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Distant Cousin

Distant Cousin

4.5 10
by Al Past

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A lonely astronaut stumbles upon a disaster in the making: the Earth will be turned into a crater-pocked ruin and millions of people will be killed, unless she can convince someone to take preventive action.

But she has a huge problem. After all, who would believe an ordinary young woman who said such a thing, especially if there is no record she is an astronaut


A lonely astronaut stumbles upon a disaster in the making: the Earth will be turned into a crater-pocked ruin and millions of people will be killed, unless she can convince someone to take preventive action.

But she has a huge problem. After all, who would believe an ordinary young woman who said such a thing, especially if there is no record she is an astronaut.and especially not if she also claims to have come from a different solar system?

Only the U. S. government does, and hunts her with all the forces it can muster. Terrified and with few resources, she tries desperately to disprove people's low opinion of what a young woman is capable of.

And what about her earthly boy friend? Would he believe her, or sell her out?

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Meet the Author

Al Past is an author, musician, photographer, retired professor of English, husband, father, and grandfather. He lives on a ranch in south Texas.

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Distant Cousin 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Author Al Past revs up the action in this third installment of the Distant Cousin series. After seven years of quiet family bliss on the secluded Mendez homestead, hidden in the heart of New Mexico, Darcy once again sacrifices her retirement from public life in order guard against disaster. Her brother-in-law, the delegate from Thomo, has managed to sell alien technology to terrorists! As the very first representative from another planet on Earth, Darcy is appalled to think that technology from her homeworld might be used against mankind. Dodging assassination attempts from terrorist hitmen, Darcy plies a little detective work to identify the source of the threat: A Russian oligarch has developed the Thoman technology into a weapon which was promptly tested on remote villages in the tiny territory of Sedlakia, with horrifying results. While Darcy develops a daring plan to save Sedlakia (and perhaps New York)readers can ponder the significance of the close relation between the Thoman and Sedlaki languages, as well as a certain Sedlaki legend of an ancient queen named Anina Khralovna, who left her people long ago with the promise to return when she was needed ¿ Highly recommended, but you need to start with Book One!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This sequel to Distant Cousin is, like its predecessor, more mainstream literature than science fiction. Although it is a story of First Contact, the science fiction elements keep to the background in a plotline that is more about society, character, and honor than about the arrival of extra-terrestrials on Earth. A year or more has passed since Ana Darcy, the first human on Earth from another planet, warned the world about an impending calamity and then announced the imminent arrival of her relatives from the planet Thomo. She now lives in quiet obscurity with her husband Matt Mendez and their twin infants. Yet, her concern over the upcoming historic meeting causes her to rethink her self-imposed isolation. The Thomo delegation includes her brother-in-law Herecyn, whom she had previously rejected as her own suitor, and she does not trust that his diplomacy skills will outweigh his simple greed when it comes to trade negotiations with Earth. Since her marriage to Matt has stripped her of all status among the Thomans, Darcy¿s only means of participation is to offer herself as a celebrity representative of Earth, to aid in the upcoming momentous meeting as a ¿good will ambassador.¿ Unfortunately, this may be the wrong time to step into the limelight, because unscrupulous agencies are currently looking for leverage in the upcoming negotiations for technology data with the Thomans. And Darcy looks to be an attractive sort of leverage ¿
Guest More than 1 year ago
In this latest installment of Al Past¿s Distant Cousin saga, Ana Darcy¿s greed-driven uncle brings about a deplorable international situation that only she can set aright. To do so, she must make use of all her unique talents and abilities while placing her life in great peril. To aid her on her mission, she enlists the support of individuals from varied backgrounds, and as usual, brings out the best characteristics of all concerned. Her character is so dynamic as to cause her to be mistaken for the reincarnation of an ancient queen, sent to save the people of Sedlakia from impending destruction.¿ This isn¿t just another action novel. By now Ana is married, and the author cleverly juxtapositions her Thoman adventures with the family life she longs to share with her husband, Matt Mendez, and their twins. He and the kids manage to find a little adventure of their own, which regularly serves as a refreshing aside from the main story line. As usual, Past serves up delectable portraits of the cuisine in the various parts of the country where Ana finds herself, and his depiction of the landscape in diverse regions of the world gives the reader a genuine sense of presence. Flashbacks and unnecessary references to the two preceding Distant Cousin novels are kept to a minimum thus, even readers who are unfamiliar with those works will find Distant Cousin: Reincarnation to be intriguing and captivating. Whether you are new to the universe of Ana Darcy and her friends, or are fortunate enough to have read Distant Cousin and Distant Cousin: Repatriation, this work holds a great deal of enjoyment in store for you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Distant Cousin Reincarnation This is the third in what I hope will continue to be a long series of thoughtful adventures of our wonderful cousin and her amazing, growing circle of friends and family. As with the first two, Al Past brings a delightful, captivating and optimistic favor to every page. The unique blend of believable not too distant futures and adventures, familiar yet not so familiar people and places, and ever present theme of timeless, spaceless love and joy provide the reader with more than entertainment and excitement. Distant Cousin Reincarnation kindles deep hope for us and all of our cousins.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As in the first Distant Cousin novel, Ana Darcy cuts through your heart like a Samurai sword in this third installment of the unusual Distant Cousin sci-fi novels. Unlike most sequels, Al Past's third book is somewhat superior to the shorter, but action-packed second book, entitled Repatriation. There is no doubt whatsoever that Reincarnation is as good as the first book, which is to say, ten-star-good! What makes this story so enjoyable and memorable? It's an E. T. for adults. Mr. Past captures the feeling of wonder so aptly conveyed in Spielberg's E. T. and Close Encounters. None of the Distant Cousin books ever degenerate into Disneyesque parent-pandering, nor does Al Past go for the teenage special effects market, either. If Repatriation, the second book, had a weakness, it was its emphasis on action instead of emotion. Reincarnation brings back the magic! The plotline of the Distant Cousin series has been detailed elsewhere on this page. You don't need to read it again here. The storyline is very complete and the subplots will hold your interest. This book is a totally outstanding read. Let's just say it kicks butt and takes names. You will love all the characters. Thoman aliens and technology meet Southwestern culture. You will feel as if you are in that space pod with Darcy, flying over continents you're not likely to see from the ground. Ana Darcy has a special affinity with cats. There won't be a dry eye in the house when the photograph appears of Ana standing in the snow next to the lynx in Sedlakia. You will have to read Distant Cousin: Reincarnation to discover why Ana Darcy and that lynx will leave tracks on your heart.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Remember how you felt the first time you saw Drew Barrymore and her older brother throw a sheet over E.T. and take him trick-or-treating? A similar feeling of awe will overwhelm you as you read the adventures of Ana Darcy and Matt Mendez. Repatriation is the faster-paced sequel to the amazing Distant Cousin by new author Al Past. Repatriation introduces new characters into the story, and the action heats up when the corporate sleazebuckets meet the mob. I highly recommend that you read Distant Cousin prior to this sequel. Repatriation will have ten times the punch if you do so. This is a scifi story of a different sort, in which the magic of the characters overpowers the hardware.
CarlFC More than 1 year ago
I cut my teeth on old school science fiction with bug-eyed monsters, ray guns, and inhospitable planets. This isn't about those. Well maybe it is, with Earth and some of it's inhabitants being the antagonists. This is well written, as one page induces you to read the next. Characters have life. The plot is plausible (we are talking SF here). It also gives some insight into the people, places, and culture of Nueva Espana. I read this out of curiosity and to add another dimension to my reading of late. My curiosity was pleasantly slaked but I wouldn't recommend this to other crusty old guys. We just aren't the target audience. I highly recommended this to my grand daughter. My wife should even enjoy it. Oh yeah, I'll probably read the next in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
What if our First Contact from another planet was a human? What if the first real alien to visit Earth from another solar system was a human woman on a mission to find the distantly related cousins of her own people? What if she brought with her a warning of an impending disaster of apocalyptic proportions? And what if nobody believed her? Al Past¿s novel Distant Cousin is a most unusual science fiction story with a most unusual heroine. Ana Darcy has jeopardized her mission and cut herself off from her own people to bring a desperate warning to Earth authorities. Astronomers at a Texas observatory don¿t believe her, but the US military is willing to interrogate her ¿ under custody of course. Her astonishing escape from Army detainment is our first hint that she may be more than she first appears and capable of more than we imagine. (Memorable quote from the Army Air Defense: ¿Barbie¿s baby sister from outer space is in our custody and you let her get away! If the mother ship beamed her up, you better pray they get you next!¿) Befriended by ordinary people as varied as the family owners of a Texas dude ranch, a mild-mannered reporter, and an Olympic contender from Barbados, Darcy conceives a daring plan to evade government capture while hiding in plain sight and deliver her warning in a manner which cannot possibly be ignored. And afterward, she might just fall in love ¿ if she can trust her own feelings ¿ and trust her boyfriend with the truth about her origins. By the end of this most original novel, I knew two things for certain. The first was not to underestimate this diminutive and seemingly harmless protagonist. And the second was that the sequel, DC Repatriation, was going on my ¿buy-it-soon¿ list so that I could learn more about Ana Darcy and her mysterious people.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is not a joke. This is not an illusion. The official editorial blurb on this book is a bit weak. This is one of the best books I have ever read, and I have read a lot! Within the fiction novel category, I have to work at it to name ten books that I have liked more. Al Past planned this story for many years, and the developmental thought that went into the storyline really shows. The plot, characters, and overall feel of the story are downright excellent and right on the money to be transformed into a screenplay worthy of Steven Spielberg's best work. Distant Cousin is a first cousin to E.T. with the kids left on the cutting room floor. It's a second cousin to Close Encounters because you get to meet the alien from the beginning of the story. The sense of joy, wonder, and magic embodied by those two classics is here as well. The love story never becomes too sexual and the reader's heartstrings are gently tugged without being yanked out of their sockets. The story's third cousin is clearly the lesser-known movie, Wavelength, with its mature emotions and lovely Southwest landscape. Lastly, you cannot read very far into the story without thinking of the movie, Species, although the concepts are vastly different outside the one key element: the alien character looks like Barbie. In Distant Cousin, she is Barbie. In Species, she's just wearing a Barbie suit. That's all that should be given away about the plot. I've been to Alpine, TX, and yes, the quiet serenity of the scenery is beautiful, and yes, I would especially like to meet an E.T. who looked like Barbie. Distant Cousin deserves ten stars. Mr. Spielberg, your next screenplay is ready and waiting....