Divalicious, Volume 1

Divalicious, Volume 1

by T Campbell, Amy Mebberson

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An intelligent, cynically delicious sendup of pop-tart culture, this manga follows the career of Tina Young, musical superstar, as she trills and twirls her way through the teen-pop stratosphere. With a wickedly penetrating eye, writer Campbell distills the essence of contemporary teen superstardom, leading his protagonist through all of those milestones that have become de rigueur for any self-respecting flavor of the month. The reader races along as Tina reunites with her first band-the one she's now so much bigger than-to put on a philanthropic concert; Tina's brainstorm is to recite the names of African countries to promote "geographical awareness." She moves on to date a bad boy named Chaddy G. and stars in his video, doing serious damage to her claim that she's still a virgin. Paralleling Christina/Britney, Tina's obsessed with the career of her arch-rival, Bit Fencer-although this story arc takes second place to Campbell's set pieces sending up loony fandom and Internet rankings as a measure of success. Mebberson's frothy, surprisingly elegant art is shojo gone upscale; her panels and perspective are inventive while still incorporating the chic clothing and larger-than-life settings that make this rarified world such fun. (Mar.) Copyright 2007 Reed Business Information.

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