Domestic Violence: A Reference Handbook / Edition 2

Domestic Violence: A Reference Handbook / Edition 2

by Margi Laird McCue

ISBN-10: 1851097791

ISBN-13: 9781851097791

Pub. Date: 12/28/2007

Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated

Domestic Violence: A Reference Handbook provides straightforward and objective coverage that considers all aspects of the issue through a careful combination of facts, statistics, case studies, and victims' stories.

This volume in ABC-CLIO's Contemporary World Issues series examines the causes and historical roots of domestic violence,

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Domestic Violence: A Reference Handbook provides straightforward and objective coverage that considers all aspects of the issue through a careful combination of facts, statistics, case studies, and victims' stories.

This volume in ABC-CLIO's Contemporary World Issues series examines the causes and historical roots of domestic violence, providing the facts and analyses to foster a better understanding. The work analyzes the complex dynamics of domestic violence from three perspectives—legal, social, and psychological. This reference is an important source of information for those touched by domestic violence and for those seeking to understand it.

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Contemporary World Issues Series
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Table of Contents

Preface     xi
Background and History     1
What Is Domestic Violence?     2
Domestic Violence as a Form of Oppression     5
The Domestic Violence Movement     5
What Does Domestic Violence Look Like?     6
Emotional Abuse     6
Sexual Abuse     7
Physical Abuse     8
Who Are the Perpetrators?     9
Why Some Men Batter     11
Psychopathology Theory     12
Social Learning Theory     13
Biological Theory     14
Family Systems Theory     14
Feminist Theory     15
Institutional Influences on Domestic Violence     16
Characteristics of Battered Women     17
The Effects of Domestic Violence on Women Psychological Effects     18
Learned Helpnessness     19
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder     19
The Stockholm Syndrome     20
"Crazy" Behavior     20
Psychoanalytic Self Psychology     21
Other Effects of Domestic Violence on Women     21
Children Who Witness Domestic Violence     22
How Does Witnessing Domestic Violence Affect Children?     23
Resiliency ofChildren Who Are Exposed to Violence     25
References     27
Problems, Controversies, and Solutions     29
Myths and Facts     29
Myth: Domestic Violence is Not Common     29
Myth: Men and Women Abuse Each Other Equally     30
Myth: Alcohol and Drugs Cause Domestic Violence     30
Myth: Domestic Violence Only Happens in Urban Areas, in Low-Income Families, or to People of Color     30
Myth: If It Were Really That Bad, She Would Just Leave     31
How Extensive Is the Problem?     31
Are Women Always the Victims and Men Always the Perpetrators?     33
Male Victims of Domestic Violence     33
Domestic Violence in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Relationships     35
Are Societal Influences a Major Cause of Domestic Violence?     36
The Relationship of Alcohol and Drugs to Domestic Violence     36
The Relationship of the Media to Domestic Violence     37
The Relationship of Race, Class, and Gender to Domestic Violence     39
Can't She Just Leave?     52
What Help Do Battered Women Seek?     53
The Shortcomings of Resources Available to Battered Women     53
Risk Factors     56
What Action Do Some Women Take When They Run Out of Options?     61
Battered Women Who Kill Their Abusers     62
Some Proposed Solutions     64
Coordinated Community Response     64
The Safety of Children     66
An Ecological Perspective     69
Prevention, Intervention, and Accountability     70
The Need for Education to Bring About Social Change     72
References     72
Worldwide Perspective     77
The Extent and Seriousness of Global Domestic Violence     78
Domestic Violence as a Human Rights Issue     79
Human Rights Documents, UN Declarations, and Treaties     80
CEDAW     84
Cultural Influences on Domestic Violence     88
Domestic Violence Throughout the World     89
Latin American and the Caribbean     89
Middle East and North Africa     91
Japan     93
Russian Federation     94
Cambodia     97
China     100
India     102
Western Europe     103
2005 WHO Study     106
Conclusion     109
References     110
Chronology     117
References      152
Biographical Sketches     153
Abigail Adams     153
Susan B. Anthony     154
Joseph Biden     155
William Blackstone     156
Barbara Boxer     156
Susan Brownmiller     157
Sarah Buel     158
Helene Deutsch     159
Andrea Dworkin     160
Charlotte Fedders     160
Barbara J. Hart     161
Karen Horney     162
Francine Hughes     162
Mimi Kim     163
Dorothy L. (Del) Martin     163
John Stuart Mill     164
Lucretia Coffin Mott     165
Erin Pizzey     165
Beth Richie     166
Susan Schechter     166
Andrea Smith     167
Elizabeth Cady Stanton     168
Gloria Steinem     169
Tina Turner     170
Lenore Walker     170
Carolyn West     171
Facts, Data, and Documents     173
The Extent, Impact, and Cost of Domestic Violence in the United States     174
The Extent of Domestic Violence in Our Society     174
The Impact and Cost of Domestic Violence to Our Society      174
Domestic Violence and Health Care     177
Domestic Violence and Welfare     178
Domestic Violence and the Military     178
Response to Domestic Violence by the Federal Government     180
The Violence Against Women Act 1994     180
The Violence Against Women Act 2000 Reauthorization     183
The VAWA 2005 Reauthorization     184
President's Family Justice Center Initiative     185
Safe From the Start     178
Community Response to Domestic Violence     188
Victims' Social Services     188
Victim Legal Services     195
Educational Institutions     198
The Workplace     199
Religious Institutions     200
The Media     203
The Men's Movement     203
Psychological Community     204
Sociological Community     205
The Ecological Perspective     205
Conclusion     206
References     207
Directory of Organizations     211
National Organizations     211
State Domestic Violence Coalitions     225
International Organizations     247
Resources      255
Anthologies     255
Books     259
Articles     274
Curricula, Manuals, and Handbooks     285
Newsletters, Journals, and Professional Publications     288
Video, DVD, and Film     290
Web Sites     310
Glossary     313
Index     319
About the Author     329

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