DMZ, Volume 1: On the Ground

DMZ, Volume 1: On the Ground

by Brian Wood, Riccardo Burchielli, Riccardo Burchielli

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The main character, Matthew Roth, is an aspiring photojournalist interning with Liberty News. For some reason the network sends Matthew into a war zone with one of their news teams. The assignment doesn't go smoothly; Matthew's helicopter is shot down and he is stranded in the DMZ, aka Manhattan. The second civil war is being fought, and the DMZ is a kind of no-man's-land between the two armies. Matthew is shown around the DMZ by a woman named Zee, who runs a makeshift health clinic; meets a squad of paramilitary soldiers called The Ghosts, who have set up an eco-system underneath what used to be Central Park; and gets caught in the middle of the US invasion of lower Manhattan. Despite the chaos and danger, Matthew decides to stay so that he can tell the world what's really happening in the DMZ. This graphic novel does a great job of capturing the chaos, terror and suddenness of war. It is timely and has some interesting things to say about the press. I would have liked more back story, to find out how a group of home grown militias could form their own country and fight the US Army to a standstill. I also have trouble believing that Matthew would survive: the DMZ is portrayed as an interesting series of neighborhoods, but it's still a war-zone. On the Ground contains combat sequences, graphic violence, and profanity (I counted over 100 f-bombs) and is recommended for library collections catering to older YAs. It would also fit well in the adult collection. KLIATT Codes: SA--Recommended for senior high school students, advanced students, and adults. 2006, DC Comics, Vertigo Line, 128p. illus., $9.99.. Ages 15 to adult.
—George Galuschak
School Library Journal

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In a not too distant future, America has undergone its second civil war. New Jersey and inland have deemed themselves "the Free States," while Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island are still known as "The United States of America." Stuck in the middle of these warring sides is Manhattan, now known as the DMZ. Fledgling photojournalist Matty Roth is sent with a news crew to film the story from the inside-something no news organization has been able to do. Once his aircraft lands, his crewmates are slaughtered and their helicopter blown up. Matty, committed to revealing the horrors of living in a war zone, must learn to survive if he wants to expose the truth. Readers will be riveted by Matty's story of not only physical survival, but also of his determination to keep his emotional health stable. Dark, engaging, and addictive, this story line will create instant fans of its readers. Wood's depiction of a war-ravaged Manhattan spares nothing-the horrors, the brutality, and the senselessness of war are clearly depicted. This volume should be of high consideration in public libraries looking for solid titles for older teens. Give it to fans of Brian K. Vaughan's "Ex Machina" series (Wildstorm). They will appreciate the mix of action and smart political commentary.
—Jennifer FeigelmanCopyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

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DMZ Series, #1
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