Don Coyote: The Good and Bad Times of a Maligned American Original

Don Coyote: The Good and Bad Times of a Maligned American Original

by Dayton O. Hyde

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Though he discusses observing wild coyotes and hand-raising coyote pups, Hyde's primary and most compelling theme in his latest book is the harmonious interdependence of species in any successful ecosystem. Surrounded by ranchers bent on wiping out coyotes and other pests with guns, poison, and other sophisticated weapons, Hyde instead actively encouraged the presence of predator and prey on his Oregon cattle ranch. He even built a dam to re-create an ancient lake. The result was a banner year: solar heat trapped by lake water moderated frosts, causing grasses and marsh plants to flourish. Because coyotes stayed well fed by small prey the new meadows supported, Hyde lost no calves to them. His beef fattened well on the natural forage, while insects were checked by birds the lake attracted. Readers will enjoy Hyde's graceful writing, good humor, and cogent arguments for working with, not against, nature. Laurie Tynan, Huntingdon Cty. Lib., Pa.

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