Domestication of Media and Technology

Domestication of Media and Technology

by Maren Hartmann, Thomas Berker, Yves Punie, Katie Ward

ISBN-10: 0335217699

ISBN-13: 9780335217694

Pub. Date: 12/28/2005

Publisher: Open University Press

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Part I. Updating domestication: Theory and its history

2. What’s ‘home’ got to do with it? Contradictory dynamics in the domestication of technology and the dislocation of domesticity

3. Domestication: the enactment of technology

4. Domestication running wild. From the moral economy of the household to the mores of a culture

5. The triple articulation of ICTs. Media as technological objects, symbolic environments and individual texts

6. Empirical studies using the domestication framework

II. Applying domestication: Empirical work

7. “Fitting the internet into our lives” IT courses for disadvantaged users

8. The bald guy just ate an orange. Domestication, work and home

9. Making a ‘home’. The domestication of Information and Communication Technologies in single parents’ households

10. From cultural to information revolution. ICT domestication by middle-class Chinese families

11. Domestication at work in small businesses

III. Outlook

12. Domesticating domestication. Reflections on the life of a concept

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