The Dog-Next-Year

The Dog-Next-Year

by Carmelita McGrath, Nancy Keating

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Children's Literature
Lissa is a little girl who wants a dog more than anything else in the whole world. She dreams about having a puppy to play with every day. Her parents explain to her that a dog is a big responsibility and that maybe next year when she is seven she will be old enough for the responsibility. Lissa is very excited by the thought of having a dog; she even imagines what the dog will look like and what they will do together. All year long Lissa dreams of her dog and waits for her seventh birthday. Lissa does get a dog but it is not the dog of her dreams. Her grandparents have to move to a new apartment and cannot take their dog, Jingles, with them. So, Jingles comes to live with Lissa and her parents. Lissa is very disappointed because Jingles is not the dog she was dreaming of; he is not a puppy. Lissa decides she is not going to like Jingles. However, she discovers that Jingles is not all bad. He plays with her, keeps her company, and brings her gifts. Jingles loves Lissa and she begins to love him, even though he is not the dog of her dreams. Nancy Keating's illustrations are drenched with color and capture Lissa's world vividly. 2001, Tuckamore Books,
— Maureen Boyle

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5 - 9 Years

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