Donovan's Word Jar

Donovan's Word Jar

by Monalisa DeGross

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Hazel Rochman
ger for reading aloud. Some of Donavan's friends collect marbles or coins or comics or buttons. He collects words. He writes down words he finds--from "ballyhoo" blazing across a billboard to "nutrition" on the cereal box--and keeps them all in a jar. When the jar is full, he asks his parents, his third-grade teacher, and his grandma how to keep his words safe, until he realizes that words are meant to be shared. The message in this first chapter book is upbeat, almost a fable at times, with echoes of the mythic genie in a jar; but the story is also rooted in the everyday world of Donovan's affectionate African American family. Above all, the words themselves are a delight: silly words such as "squabble" and "bamboozle", soft words like "hush", mysterious words like "hieroglyphic", people words like "cantankerous". The words surprise you with their sound and their meaning. Kids will see that language is play and that it makes people a community. The many full-page illustrations were not seen in galley, but the warm cover will pull readers in.

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