Divine Inspiration, Divine Understanding


Are you concerned with what is happening in your life, neighborhood, country and the world at large? Do you wish you had a better understanding of your role in all of this drama? Would you like a little reassurance that in the end you will be okay?

Divine Inspiration, Divine Understanding describes many of the life situations we are all facing, it discusses where we have been, where we are going, and the common issues we face each day. In these changing times, many of us are ...

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Divine Inspiration, Divine Understanding

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Are you concerned with what is happening in your life, neighborhood, country and the world at large? Do you wish you had a better understanding of your role in all of this drama? Would you like a little reassurance that in the end you will be okay?

Divine Inspiration, Divine Understanding describes many of the life situations we are all facing, it discusses where we have been, where we are going, and the common issues we face each day. In these changing times, many of us are looking within ourselves; we are asking questions, we are looking for answers and we are finding that our old belief systems are no longer fully serving our needs. Now is the time to discover your potential and to find your inner strength and purpose, there is more to life than meets the eye!

The goal is to provide insight and provoke thought and consideration for many of the very important earthly and metaphysical issues we are facing today with clarity and real life examples. Divine Inspiration, Divine Understanding touches on a variety of issues, providing the reader with an insightful look at the situations we all address in our busy lives every day.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781440193132
  • Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
  • Publication date: 1/12/2010
  • Pages: 160
  • Product dimensions: 0.37 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 6.00 (d)

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Divine Inspiration, Divine Understanding

By Deb Luten

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2009 Deb Luten
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4401-9313-2

Chapter One

The Great Challenge

The divine beings are available to you all at any time. You must simply ask for their assistance in your life's path, journey, and tasks. The divine beings are your guides for your lessons, and they wish to provide tools to assist you along the way. They also wish to provide guidance and direction.

We are delighted to assist in any possible way with divine life path issues and tasks. It is what we do. We are honored to listen to you. We wash your feet. We are aware that you feel greatly blessed to hear from us, but we want it to be known that it is a great honor to serve you on your journey. It is known that the path you take in this realm is truly the most difficult path, and you are to be commended for moving forward in this very difficult task.

The purpose of this book is to bring to light the possibilities available to you each and all. It is also to provide an insight into the path of life here on earth, and the abilities available to you. This book allows for the words of spirit and the insights and experiences of the writer to bring you both sides of this life experience. Her experiences are by no means the only way or the correct choices for every being. Your experiences may differ, as every person differs from each other. It is merely a view into one person's journey.

This book is being channeled initially, and the writer will interweave her experiences later. As the book was compiled and arranged, spirit and the writer have attempted to provide clarity to the reader. Therefore, we begin at the beginning.

The human race was established on this planet to begin an experiment of sorts from the soul and spiritual level. It is called within the spiritual community "The Great Lesson" or "The Great Challenge." Life in the human realm allows the soul to learn and experience a variety of lessons-on some occasions, many times over. It is sometimes necessary to repeat a theme or challenge in order to fully experience the depths of some complex lessons. This in no way implies a failure to understand your path, or to have failed to complete your challenges. It simply means you want to deepen the experience.

The challenges in spirit are much different from the challenges here on earth. The life you experience here on this planet provides great depth and balance and enhances your insight within spirit at your crossing. This experience here allows your soul to learn much as your scientists learn from crash test dummies. The perspective here in spirit is different from in your human realm. We are aware of many details that you were not to have access to in the old energies, as it would have inhibited the experience.

On your spiritual journey, you will learn a lot. Many details that had been hidden from view are now coming to light. Why, you ask, would we be providing you with these details in this book if you were not meant to have them? Simply because this is a new time and a new energy for the planet, and there will be a great many changes coming to those who wish to work in the new energies. It is time to begin the changes, to allow better access to spirit and these new energies.

Chapter Two

Space and Time-What a Concept

We wish to discuss the past, present, and future. They are perceived on your spatial reality as three separate entities. We wish to express to you that they are not. They are one, they are the same, and they are all part of the whole. It is only through your limited focus upon linear time that leads you to this perception. To live within the now is to understand the importance of each moment in time and space. To awaken to the significance of the now is a magnificent achievement. As "now" encompasses everything, it is what your are, it is what you have been up to this point, and it is an underlying factor to what you will become in your future.

All life exists in one space and time together, interconnected within the universe. The energy of life travels through the universe as a wave of consciousness. Do not think of this wave as a watery material but as a flow of energy. It is infused with sparks of passion, desire, and interwoven threads of love.

This wave does not contain fear or deception. Fear and deception are a part of your own doing; they are developed within you and they are part of the imbalance. You may begin to chip away the imbalance by living in the truth, living in the now, and living without fear. You must shine your light brightly upon the darkness and not allow it to be dimmed by others.

The time draws near for The Great Awakening. This awakening shall allow you to discover your true connection within the universe and to spirit. It shall allow you to live in the now. It shall allow you to connect the dots and see the true picture. Upon awakening, it shall all make perfect sense, and you shall say, "Oh, now I get it!"

Take little steps, tiny baby steps. Keep going, Keep going, forward, forward. Tippy toes. Good. Good. Lightness of being, lightness of day. You may have it in your own way. Each and every day, day after day. Hear what we say. Listen closely, tiny little voices. Whispering. Speak softly. Move swiftly. Quiet at night, quiet and light. Sleep ever so tight. All is just right. All is just right. Spirit

Chapter Three

The Planetary Imbalance

It is a divine time to take part in the transformation of the planetary healing. The planet is in acute distress at this moment and suffers from an imbalance, both from within and without. The vibrations have gone awry, and the focus points to center and balance the planetary energies are off-kilter and out of alignment. The meditations many of you are practicing to hold your light and to send your healing energies forth have assisted greatly in the facilitation of the coming shift in the planetary energies. However, meditation alone is not enough to complete the process, and direct intervention will be required.

By direct intervention, we are talking about hands-on healing practices, including cleaning the land of toxins, replanting the devastated forests, purifying the waters, cleansing the air, and generally restoring the balance. Direct intervention refers to the need for all of us to take on a task, choose a role, or in some way actively work to clean up our mess. This hands-on approach is what we call site work.

Many light workers shall receive the necessary adjustments, attunements, and inspiration to tap into the planet's energy fields and systems shortly and become inspired to begin these healings. We ask you to consider your role. Where or what are you being drawn to? What action inspires you? How can you make a difference? What role shall you play? The energies have shifted greatly in the past few years, so much so that even the smallest intention and subsequent action can bring about dramatic changes. The rewards are many and the price is minimal. To take a back seat in this drive through life, by allowing others to guide you, is to relinquish your choice and diminish your options. It is time to take the wheel!

Blessed is the keeper of the energy. Blessed is the keeper of the light. Blessed is the keeper of the earth. Blessed is the holder of the night. Spirit

To all of the planet's healers, know that we are beholden to you in your quests, as they are our quests as well. They are but one in the same. To all who do their part to protect and save the planet and its resources, please know that you are all seen as a flash of brilliance within the universe and are part of a spectacular display!

Hold fast, little starbursts; we are watching your display with great enthusiasm, and it is lustrous! Spirit

Chapter Four

The Big Experiment

In the beginning stages of the planet's development, the planetary and spiritual design was intended to allow for an evolution of the human species and of the planet and its inhabitants. It was to be an experiment.

The design was for the growth and development of all living things through time. Successes would continue and adapt to the changes required to survive over time, whereas failures would end in extinction. Growth and development were the objectives. All living beings and inhabitants of the planet will die and, in so doing, will continue to nourish and support the planet as they return to the soil; as it has been said time and again, "dust to dust."

The planet was designed to support life and growth in its many forms and to encourage the seeking and experiencing of the vast possibilities available in this earthly life. The process was developed to allow learning through freewill and to support soul growth. This process was designed within the spiritual realms and is by choice-your soul's choice. This experience was designed by you and for you alone. Your life here has been set up to include the basics required for the lessons your soul wishes to experience. Please keep in mind that the path allows for your freewill, and the path will bend, evolve, and change with each choice you make. The plan for each incarnation is very complicated. The lessons learned in this existence are profound and affect our souls deeply. The soul bodies that have chosen this earthly experience have developed a deep affection for this place and are joyous to return again and again. The lessons learned here are multifold and add a depth and richness to our souls. This is a very meaningful transition and a most valued experience.

Unfortunately the growth and development of our soul bodies has taken a toll on the earth and her resources. The ongoing growth of mankind has led to a degradation in our values and a lack of mindfulness in our integration with our habitat and our environmental resources. We must begin to contribute to the welfare and healing of the planet. It is time for us to give back to the earth what we have mindlessly removed.

There is revitalization on a soul level in the works at this time to restore this great planet. This must be accomplished very soon so that all of this soul work can continue. The planet is currently in a state of disarray and must be restored. It will take great effort on the part of a great many individuals. However, the process will move quickly; with each small step taken toward the recovery, we come closer to the goal. What we have taken away, we must learn to offer back with an open heart and a generosity of spirit. What we have soiled, we must cleanse. We must learn to use less, be mindful in our consumption, and limit our waste production.

This restoration will be to the dismay of some who shall find it costly or who do not wish to change the way they have always done it. However, it will be to the joy of others, who shall say, "It's about time; how can I help?" This is all a part of a scheduled maintenance of the planet. This can be difficult for those who are not fond of change; however, you may begin with a few small changes and perhaps develop some momentum. Before you know it, you may find yourself making a tremendous difference-you may even find yourself teaching others as well. So let us begin at this time and this place.

Seed groups are beginning the revitalization process; they are each taking on a small portion of the task. Some members are working in the energy fields; others are taking on roles to cleanse, restore, teach, and reapportion the planet's resources. The current seed members and many future members (some of which are unaware of their roles at this moment) are being drawn into this process. They are all a part of the green movement. These people are the ecologists and the activists; however, they are increasingly the mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers of our families. They are many and they are growing in number. Most important, they are the smallest of children, which are the future. The young children entering the world at this time carry the knowledge of the eons within them; they intuitively know what they must do to accomplish this revitalization. We as adults must learn to follow their lead; these souls carry great knowledge within their little bodies. They must be cherished and allowed to flourish because they shall bring forth the knowledge of the ages. Above all else we must learn to listen to them, as they have the ability to save this planet and to rebuild it-and rebuild it they will.

The current status of the planet presents a situation that in and of itself is not simply fixable. This is not meant to be a gloom-and-doom story, but an honest account of the scope of the restoration plan for the planet. It has always been our great hope that the planetary consumption of resources would ebb, and the natural processes would be allowed to restore themselves, thereby rendering this project irrelevant. This obviously has not happened, and therefore spirit is now calling forth this revitalization plan, which was set into place should this contingency ever arise. It is true that this process will bring a resistance from many who will claim it is not needed and all is just fine as it is. It will require a mild change to your lifestyle and mindfulness as you go about your daily tasks. Mindfulness is a primary key; as many of you tend to go forth in your day completely unaware of your impact on others and the environment around you. Many of you have no knowledge of the very slight changes you can make that can improve your life and the lives of others around you. We are aware that mankind can be resistant to change, and for some this will be difficult. We would just like to remind you that when all is said and done, it will be well worth your effort.

Many of you are going through very difficult processes within your lives, especially regarding finances. Know that this too is all a part of the revitalization process. Know that all of you have the potential to see your way through this challenge. Each one of you will also have the potential to come out the other side much wiser, with a greater depth of your soul's value and a deeper connection to your loved ones if you choose to do so. The current scope of challenge is being felt globally, locally, and personally. It is touching upon everyone in one way or another.

War and the abuse of the planet's resources have brought about much suffering, as well as carelessness, selfishness, and greed. This old path we have been following is one of destruction, and it cannot continue. It is a path that could have led to planetary darkness, and as you are aware, darkness cannot exist within the light. With these changing times, there is an emergence of seed workers who are slowly bringing forth the light and showing to the world the endless possibilities that exist for us all. Through our discovery of what mankind has secretly hidden in his darkest corners-and the exposure of these secrets-we discover what it is we need to change. It is in these times that those hiding and working in the darkest recesses are finding themselves caught within the spotlight, exposed and unsupported by a system that in the past would have protected them. In these changing times the old self-serving ways can no longer stand, as they were based on deception and greed and were developed behind closed doors, not in the open where they may have been examined. We all have places within us that can use a little bit of reflection; this is a part of the human process, as is the ability to change. It is time to find the light within yourself. Shine it upon your life, expose your dark recesses, identify what no longer serves you, and begin your own recovery plan. Take your time; you may need to take little steps. You may need to work toward your goal in bits and pieces. It may take a very long time, or it may spontaneously occur. The point is, it is your life, your soul experience, and your planet, and you can make a difference if you accept this challenge. Know this to be true.

You must be accountable to the words, and the words will be accountable to you. Spirit

Excerpted from Divine Inspiration, Divine Understanding by Deb Luten Copyright © 2009 by Deb Luten . Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Great Challenge....................1
Chapter 2 Space and Time-What a Concept....................4
Chapter 3 The Planetary Imbalance....................7
Chapter 4 The Big Experiment....................10
Chapter 5 The Connection....................16
Chapter 6 Time Is but a Number....................21
Chapter 7 The Great Adventure....................23
Chapter 8 The Enriching of the Soul....................25
Chapter 9 Clashing of the Egos....................28
Chapter 10 My Ego Made Me Do It....................32
Chapter 11 Negativity Junkies....................35
Chapter 12 The Pool of Cosmic Jelly....................37
Chapter 13 Let Us Save the Planet....................39
Chapter 14 What Do You Intend?....................42
Chapter 15 The Stuff Conundrum....................44
Chapter 16 Wants vs. Needs....................46
Chapter 17 Stress....................48
Chapter 18 The Accumulators....................50
Chapter 19 Time to Take the Reins....................52
Chapter 20 Be Mindful of the Big Picture....................55
Chapter 21 The Divine Vibration....................59
Chapter 22 Hang up the Phone and Pay Attention....................62
Chapter 23 The Return to Simplicity....................64
Chapter 24 The Healing of the Planet....................68
Chapter 25 Technology....................71
Chapter 26 The Cascade....................74
Chapter 27 The Storm of Change....................79
Chapter 28 The Tip of the Financial Iceberg....................82
Chapter 29 Heal Thyself....................84
Chapter 30 Discovering Your Gifts....................87
Chapter 31 The Soul's Contract....................92
Chapter 32 Learning Our Lessons....................94
Chapter 33 Be True to Yourself....................98
Chapter 34 Déjà Vu....................100
Chapter 35 The Remodel of Mankind....................104
Chapter 36 The Great Transition....................107
Chapter 37 The Other Side Is Tranquility....................110
Chapter 38 Your Journey into the Soul....................113
Chapter 39 The Leap of Faith....................115
Chapter 40 Capture the Moment....................118
Chapter 41 The Conflict Within....................121
Chapter 42 The Peace Within Your Heart....................125
Chapter 43 The Seasons of Life....................127
Chapter 44 The Radiance of Change....................130
Chapter 45 The Knowledge and the Knowing....................133
Chapter 46 A Brief Message from the Light Beings....................136
About the Author....................142
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