Divorce Boxing: Poems

Divorce Boxing: Poems

by David Chapman Berry, D. C. Berry

A collection of poems by D.C. Berry.


A collection of poems by D.C. Berry.

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Walt McDonald
"D.C. Berry's poems in Divorce Boxing blend earthy wit and insights, like a good tall tale. I'm touched and entertained by the comedy and clear-eyed honesty of Berry's metaphors. His poems insist, Listen, there's this mundane world we're trapped in, with its toupees, divorce courts and obligations—including parents aging and dying—and there's the irresistible world of daydreams—romantic, righteous, and erotic."
Coleman Barks
"Dave Berry reminds me of that rusty crow in Wallace Stevens' 'No Possum, No Sop, No Taters,'

Bright is the malice in his eye. . . .

One joins him there for company,
But at a distance, in another tree.

But this is a more high-spirited wasteland than that, full of lusty language and tasty fallings-in and out of love. I like cruising it."

Dana Gioia
"At once lyric and satiric, this always delightful and occasionally scary book not only documents 'the woe that is in marriage' but it also reveals the surreal goofiness of being single again. D.C. Berry has not just written a compelling book. He has also crafted a deeply humane one."

Meet the Author

D.C. BERRY (David Chapman Berry) is a professor of English at The Center for Writers, The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He has been published in journals too numerous to list, and in several anthologies of Southern writing. He has received grants from The Southern Federation of States Arts Agencies and the Mississippi Arts Commission. His first book was Saigon Cemetery, The University of Georgia Press, 1972.

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