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A Divine Revelation of Hell

A Divine Revelation of Hell

4.5 130
by Mary Baxter, T. L. Lowery (Foreword by)

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Heaven or hell?Over a period of forty days, God gave Mary K. Baxter visions of hell and commissioned her to tell all to choose life. Here is an account of the place and beings of hell contrasted with the glories of heaven. It is a reminder of the need each of us has for the miracle of salvation.


Heaven or hell?Over a period of forty days, God gave Mary K. Baxter visions of hell and commissioned her to tell all to choose life. Here is an account of the place and beings of hell contrasted with the glories of heaven. It is a reminder of the need each of us has for the miracle of salvation.

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Chapter 1 Into Hell

In March 1976 while I was praying at home, I had a visit from the Lord Jesus Christ. I had been praying in the Spirit for days when all at once I felt the very presence of God. His power and His glory filled the house. A brilliant light illuminated the room where I was praying, and a sweet and wonderful feeling came over me.

Lights flowed in billows, rolling and folding into one another and rolling over and out of each other. It was a spectacular sight! And then the voice of the Lord began to speak to me.

He said, "I am Jesus Christ, your Lord, and I wish to give you a revelation to prepare the saints for My return and to turn many to righteousness. The powers of darkness are real and My judgments are true."

"My child, I will take you into hell by My Spirit, and I will show you many things which I want the world to know. I will appear to you many times; I will take your spirit out of your body and will actually take you into hell."

"I want you to write a book and tell of the visions and of all the things I reveal to you. You and I will walk through hell together. Make a record of these things which were and are and are to come. My words are true, faithful and trustworthy. I Am That I Am, and there is none beside Me."

"Dear Lord," I cried out, "What do You want me to do?" My whole being wanted to cry out to Jesus, to acknowledge His presence. The best I can describe it is to say love came over me. It was the most beautiful, peaceful, joyful, powerful love I have ever felt.

God's praises began to flow from me. All at once I wanted to give Him my whole life to be used by Him, to help save people from their sin. I knew, by His Spirit, that it actually was Jesus the Son of God who was there in the room with me. I cannot find words to express His divine presence. But I know that I know it was the Lord.

"Behold, My child," Jesus said, "I am going to take you by My Spirit into hell so that you may be able to make a record of the reality of it, to tell the whole earth that hell is real, and to bring the lost out of darkness and into the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Instantly, my soul was taken out of my body. I went with Jesus up out of my room and into the sky. I knew all that was going on about me. I saw my husband and children asleep in our home below.

It was as though I had died and my body was left behind on the bed while my spirit was going with Jesus up through the top of the house. It seemed as though the whole roof was rolled back, and I could see my family asleep in their beds.

I felt the touch of Jesus as He said, "Fear not. They will be safe." He knew my thoughts.

I will try to the best of my ability to tell you step-by-step what I saw and felt. Some of the things I did not understand. The Lord Jesus told me the meaning of most of them, but some things He did not tell me.

I knew then, and I know now, that these things were really happening and only God could have shown them to me. Praise His holy name. People, believe me, hell is real. I was taken there by the Spirit many times during the preparation of this report.

Soon we were high into the heavens. I turned and looked at Jesus. He was full of glory and power, and such peace flowed from Him. He took my hand and said, "I love you. Fear not, for I am with you."

At that, we began to go even higher into the sky, and now I could see the earth below. Protruding out of the earth and scattered about in many places were funnels spinning around to a center point and then turning back again. These moved high above the earth and looked like a giant, dirty type of slinky that moved continuously. They were coming up from all over the earth. "What are these?" I asked the Lord Jesus as we came near to one.

"These are the gateways to hell," He said. "We will go into hell through one of them."

Immediately, we entered one of the funnels. Inside, it looked like a tunnel, spinning around and around and back again like a top.

A deep darkness descended on us, and with the darkness came a smell so horrible it took my breath away. Along the sides of this tunnel were living forms embedded in the walls. Dark gray in color, the forms moved and cried out to us as we passed. I knew without being told that they were evil.

The forms could move but were still attached to the walls. A horrible smell came from them, and they screeched at us with the most awful cries. I felt an invisible, evil force moving inside the tunnels.

At times in the darkness, I could make out the forms. A dirty fog covered most of them. "Lord, what are these?" I asked as I held on tightly to Jesus' hand.

He said, "These are evil spirits ready to be spewed out on the earth when Satan gives the orders."

As we were going down inside the tunnel, the evil forms laughed and called out to us. They tried to touch us, but could not because of the power of Jesus. The very air was polluted and dirty, and only the presence of Jesus kept me from screaming at the sheer horror.

Oh, yes, I had all my senses? I could hear, smell, see, feel and even taste the evil in this place. If anything, my senses had become more sensitive, and the odor and filth almost made me sick.

Screams filled the air as we came near the base of the tunnel. Piercing cries came up the dark tunnel to meet us. Sounds of all sorts filled the air. I could feel fear, death and sin all around me.

The worst odor I have ever smelled filled the air. It was the smell of decaying flesh, and it seemed to be coming from every direction. Never on earth had I felt such evil or heard such cries of despair. Soon I would find that these were the cries of the dead and that hell was filled with their wails.

I felt a gust of evil wind and a small suction force ahead of us. Lights like lightening or strobe flashes penetrated the black darkness and threw gray shadows on the walls. I could barely make out the form of something in front of me. I recoiled in shock when I realized that it was a large snake moving along ahead of us. As I continued to look, I saw those ugly snakes were slithering about everywhere.

Jesus said to me, "We will soon enter the left leg of hell. Ahead you will see great sorrow, pathetic sadness and indescribable horror. Stay close to Me, and I will give you strength and protection as we go through hell."

"The things you are about to see are a warning," He said. "The book you write will save many souls from hell. What you are seeing is real. Fear not, for I will be with you."

At long last, the Lord Jesus and I were at the bottom of the tunnel. We stepped out into hell. I will try to the best of my ability to tell you what I saw, and I will tell it in the order God gave it to me.

Ahead of us, as far as I could see, were flying objects darting here and there. Groaning sounds and pitiful cries filled the air. Up ahead I saw a dim light, and we began walking toward it. The path was a dry, powdery dirt. We were soon at the entrance to a small dark tunnel.

Some things I cannot put on paper; they were too awful to describe. The fear in hell could be tasted, and I knew if I had not been with Jesus I would not make it back. In the writing of this, some of the things I saw I do not understand, but the Lord knows all things, and He helped me understand most of what I saw.

Let me warn you? Don't go to that place. It is a horrid place of torments, excruciating pain and eternal sorrow. Your soul will always be alive. The soul lives forever. It is the real you, and your soul will go to either heaven or hell.

To those of you who think that hell is here on earth? Well, you are right? It is! Hell is in the center of the earth, and there are souls in torment there night and day. There are no parties in hell. No love. No compassion. No rest. Only a place of sorrow beyond your belief.

Meet the Author

Evangelist Mary K. Baxter was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and accepted Christ as her Savior at the age of nineteen. In 1976, while she was living in Belleville, Michigan, Jesus appeared to her in human form, in dreams, visions, and revelations. Mary was ordained as a minister in 1983 at the Full Gospel Church of God in Taylor, Michigan. The movement of the Holy Spirit is emphasized in all her services, and many miracles have occurred in them. From her Florida-based ministry, she travels the world telling her story of hell and her revelatory visits from the Lord. She has authored or coauthored a number of books, including A Divine Revelation of Hell, A Divine Revelation of Heaven, A Divine Revelation of the Spirit Realm, A Divine Revelation of Angels, A Divine Revelation of Spiritual Warfare, A Divine Revelation of Deliverance, A Divine Revelation of Prayer, and The Power of the Blood.

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A Divine Revelation of Hell 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 130 reviews.
Dunamis More than 1 year ago
I just want to start out by thanking God for this informative revelation on the reality of a hungry hell. I've been saved now for almost three years and glad about it. This year has been a pressing year, I've experience some hurtful church hurt. God knew I was going to go through it before it happen, and I knew he with me, even though I could've swore I was by myself at times. I had to learn that: so as Christ suffered in the flesh to arm myself LIKEWISE. I would still go to church but I some where else in my mind. I was so bitter and angry I could even think straight because of the pain. I wasn't praising God with the saints because I was so stuck and angry. And after awhile I knew it was a stronghold that I was dealing with. Because when I finally wanted to praise God around others, it seemed something was holding me down. I kinded of went into a depression state, But I knew God,and His undying love for me was real. I didn't want to be at that church no more, but I was determined that if it happen there, I will get delivered there, and get it right with the person with LOVE and defeat the devil. Because one thing have I desired of the Lord in that will I seek after, is that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life to behold the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in His temple. We need the fear of the Lord in our lives to carry out a holy life and to be pleasing in His eyes. I wanted to get it right with the person but I didn't know how, and didn't know what to say. One last thing, I didn't want them to think that they had the upper hand on me. One day I was on the computer and something pressed in my spirit to find out about hell. So I google it. I couldn't find no answers, then the want to find out more about hell became important. Then something hit me. I remembered like over a year ago, so one dear to me told me about this book. I called around then got on the NET and came to the barnes and noble website, got 3 books The devine revelation of Heaven, Hell, the Spirit Realm. The Spirit Realm I read in 9 hours, I couldn't put it down. Then I read the hell one and boy did i ever receive a break through. A great fear and reverance for God returned to me. I remembered reading about the woman who's in hell right now quoting the scriptures, who committed suicide. She just wouldn't forgive her husband who cheated on her, and she wasn't so nice to God after that. She stopped reading the word, praying, and fasting. Jesus was there to comfort her but she would listen. She killed her husband and the other woman. Satan took over her and she killed herself. Even though that was not my situation I still was able to use this to help me to get it right. It showed me how important it is to forgive and turned it over to God. Unforgiveness only leads to desruction. I must give the praise report that I have forgiven the person, and was able to go to them and apologize for grudging, and unforgiveness I've had towards them. Thank you Mary for being obedient in every way for God to use you. These books have brought tears to my eyes plenty of times and I've shared my book with others. I even shared the knowledge and revelation of the book with others and it has blessed their souls. Please and I Pray that you would continue to be a willing vessel for God to use. Be encourage the work is not in vain. My soul has been delivered!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book really caught my attention because i experience some of the same things. As i began reading this book i could not put it down and i know that she was really telling the truth because i have experienced some of the same things.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is a MUST READ book! Everything you have ever thought about HELL is likely explained very well. It puts your life back to the right path and better it gives the confidence to let the devil know that you're not his slave. Which allows you to be baptized and saved to our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I must say ever since i read this book now i feel i really believe in hell. Me and my son father read this book years ago but everytime i come across it on my bookshelf i find myself reading it again now that i have read that one book i find myself on the website of every christian book store trying to find more and more of her books. And now that i've found them through barnes and nobles i will be spending about a good $150 on my reading material. Thank you mary k.Baxter because of you i have started to read more christian books and hang around more christian stores. Keep up the good work...
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is probably one of the most powerful and inspiration books I've ever read. It is powerful in the fact that it goes into great detail about the unknown realities of HELL. It is inspiring in the fact that it will truly make you think about the direction life is headed in. If you were to die while reading this review, would your soul have a life of eternity in Heaven with the Father and the Son or would your soul spend eternity in HELL? There really ain't much to think about because you already know. If there is any doubt in your mind about the reality of Heaven or HELL, please read this book. If you are a believer in CHRIST, please read this book. If you need a little motivation to do the right thing by giving you life to God, please read this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
You will never be the same after reading this book! It has changed my life and caused me to find Jesus. You will find that good people go to hell and good deeds do not get you into heavens! It is only through JESUS that we can find salvation!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I like to read alot of sci fi books this was never one i would have picked up for myself. This book was given to me to read by my sister who was in church faithfully i will admit after i began the book it scared the mess out of me i had a dream years befor i read it and it started out just like the begining pages of this book i never reached as far down as she did, but it was like reliving a dream writen on paper i never told anyone the dream until after i read this book. I never saw hell but i was on my way there one night in a dream i woke up befor i entered. I know some people think what people write can't be inspired by the Lord but he chooses whom ever he pleases to do what he ask it is on the that person to do it and if you don't someone else will i plan on being used by God when he calls for me. p.s. I read this in 1996 it is now 2007
Guest More than 1 year ago
The horrors of the demons changed my veiws on the afterlife. I have learned many things in this book that I have never even heard of. I am a thirteen year old in middle school and is surrounded by sinners. This book allowed me to report the pain and torment that lurks in hell. I would like to give a big thanks to Mary Baxter!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Is the popular "Once Saved Always Saved" theology true? Or... can Christians really end up in hell? There's so many other authors that have had similar visions of heaven and hell and have claimed to see backslidden Christians in hell.... that I really question the "OSAS" teaching now. Not that you get to heaven by works. It's still by Grace, and Grace only.... but just as you chose to accept Christ, you still have the free will to reject Christ. Is the will of a "saved" person stronger than God's saving grace? Or, is God's grace stronger than a person's will. In other words, if a Christian decides to harbor unforgiveness, bitterness, and hatred towards someone... and continues to hold on to it for years.. until the day that he dies........... Is God's grace sufficient to forgive his unrepentance? ........ Or, will God's grace be cancelled because God honors that person's choice to turn his back on Him? You decide. We'll never know with absolute certainty where God draws the line. But, if I were you I'd rather not play games with my Salvation and Eternity.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Whether you are a believer or not this book is a must read. It is an awesome and fantastic journey that the Lord takes her on and a most revealing one. I am certain that you should be scared straight or you are truly hardhearted and unwilling to change. I believe that this book can help to transform a life if you take it to heart and through prayer seek God for understanding of what she has expressed and experienced. There is no doubt in my mind that you will probably receive some witness to things you may have already been shown but maybe weren't certain that you saw what you thought you saw. I would most definitely recommend this book!
BobbyRG More than 1 year ago
When the Bible says "fear him who can destroy you body and soul in hell", some interpret that as being annihilated. When we get into the greek meaning, we see it means "destroy the function". There is no greek word in the Bible for annihilate. If we take a light bulb and throw it on the ground, the function of it is destroyed. We didn't annihilate it. Everyone should read this book and decide for themselves if the author really experience the things she said she experienced. She sounds pretty convincing to me. I have to recommend this book, if not for what I believe to be the truth, then the emotional roller coaster it took me through. This is easy reading and is great for teenagers and young adults.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read this incredible book in '03'This book helped me to realize how wronge iv been.I acepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I'll never look back.Hes bin the best thing in my life, I Love Him.This book opend my eyes to the Truth. God Bless u Mary
Guest More than 1 year ago
Just reading this book in 4 hours was something to consider giving your life over to who is really in control of your life-GOD.This book let me think that this life is only temparory and enternal life is eternity with my savior Jesus Christ. Read this book and see deep within where your faith lies and let God be your guidance in all your choices you make. It's a scary thought to there with the ones who made a bad decision because they believed in things of this world. To Mary Kay Baxter you are the vessel God intended you to be.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book was a book you would not see me reading but i did like it... i like how she would tell her exp in hell what she had went through and what happend when the lored left her in hell...
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am only so grateful and thankful to our Divine Saviour for His Loving kindness and mercy He shows upon mankind by using Mary K.Baxter as an instrument to let us know what can happen to us if we refuse to follow His Commandments! Yes, He is a God of Love but do not forget that He is also a God of Justice as sin cannot tolerate His presence and Jesus had to pay such a high price that is with His own life as a ransom for us all! Yet if people refuse His grace and mercy, they condemn themselves as the Bible is so clear in Luke 16:23, Rev 14:10,11 ,Matt 25:41 ,2 Peter 2:4, Jude :6, Isa 33:14, Rev 20:10, Matt 5:29, Matt10:28, Prov 15:24, Prov 9:18, etc. God is so clear as He informs us through His Word that Hell is so real! I for one knows that because Jesus showed me Hell thru a dream and I saw it as a place of fire. It was like I was high up looking down and I saw an endless sea of fire which seems alive! It sure was enough for me to change my life around and follow and have a personal relation-ship with our Loving Saviour Jesus Christ! I really feel sorry for all those people who are unable to see the truth about the reality of Hell as they are being binded by satan! I strongly encourage those people to read the Holy Bible properly again! God in His great love, compassion and mercy is sharing with us thru Mary K. Baxter, about the reality of Hell and if people do not believe it, they cannot blame God when they end up there! I pray that God will heal their spiritual blindness and deafness before it is too late for them! God Bless!
Guest More than 1 year ago
After reading the book, I rededicated my life straight away and want to do right for God. Earth is temporary but the pain in hell is eternal. This book is real. Please believe, for you will reap your reward in heaven. I have heard someone who had died and was alive again..he too told people of what he saw in heaven (the famous Korean preacher).
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book has helped me spiritually. I Thank God for given his son. I also thank Christ for the person that has wrote this book. It was life changing for me as well. I love all your books and just learned that there is one i did not read. I have to have it. Again I Thank Christ for you and i have truly been blessed by it I have passed it on and always encourage people to read the book. I had my experince with Christ when I read spiritual realm. Christ revealed himself to me because I got a little scared while reading it. Christ let me know that he was right there with me and to keep on rading don't give up. So to all non-believers just know that christ is real and you will spend life somewhere. Make heaven your choice. And to all believers keep me and prayer and I will do the same for you we will let our light shine no matter what. Mary keep on keeping on and I am praying for you, write some more books and make the enemy upset. Your friend in Christ
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am so pleased to see soo many positive reviews about this book! I recommend this book to any and everyone. I feel that this book will truly bring souls to Christ and lead individuals on the track to heaven and not hell. We are here on earth for one purpose and that is to bring souls to God. This book outlines hell and details how horrible it is. This book touched my life while I was in college in ~ 1998. Since then I have never forgotten this book. I continue to this date to tell others about it. It is very profound. I feel that God is all powerful and can do whatever he likes. So if he did not outline the massive horror of hell in the bible that does not mean that it is not so! It does not mean that he is not God and could not have touched the heart of Mrs. Baxter and revealed this to her. God is almighty and so Great- I feel that Mrs. Baxter is crying out to individuals who read this book and pleading with them to make sure that they are heaven bound! All praises to God who sustains us. Please pass this book on to as many as possible. Everyone deserves the chance to obtain Heaven and miss hell all together. This book will touch your life and the lives of whomever reads it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I found this to be a very informative and thought provoking book. I shared it with many whom I felt led to share with. It has helped those to understand that Hell is Real and that we would want to miss it. Don't wait and wonder read and study for yourself.Some parts may not seem true to you but what if it is all real? Just try Jesus for yourself. God is Wonderful All the Time!
Guest More than 1 year ago
My cousin gave me this book to read back in 2003. After reading it I cried, beacuse I knew that I did not want to spend eternity in hell. Since reading the book I have passed it on to family members and recommended it to friends. Until tonight, I didn't know that Mrs. Baxter had written more books. I am going to invest in all of her books!!! I will strongly encourage friends and family to do so as well. I really do think that there should be a movie about this book! people are quick to go to the theaters to see a movie than they are to pick up a book. I really do believe that there will be more people getting save and giving there life to God! The book is based on true events makes it more interested to the people. I know that the book has changed a lot of people lives after reading it, because it changed me in some ways and made me really think about where I want to go if I die today. Mrs. Baxter, a movie is needed, and yes, I would be delighted to appear in it! :) Please email me back to tell me what you think and should I look for the movie at theaters some day! Sincerely Cindy Brown.
Guest More than 1 year ago
every christian should read this book. we MUST share the Gospel with non believers and lead them to christ... i was forever grateful that i know jesus and i believe in his name.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wow!! when i first read this book i was kinda scared of what i was gonna endure reading. But i was wrong this book taught me soo much. I know now that were ever i choose to go im gonna be there for the rest of the eternity. And i know that now. I realy dont wanna spend my eternity in hell sufering in pain and listening to the demons scream!! it was a great book!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book put the holy ghost boldness I once had in me again. I recommend you let everyone you know read this book especially if thier not saved.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago