Doing the Voices

Doing the Voices

by Jeremy Brooks

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The thread that holds together these four long stories by British screenwriter, playwright, and novelist Brooks is the necessity we face at various times in our lives of making important moral choices. An exploration of the different ways in which we arrive at such a juncture is the focus of the work. In ``I'll Fight You'' the adolescent leader of a group of school children playing guerrilla in wartime Wales suddenly faces the realization that fighting gets you nowhere. In ``A Value'' a besotted old poet decides he must ``bomb'' the House of Commons to arouse people's indignation over the current state of national affairs. In the title story an itinerant ex-carney decides he must leave a cushy job when he realizes his employer puts money before people. Brooks proves himself a master of characterization in these effectively simple, quietly uplifting tales. Well recommended. David W. Henderson, Eckerd Coll. Lib., St. Petersburg, Fl.

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