Dog Donovan

Dog Donovan

by Diana Hendry, Margaret Chamberlain

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The Donovans are afraid of so many things that the family gets a dog from the animal shelter to protect them.


The Donovans are afraid of so many things that the family gets a dog from the animal shelter to protect them.

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The seven Donovans are all scared of something, be it the dark, spiders, night noises, doctor's shots, or even, in the case of the youngest Donovan, one's own shadow. To find a dog to protect them, they visit an animal shelter, where they choose Hero, a huge, gangly cross between a wolf hound and a Great Dane. Hero, alas, proves even more fearful than the Donovans. Fortunately, in comforting their bumbling pet, family members learn to cope with their own terrors. Old Woman Donovan bravely shoos away a spider, and young Hercules reassures the trembling dog, ``A shadow is nothing to be scared of. Look! I can make mine dance!'' Though the plot is simple and predictable, Hendry's (Double Vision) dry wit and Chamberlain's (A Piece of String Is a Wonderful Thing) spry watercolors suggest the endearing bustle and bedlam of the Donovan home. Children may not understand the humor of Dad Donovan's phobia of ``letters in window envelopes,'' but they will surely enjoy Dog Donovan's small triumphs. Ages 4-up. (Mar.)
Children's Literature - Meredith Kiger
A fun book about the quirky personalities and habits of the Donovan family and its dog, Hero. Each of the seven Donovans is scared of something, so they adopt Hero to protect them. But, Hero turns out to be scared of everything, even his own shadow. Each family member tries to help Hero with his fears. The exaggerated drawings and funny text, that are sure to get a laugh from youngsters, aptly portray the peculiarities of the Donovans. 1996 (orig.
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 1-2-A cursory tale of a family that finds an unusual way to conquer its fears. Seven Donovans live in a creaky old house, and they are all afraid of something, from spiders and night noises to envelopes with windows-until they visit a shelter and get Hero, a huge dog who's afraid of everything. In comforting him, the humans find their own anxieties vanishing like soap bubbles, in a way that few readers will find convincing. Chamberlain's vigorous watercolor-and-ink illustrations feature an ungainly, donkey-sized dog prancing through spacious, brightly lit rooms; cowering under furniture; or flowing across several laps at once. He's an appealing pet that deserves a more developed story.-John Peters, New York Public Library

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8.49(w) x 10.24(h) x 0.17(d)
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2 - 7 Years

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