Divided Union

Divided Union

by Peter Batty, Peter Parish

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Library Journal - Library Journal
A companion book to the cable TV series of the same name. Batty produced the series, and Parish is a London academic with an American Studies background. Together they present a generalized popular history of the Civil War, aimed at European audiences. The narrative is scrupulously neutral in tone and briefly describes the major battles and underlying conditions of the war. There are no major errors, no controversies, no new interpretations. The book's main strength is its illustrations, which are numerous and handsome. Recommended for YA collections only.Raymond L. Puffer, U.S. Air Force History Prog., Los Angeles
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
YAThis companion volume to the PBS series of the same title is an ex cellent popular history of the Civil War. The authors manage to convey the complex issues which led to seces sion and war, to report on the nature of Civil War land and naval engage ments, and to discuss reconstruction and the post-war treatment of blacks. While treating the war in an accessi ble, easily read and understood man ner, they maintain an objectivity which is rare in Civil War histories. They show, in the description and dis cussion of each of the major military campaigns of the war, how the ``im provements'' in mid-19th-Century ar maments drastically changed the na ture of war. The emergence of trench warfare and its lethal impact on war are repeatedly shown, and the carnage of Civil War battles is vividly con veyed. This is not the romanticized war of Civil War buffs; rather, the au thors describe the beginnings of a modern concept of total war as per fected in the 20th Century. This is an excellent first book on the Civil War for those who may want (or need) to learn more about specific aspects; it is a well-written, accurate account which is not over-simplified or over-general ized. Tom Irwin, Episcoal High School, Bellaire

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