Divine Intuition

Divine Intuition

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by Lynne A. Robinson
Would you like to have an unwavering and reliable source of wisdom to guide your life? An inner resource that gives you unfailing direction towards your hopes and dreams? Instructions to create greater peace and harmony in your life? In Divine Intuition, intuitive consultant Lynn A. Robinson demonstrates that this wisdom does exist—it comes through the whispers


Would you like to have an unwavering and reliable source of wisdom to guide your life? An inner resource that gives you unfailing direction towards your hopes and dreams? Instructions to create greater peace and harmony in your life? In Divine Intuition, intuitive consultant Lynn A. Robinson demonstrates that this wisdom does exist—it comes through the whispers of your soul via your intuition.

Intuition is part of your birthright, your instructions from a Higher Power, or whatever you choose to call God. You are constantly surrounded, filled, and informed by its wisdom, although you may not know how to access it. Divine intuition is beautifully illustrated to help you tap into the myriad ways you can receive this invaluable insight and develop it for practical use in everyday life. Use this wonderful guide to discover and achieve your life goals. Begin now to make your dreams come alive.

Author Biography: Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed., is an intuitive consultant, popular seminar leader, co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being Psychic, and a contributing author to The Complete Idiot's Guide to the New Millennium. She produces the monthly Intuition Newsletter on the Internet and has produced an audio tape series of guided meditations.

Robinson's company, Intuitive Consulting & Communication (IC&C), provides training and consulting, and produces intuition-related booklets and audio tapes. She has worked as a professional intuitive since 1983, and was named "Best Psychic" by Boston Magazine.

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Chapter One


You've picked up this book for any number of reasons. Someone told you they liked it. You may have heard me on the radio or on television. Perhaps you feel lost and need some direction and this book says it can help you "Create a Life You Love." If you are one of the 95% of people who believe in God, you may be suspicious of what "Divine Intuition" means, or what that has to do with God. But who or what is God? What does He, She, or It have to do with intuition and bettering your life? Asking these questions is a great place to start.

Everyone has a belief about God, even if one is a devout atheist who believes God doesn't exist. What's your vision of God? Is it an old man in a white robe sitting on a throne in some vast unseen place in the universe? Do you believe that life is an accident and you just happen to be here by chance and then you die? Maybe you believe there is a purpose in your being here and you haven't been able to figure it out. Perhaps you wish desperately that life came with a set of rules.

    So how do you know God exists? You may have read many books on the subject of God and religion. You may have read none at all. The understanding I have of Divine Intuition might help you find some answers.

    I am not a biblical scholar or a religion expert. I come from a Christian family that viewed church and Sunday school as something you did on religious holidays, which is to say that I didn't grow up in a deeply religious or spiritual home. I've come to my understanding ofGod through almost twenty years' experience as an intuitive counselor.

    I've spoken to thousands of individual clients and students about the meaning of their lives and life in general. I've seen people struggle with concerns of being punished by an unforgiving and vindictive God. I've seen others embrace God as a loving, positive source of comfort and guidance. Still others have no belief in God and yet experience difficulty with the idea of finding purpose and meaning.

    My intention in writing this book is not to add yet another volume to the many books out there that proclaim, "I have the answer." My purpose is to assist you in finding your own answer. I believe the key to your destiny resides in your heart and soul. The power I call "God" placed it there and you can access it through your intuition or inner guidance.

    I believe that God and God's wisdom is hard-wired into our genes and our reason for being. From time immemorial we have in some way, shape, or form worshipped a higher power. For as long as people have been on this planet, they have left traces of some greater energy, deity, God, or force.

God as a Positive Force

    I believe that God exists as a positive force in all of our lives. I believe that it doesn't matter how you view God — as Goddess, Source of Life, Love, Divine Energy, Spirit, Life Potential, Universal Intelligence, or as a wise old man sitting on clouds surrounded by angels. We often personify what we can't see or understand. So for the purpose of this book, however, you view or experience "God" is fine. You may find value here even if you're a total non-believer. Marianne Williamson writes of God as "the pure and all-powerful love that rules the universe and lies within us all."

    There is no one truth or right way to view God. Many will dispute that fact and claim to have "The Answer." Wars too numerous to count have been waged over who has the right belief about God. You will find your truth within. That's where God placed it.

An All Pervading Energy

My hope is that in these pages you find some comfort and direction. Whatever your belief is about the source, you have access to a deep inner wisdom that resides in your soul. Your intuition can summon the answers from this Divine Wisdom and help you live your life fully with your heart open and your arms flung wide.

    The commonality I have found in the world religions is that we are counseled to love others, forgive, be of service, and to act with humility and compassion. People have experienced God in the wind, in a church or temple, in the trenches of a war, on the street, in a baby's eyes, in the last breath of a loved one, in their cars, offices, and even in a bar. God is an energy, an all-pervading spirit. He is truly everywhere — in our waking, in our sleeping, and in our dying.

    Many of the more logical among you will point to the fact that I can't prove that God exists. It's true that I can't point to God's presence and say, "There He is. Right there!" However, I see signs of God everywhere. Universal Wisdom resides in the daffodil that knows to blossom in the spring when the earth is warming. God's love is in my neighbor's heart when she brings over dinner when I return from a long trip. I feel the presence of Spirit when I hear the children laughing as they ride their bikes outside my house. I witness the protection of the Goddess when my friend gives birth to her son.

    Most importantly, through your intuition you gain enlightenment and direction from All-That-Is, which is what I call God. That wisdom is part of you and though you can't touch it or see it, you can experience it. It's there and it's real. My hope is that through this book it will become alive for you and you may use it to create a life you love.


Here are ten questions to ponder as you begin the book. Some of the answers may be clear to you now and some may become clearer as you read further.

* * *

1) Have you ever experienced God's presence? If so, describe the experience.

* * *

2) What were you taught about God as a child? Are your beliefs the same now? If not, how do they differ?

* * *

3) What practices (such as praying, meditating or going to religious services) bring you closer to God?

* * *

4) How do you envision God?

* * *

5) What is the purpose of life?

* * *

6) What takes you away from God?

* * *

7) Do you pray or ask for guidance in some other way?

* * *

8) If yes, how do you receive the answer?

* * *

9) What do you think God wants you to learn in this life, if anything?

* * *

10) What name do you give God?

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Divine Intuition 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Since I've been reading this type of material for quite awhile this didn't present that much that I haven't already read before. This would be a good book for beginners who are just starting to try to understand how to be more positive and how to apply the information.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book has a lot of encouraging and life moving quotes. The stories are very guiding and very personable. I have read it over and over, and meditated on various phrases. I would share this with every one...very positive and inspirational,
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is very practical and useful, nicely written and no 'woo woo'. Recommended it to friends. Loved it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
She hands you her core concepts easily in the first chapter and there is no need to wade through a lot of rhetoric to arrive at them. I didn't get lost in a maze of ideas and time consuming written exercises. Everthing was streamlined for someone who already feels stressed by not being on the right path and the minimal time consumption doesn't take from energy you don't have to spare. I am carrying this book with me and hugging it like a life preserver!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Fabulous! Her style and delivery of this very needed information is inspiring. I felt immediately empowered by her references to authentic power and I find myself reaching for it in difficult situations. I have bought this book for several of my friends.
Guest More than 1 year ago
DIVINE INTUITION is a total sensory delight! From the velvety soft feel of the book's jacket to the beautiful pictures and inspirational quotes, Lynn Robinson's book is a joy to read from cover to cover. Robinson's playful sense of humor ('... you may begin to wish that God's call came with Caller I.D.!') brings the lofty ideas of talking to God right down to Earth, and her experience helping people learn to listen to divine intuition is evident from the exercises, questions, and stories in her book. The big ideas in DIVINE INTUITION may take a while to grab you, but you'll know it when they do! This book is the perfect tool for change for anyone who longs to turn their life around, but doesn't know quite where to start... or for those who are facing difficult choices and wish there was a clear-cut best answer. While Robinson does not guarantee that you'll soon be hearing God's voice telling you exactly what to do next, she does suggest that we don't need to postpone our happiness. When we listen to our heart and hear what it has to say, we'll feel inspired to do and be what we most love.