Don't Believe the Swipe: Finding Love without Losing Yourself

Don't Believe the Swipe: Finding Love without Losing Yourself

by Mandy Hale
Don't Believe the Swipe: Finding Love without Losing Yourself

Don't Believe the Swipe: Finding Love without Losing Yourself

by Mandy Hale


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Don't let the swipe rule your life

Online dating. Dating apps. Texting. Social media. Endless swiping in search of forever love. It seems like the more ways technology offers to "connect" us, the less connected we actually are. Modern dating is not for the faint of heart!

Don't Believe the Swipe is not your mother's dating guide. It isn't about "landing a man" or learning to "think like a man" or "getting any man to fall in love with you"; it's about falling in love with yourself and then extending that love to every aspect of your life—including your love life. It's about learning to date without surrendering your power. It's about choosing yourself, regardless of whether someone swipes right or swipes left.

Funny, fresh, and relevant to today's crazy dating world, this book is sure to become your go-to modern dating guide. New York Times bestselling author Mandy Hale draws on her own hilarious and often jaw-dropping experiences to illustrate what it means to stop believing the swipe and start finding love without losing yourself.

There is a way to date with dignity, to refuse to let the swipe rule your life, to stand confident in your worth, and to not settle for less than you deserve. This book is that way.

"I am so happy to have this new book by Mandy Hale to help me think and laugh my way to finding the love of my life."—Yvette Nicole Brown, actress, comedian, writer, and TV host

"Where has this book been all my life? It's seriously the last dating book I'll ever need."—Krista Allen, actress, comedian, recovering believer in the swipe

"This book cuts through the fog of modern dating and reconnects us to our single most important relationship—the relationship we have with ourselves."—Devyn Simone, celebrity matchmaker, dating expert, and TV host

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ISBN-13: 9780800738839
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/20/2021
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 1,098,538
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

About The Author
Mandy Hale is a blogger turned New York Times bestselling author and speaker. Creator of the social media movement The Single Woman, Mandy cuts to the heart of single life with her inspirational, straight-talking, witty takes on life and love. Named a "Twitter Powerhouse" by the Huffington Post, a "Woman of Influence" by the Nashville Business Journal, one of the "Top-Ten Most Inspirational Instagram Accounts to Follow" by Good Morning America, and a "Single in the City" by Nashville Lifestyles magazine, she has also been featured in Forbes magazine, on, and many other media outlets. She is the author of The Single Woman, I've Never Been to Vegas but My Luggage Has, Beautiful Uncertainty, and You Are Enough. She lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Table of Contents

Modern Dating Dictionary 11

Prologue 19

1 Modern Dating 101 27

2 Dating Smarter, Not Harder 37

3 Men Are from Netflix, Women Are from Hulu 43

4 The Texting 411 47

5 Happily Never After 53

6 Why So Serious? 62

7 Jack It to Jesus 68

8 Fifty Shades of Gray Area 74

9 Not-So-Trivial Pursuit 81

10 Who You Gonna Call? 86

11 The Ex-Files 92

12 Like Attracts Like 97

13 Fact or Fiction? 102

14 I Spy with My Little Eye … the Wrong Guy 109

15 It Takes Two to Tango 115

16 My Breakup with Dating 120

17 There Are No Second Chances in Love 128

18 When Harry Met Sally 136

19 The Truth about Singleness 142

20 Livin' la Vida Solo 149

21 Party of You 154

22 Serial Seekhers 160

23 Know Your Value (Meal) 166

24 How Will I Know If He Really Loves Me? 173

25 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do 179

26 He Loves Him, He Loves Me Not 186

27 Lose the Love, Keep the Lesson 194

28 Taking Back Your Territory 201

29 You Are the Sun 206

30 I'll Take That to Go 213

Acknowledgments 219

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