Distant Drums, Different Drummers: A Guide for Young People with ADHD

Distant Drums, Different Drummers: A Guide for Young People with ADHD

by Barbara D. Ingersoll, Karen Henrickson Sothoron

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Instead of calling this problem Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, perhaps it should be called Attention Deployment High/Energy Difference. This would help people think about ADHD in a positive way. Written for children, the book explains in simple terms what ADHD is, how the brain functions differently, and why people with ADHD may be the "modern-day descendants of the bold warriors and restless adventurers of old." But childhood today is difficult for such adventurers because there are so many rules, and instead of romping across the plains, modern trailblazers may be trapped behind a desk. Ingersoll's view strives to destigmatize the differences of these children and to put such traits as boundless energy and risk-taking in a positive light. People who have inherited these traits from generations of warriors past must find a different set of survival skills in order to fit in. A chapter on survival skills includes ways in which parents and teachers can help children with ADHD. A self-rating scale is included, designed to encourage the reader to identify his strong points and problem areas. Full-page watercolors of children, early hunters and adventurers, and the brain add interest to the text. This is an excellent book to help children with ADHD deal with self-esteem problems and to focus on control. 1995, Cape Publications,

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