Diversity in America / Edition 3
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Diversity in America / Edition 3

by Vincent N. Parrillo

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ISBN-10: 1412956374

ISBN-13: 9781412956376

Pub. Date: 05/20/2008

Publisher: SAGE Publications

"There is a great need for a book in the area of racial and ethnic relations that presents current societal concerns in a readable fashion for general education students. Diversity in America does fill a gap in the current course literature, and I intend to add it to the required reading for my course."

--Ellen Rosengarten, Sinclair Community College<


"There is a great need for a book in the area of racial and ethnic relations that presents current societal concerns in a readable fashion for general education students. Diversity in America does fill a gap in the current course literature, and I intend to add it to the required reading for my course."

--Ellen Rosengarten, Sinclair Community College

Diversity in America squarely addresses the topic which perhaps generates more passion, invective, and raucous debate than all others in American society today. Is multiculturalism a threat to us? Do we have too much immigration? Are we no longer sufficiently "American"? The book answers these questions by using history and sociology to shed light on socially constructed myths about our past, misunderstandings from our present, and anxieties about our future that are so prevalent.

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SAGE Publications
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Third Edition
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Table of Contents

List of Art     xi
Preface     xiii
About the Author     xix
Perception and Reality     1
What This Book Is All About     3
Seeing Is Believing, but Is It Knowing?     5
The Cultural Homogeneity Myth     6
The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Pluralism     7
Early Advocates     7
Assimilationists Prevail     7
The Reassertion of Pluralism     8
The Multiculturalist Challenge     9
The Melting Pot     9
Overstating Ethnic Intermarriages     9
No Racial Minorities     10
Emerson's Vision     10
Turner's Frontier     11
Zangwill's White Fusion     12
Recent Studies on Intermarriage     12
The Dillingham Flaw     13
The Dillingham Commission     13
The Concept of the Dillingham Flaw     14
The Dillingham Flaw Chain Reaction     15
Believing Is Seeing     16
The Boundary Flaw     17
Understanding Today by Knowing About Yesterday     17
Notes     18
Diversity in Aboriginal America     21
The Larger Context     23
Diversity in Language     24
The Interdependence of Language and Culture     24
Language and Social Reality     25
Diversity in Gender Roles     25
Division of Labor     26
Status and Influence     26
Diversity in Clothing     27
Northwestern Native Americans     28
Southwestern Native Americans     28
Northern Plains Native Americans     28
Southeastern Native Americans     29
Northeastern Native Americans     29
Diversity in Housing     30
Large Communal Structures     30
Single-Family Dwellings     32
Diversity in Social Organization     33
Social Status Variations     33
Northwestern Slavery     34
Southeastern Caste Systems     34
Iroquois Consensus-Building     35
Diversity in Social Organization     35
Diversity in Values     36
The Next Horizon     37
Notes     37
Diversity in Colonial Times     39
The Larger Context     40
Cultural Pluralism     41
Colonial Beginnings     44
A Patchwork Quilt of Ethnic Settlements     44
Diversity in the Early Settlements     44
Geographic Variances in Diversity     45
The New England Colonies     45
The Middle Colonies     46
The Southern Colonies     48
African Diversity on the Plantations     49
Three Regional Cultures     50
Religious Diversity     51
Religious Intolerance     52
The Great Awakening     53
The Legacy of Religious Pluralism     54
A Kaleidoscope Society     54
Minority Separatism     56
The Multicultural Revolutionary Army     56
The Next Horizon     57
Notes     57
Diversity in the Early National Period     59
The Larger Context     60
Building a National Identity     61
Arts and Letters     61
Linguistic Independence     62
Religious Independence     62
Social Structure and Social Class     63
Religion, Power, and Group Consciousness     64
Religion and Politics     64
Parallel Religious Institutions     65
The Nation's First Census     66
The Other Side of the Coin      67
Eurocentric Use of Census Data     68
Expanding Territory and Diversity     69
The Drop in Immigration     70
The Significance of Natural Population Growth     72
Emergence of a Common Culture     72
Decline of Foreign Languages     73
Antiforeign Responses     74
The False Horizon     75
Notes     77
Diversity in the Age of Expansion     79
The Larger Context     80
Travelers Discover the Ethnic Mosaic     82
Tocqueville's Dismay at Racial Suffering     82
Martineau's Defense of Immigrants     83
Olmsted's Reaction to Isolated Ethnic Communities     83
The French     84
America's "Flanders"     84
America's "Little Paris"     84
French Immigration     85
The Irish     85
America's First Ghetto People     85
Labor, Religion, and Politics     86
The Germans     87
The "German Athens"     87
German Diversity     88
Native Americans     89
Assimilation Efforts     89
"As Long as Grass Grows and Water Runs"      89
The End of Forever     90
The Africans     91
Southern Blacks     91
Northern Blacks     93
The Chinese     93
The Mexicans     94
Intergroup Conflicts     95
The Next Horizon     96
Notes     97
Diversity in the Industrial Age     99
The Larger Context     100
Minority Family Economies     102
Population Diversity     103
African Americans     104
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders     106
Hispanic Americans     107
Native Americans     108
Middle Eastern Americans     110
Northern and Western European Americans     110
Southern, Central, and Eastern European Americans     112
Intergroup Conflicts     113
The Next Horizon     114
Notes     115
Diversity in the Information Age     117
The Larger Context     118
The Human Element     119
Unexpected Consequences     119
A Different America     120
Institutionalizing Minority Rights     121
The Europeans      122
Asians and Pacific Islanders     123
Black Americans     125
Hispanic Americans     127
North Africans and Middle Easterners     130
Native Americans     131
Religious Diversity     131
The Next Horizon     132
Notes     133
Intergenerational Comparisons     135
Why Are Voices Raised Against Immigration?     136
Religious, Racial, and Cultural Biases     136
Economic Competition     137
The "Tipping Point"     137
Today Isn't Yesterday, or Is It?     137
Immigration Rate     139
Immigration Rate Caveats     140
Foreign-Born Population     141
Race in America     143
Mainstream Americans     145
Mainstream American Caveats     147
The "Wall"     148
Perception and Reality     149
The Larger Context     150
Today's Patterns in Perspective     152
Notes     153
Is Multiculturalism a Threat?     155
The Umbrellas of Multiculturalism     157
The Inclusionists     157
The Separatists     157
The Integrative Pluralists     159
The Larger Context     160
Roses and Thorns     161
The "Thorns" of Multiculturalism     162
The "Immigrant Thorns"     162
The "Language Thorns"     163
The "Cultural Thorns"     164
The "Racial Thorns"     166
The "Roses" of Multiculturalism     167
The "Immigrant Roses"     167
The "Language Roses"     168
The "Cultural Roses"     170
The "Racial Roses"     171
Is Multiculturalism the Enemy?     172
Notes     173
Multiculturalism After 9/11     175
Government Responses     176
Public Responses     177
Measuring Social Distance After 9/11     179
Have Attitudes Changed About Immigration?     181
The Larger Context     183
What About Tomorrow?     185
Notes     186
The Next Horizon     189
The Dawning of a New Century     190
The Larger Context     191
U.S. Population Predictions     193
The Alarm Bells Ring     194
Resetting the Alarm     195
The Dillingham Flaw in Reverse     197
Factors Influencing Change     198
Interethnic Marriages and Children of Mixed Ancestry     198
Interracial Marriages and Biracial Children     199
The Challenge of Racial Diversity     200
Increased Religious Diversity     201
The Mainstreaming of Women     203
The Ever-Changing Mosaic     204
Notes     205
Index     207

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