Do Dogs Need Shrinks?: What to Do When Man's Best Friend Misbehaves

Do Dogs Need Shrinks?: What to Do When Man's Best Friend Misbehaves

by Peter Neville

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British animal behaviorist Neville shares moments in the ``working life of a dog shrink'' in this cheerful and charming guide to treating problems mundane or extreme. First, he summarizes the conventional information about canine evolution, behavior and natural skills, throwing in plenty of anecdotes and incidental asides (we learn, for example, that the largest recorded litter consisted of 23 puppies, born to a foxhound). Then, like a fused Ann Landers and Doctor Doolittle, he attends to correspondence from dog owners troubled about everything from excessive barking and housebreaking infractions to canine cannibalism and self-mutilation. Sensibly and often humorously, Neville prescribes specific, practical plans that testify to his understanding of both dogs and humans. Although some animal-welfare workers may disagree with the author's stance against ``unnecessary'' neutering, he serves the pet population well by explaining how to reform those canine criminals otherwise destined for the pound. (July)

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