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Does God Forgive Me?

Does God Forgive Me?

by August Gold, Diane Hardy Waller (Photographer)

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“What if something I say hurts one of my friends?”
“Then God gives you new words that help to heal and mend.”
“And if my mistakes pile up to the sky?”
“Then God helps you correct them so they don’t multiply.”

Will God still love us if we do bad things? Will we be forgiven if we hurt a


“What if something I say hurts one of my friends?”
“Then God gives you new words that help to heal and mend.”
“And if my mistakes pile up to the sky?”
“Then God helps you correct them so they don’t multiply.”

Will God still love us if we do bad things? Will we be forgiven if we hurt a friend’s feelings? Using simple, everyday examples that children can relate to, this colorful book helps young readers understand the importance of apologizing and reconciling after we’ve done something wrong.

A vibrant and fun way for children to develop a deeper understanding of God, this book gently guides children down their own path of spiritual discovery … and reminds us all that God will always love us.

Editorial Reviews

Skipping Stones

Does God Forgive Me? ; by August Gold; photos by Diane Hardy Waller (SkyLight Paths). Endorsed by Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Bhuddist religious leaders, this book introduces children to the ideas of forgiveness and reconciliation, and gently shows how God forgives us if we are truly sorry. Ages 3–6. ISBN: 1-59473-142-X.

Spirituality & Health - Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

You are never too young nor too old to consider the power and importance of forgiveness. Children's emotions explode, they yell at siblings, throw plates of food on the floor, kick toys to the floor or say things they don't mean, like "I hate you." But moms and dads are there to forgive and model what it means. They don't expect a perfect child and they know what it means to make mistakes themselves. Kids wonder whether God will be so understanding and forgiving. The best we can say is: "No matter what you say or what you ever do, God's loving heart Never closes to you."

You can bank on that! God's love doesn't punish and doesn't blame and is always there to welcome us back. That's a gigantic love that calls us to the work of apologizing and reconciling.

"God's forgiveness is forever no ifs or ands or buts! God forgives every one of us no matter why or when or what!"

August Gold covers the essentials of forgiveness and makes it relevant to those who are ages 3 through 6 years. She is founder and spiritual director of Sacred Center in New York City and the author of the award-winning Where Does God Live? and Does God Hear My Prayers? The photographs in this paperback are by Diane Hardy Waller. Does God Forgive Me? is multicultural, nondenominational, nonsectarian and endorsed by Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Buddhist religious leaders.

Association of Jewish Libraries - Linda R. Silver

Gold, August. Does God Forgive Me? Photographs by Diane Hardy Waller. Woodstock, VT: Skylight Paths, 2006. 32pp. $8.99. ISBN:1-59473-142-X. Pbk.

The author, an interfaith minister and spiritual educator, has written a book intended for children of all religions to remind them that God will always love them, despite their misdeeds. Those include being mean, fighting with siblings, making mistakes, taking something that isn't one's own, etc. The emphasis is on forgiveness of sin. Full-color photographs feature children and adults of all races plus animals. Some of the photos do not match the text with which they are supposed to correspond. Touted by the publisher as "multicultural, nondenominational and nonsectarian," Does God Forgive Me? is given the subject heading "Forgiveness—Religious Aspects—Christianity" in the CIP data. It is not a recommended purchase for Jewish libraries. Meant for Kdg.–Gr.1.

Andrea Davidson, The Temple-Tifereth Israel, Beachwood, Ohio. DOES

Children's Literature
In this dialog between parents and children, children are assured of God's love even if they do something wrong. The words of adults are in large print. The words of children appear as if printed by a child. Parents do not expect perfection because, "Even parents make mistakes," but children are encouraged to say they are sorry and make amends. In spite of bad behavior, from tantrums to stealing, God continues to welcome, love, and forgive. God helps one correct mistakes. The text is in rhymed, four-line verse. Large bright photographs of children show the various emotions involved in wrong doing and its aftermath. A lamb, mother and baby elephant, and a dog running off with a baseball cap stand in for the children in some tight spots. This book will be a helpful discussion starter on the subject. 2006, Skylight Paths Publishing, Ages 3 to 6.
—Carlee Hallman

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3 - 6 Years

Meet the Author

August Gold, founder and former spiritual director of Sacred Center New York, is an award-winning author, and has served as an inspirational teacher and counselor in New York City for twenty years. She speaks nationally and internationally at conferences and organizations, and is the author of several books, including The Prayer Chest (Doubleday), Prayer Partners (Harmony/Random House), Does God Hear My Prayer? and Does God Forgive Me? (both SkyLight Paths).

Diane Hardy Waller is a freelance photographer living in New York.

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