Chapter 1 Recon 131

    Social Networking 132

    Exploit Techniques 133

    Best Practices 137

    Summary of Social Networking 138

    For More Information 138

    Google Hacking 138

    Exploit Techniques 139

    Best Practices 145

    Summary of Google Hacking 146

    For More Information 146

    Deep Web Searching 146

    Exploit Techniques 147

    Best Practices 151

    Summary of Deep Web Searching 152

    For More Information 152

    Physical Surveillance 152

    Exploit Techniques 153

    Best Practices 155

    Summary of Physical Surveillance 156

    For More Information 157

    Log Analysis 157

    Exploit Techniques 158

    Best Practices 158

    Summary of Log Analysis 160

    For More Information 162

    Do It Yourself: Hacking 3DNF 162

    Targeting Human Resources 163

    Google Apps 167

    Blog Recon 168

    Domain Information 169

    Twitter Recon 170

    Endnotes 172

    Chapter 2 Scan 175

    Wardriving 175

    Exploit Techniques 176

    Best Practices 181

    Summary of Wardriving 182

    For More Information 182

    Long-Range Wireless Scanning 183

    Exploit Techniques 183

    Best Practices 185

    Summary of Long-Range Wireless Scanning 185

    For More Information 185

    Scanning Tools 185

    Exploit Techniques 186

    Best Practices 188

    Summary of Scanning Tools 189

    For More Information 190

    Bluetooth Security 190

    Exploit Techniques 190

    Best Practices 192

    Summary of Bluetooth Security 192

    For More Information 193

    Endnotes 193

    Chapter 3 Explore 195

    Authentication Security 195

    Exploit Techniques 195

    Best Practices 197

    Summary of Authentication Security 199

    For More Information 199

    Physical Security 200

    Exploit Techniques 200

    Best Practices 203

    Summary of Physical Security 206

    For More Information 206

    Network Traffic Sniffing 207

    Exploit Techniques 207

    Best Practices 209

    Summary of Network Traffic Sniffing 211

    For More Information 211

    Dormant Malware 212

    Exploit Techniques 212

    Best Practices 213

    Summary of Dormant Malware 215

    For More Information 216

    Web Browser Security 216

    Exploit Techniques 217

    Best Practices 218

    Summary of Web Browser Security 223

    For More Information 224

    Out-of-Band Communications 224

    Exploit Techniques 225

    Best Practices 225

    Summary of Out-of-Band Communications 226

    For More Information 226

    Endnotes 226

    Chapter 4 Exploit 229

    Encrypted Storage 229

    Exploit Techniques 230

    Best Practices 232

    Summary of Encrypted Storage 234

    For More Information 235

    Attack Research 235

    Exploit Techniques 235

    Best Practices 237

    Summary of Attack Research 238

    For More Information 238

    Password Security 239

    Exploit Techniques 239

    Best Practices 242

    Summary of Password Security 245

    For More Information 245

    E-Mail Security 245

    Exploit Techniques 246

    Best Practices 247

    Summary of E-Mail Security 248

    For More Information 248

    Windows Null Share Exploit 249

    Exploit Techniques 249

    Best Practices 250

    Summary of Windows Null Share Exploit 250

    For More Information 251

    Credit Card Fraud 251

    Exploit Techniques 251

    Best Practices 253

    Summary of Credit Card Fraud 254

    For More Information 254

    Traffic Obfuscation 255

    Exploit Techniques 255

    Best Practices 259

    Summary of Traffic Obfuscation 259

    For More Information 259

    Metasploit 260

    Exploit Techniques 261

    Best Practices 262

    Summary of Metasploit 263

    For More Information 264

    Endnotes 264

    Chapter 5 Expunge 269

    Removing Windows Login Traces 269

    Exploit Techniques 269

    Best Practices 271

    Summary of Removing Windows Login Traces 276

    For More Information 276

    Browser Cleanup 277

    Exploit Techniques 277

    Best Practices 279

    Summary of Browser Cleanup 279

    For More Information 280

    Endnotes 280

    Chapter 6 Hacker Culture 281

    Hacking Celebrities 281

    Dan Kaminsky 282

    Tony Watson 282

    GOBBLES Security 282

    n3td3v 283

    Stephen Colbert 283

    Conferences 283

    The Four Points of the Hacking Compass (From BruCON to DEFCON and Beijing to Brazil) 286

    Security Meetups 288

    For More Information 289

    Podcasts 290

    Blogs 290

    Hacker Interviews 292

    Jeff Moss (Dark Tangent) 292

    Dan Kaminsky 299

    Johnny Long 302

    Marcus Ranum 307

    Summary 310

    Endnotes 310

    Chapter 7 Bit Bucket 313

    Covert Physical Devices 313

    Oydsseus 315

    Volksbank 315

    Tiger Team 316

    Online Vigilantism 316

    Spot the Fed 317

    Bob Falken 318

    Honey Pots 318

    2600 319

    Capture the Flag 319

    MD5 Hash 320

    Sydney Bristow 320

    CyberBob 321

    Linksys 323

    InfraGard 323

    Echelon 324

    Perl Scripts 324

    GhOstRAT 325

    Lock Picking 325

    Endnotes 326

    Index 329

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    Dissecting the Hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network, Revised Edition 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
    RichM More than 1 year ago
    When I read Part 1, I initially thought, "What a great way to trick (scare) a Manager/Executive into fixing obvious security vulnerabilities." It may not make an executive get what you do, but it levels the playing field. Most importantly it keeps the door open for further discussion. However, as I read the book (and became engrossed in the story), the more I realized that this book was of a genre that we do not have enough books in. We need more books that are entertaining and spread technical knowledge simultaneously. Finally, I read Part 2 and realized that there is actually a separate and third audience, the newbie crowd. I would have loved to have had this book available when I first started learning infosec. There is something to be said about teaching yourself through exploration and constant searching, but to have all this information at my fingertips would have streamlined the process and cut the learning time in half. Clearly this book is a multi-purpose piece of reference that should be put on all IT Departments' reference shelf. Of course, like most things in life, going back to basics can be good even for the most seasoned of penetration testers. I defy anyone to read Part 2 and not walk away with a single bit of new learned information.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago