Don't Squish the Sasquatch!

Don't Squish the Sasquatch!

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by Kent Redeker

When Senor Sasquatch boards the bus, he makes one thing perfectly clear to driver: he doesn't like to be squished. But as the bus travels along its route, other passengers get on—like Miss Elephant Shark, Mr. Octo-Rhino and Miss Whale Goat! Soon senor Sasquatch finds himself at risk...of being squished!


When Senor Sasquatch boards the bus, he makes one thing perfectly clear to driver: he doesn't like to be squished. But as the bus travels along its route, other passengers get on—like Miss Elephant Shark, Mr. Octo-Rhino and Miss Whale Goat! Soon senor Sasquatch finds himself at risk...of being squished!

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
As the title suggests, unadulterated silliness is the raison d’etre for this collaboration between Staake (Look! A Book!) and TV writer and producer Redeker. (As the title also suggests: this sasquatch is gonna get squished.) The story begins with the tall, long-limbed Señor Sasquatch—sharply dressed in a black suit and fedora—climbing onto a bus piloted by the aptly named Mr. Blobule. “I hope it doesn’t get too crowded,” he tells the driver. “I do not like to get squished!” Sure enough, the bus fills up with one hybrid creature after another, each stranger than the last, until the bus explodes with a giant “ka-blooey” on a four-page foldout spread. Working in his characteristically exaggerated style, Staake fills the pages with details of urban life, while focusing on the yellow bus and its unusual passengers. Redeker’s prose consists almost entirely of dialogue (“Of course you may ride my bus, Miss Loch-Ness-Monster-Space-Alien!”), as well as the repeated titular refrain, emphasizing that this is a book to be read aloud. Loudly. Ages 1–5. Illustrator’s agent: Gillian MacKenzie, the Gillian MacKenzie Agency. (June)
Children's Literature - Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz
Senor Sasquatch, a strangely shaped, nattily dressed creature, waits for the bus on the front end pages. When it arrives, he is welcomed on by the driver, Mr. Blobule. He hopes it will not get crowded, because he does not like to get squished. A series of strange animal combination characters, like Miss Elephant Shark and Mr. Octo-Rhino hail the bus. In each case, Mr. Blobule repeats the title refrain, "Don't squish the Sasquatch!" By the time four creatures have climbed on board, however, we come to a double-page foldout with a screaming Sasquatch. Opening the folds reveals a "KA-BLOOEY!!" They have squished him! So now they must "smooch" him. And they do, each in a different way. But then, in a group hug, he is squished again. The text needs to be read aloud to appreciate the language and word play. The digitally created characters in this silly tale are all in fun. Staake sets the visuals in a retro style with Sasquatch, a green, black-suited fellow with extra long arms and legs, sure to get squished. The other strange combination creatures are equally comic. The bus passes naturalistic building in contrast to the fantastic characters. Reviewer: Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz
School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 1—A cast of colorful monsters wants to ride the city bus driven by Mr. Blobule. Señor Sasquatch, a giant green creature dressed in a dapper suit, boards first. He has one caveat about his commute: he doesn't like to be squished. As the vehicle rumbles along the urban streets, more and more passengers flag it down. Miss Elephant Shark is followed by Mr. Octo-Rhino and then Miss Goat-Whale. Each time another affable but oddly formed monster climbs aboard, the driver warns the new rider that Señor Sasquatch needs plenty of room. Soon the bus is full, and the sasquatch becomes overwhelmed by the crowd. He lets out a long scream and then, in a four-page foldout, causes an explosion: "KA-BLOOEY!!" To revive the prostrate creature, Mr. Blobule tells the others, "We must smooch the sasquatch." Once Señor is back on his feet, the bus riders give him an enthusiastic group hug. The story ends on a humorous note as the tall green monster protests, "But... you're squishing me!!" The vibrant, eye-catching digital artwork and multicolored text will appeal to young children, who will also delight in joining Mr. Blobule in the oft-repeated refrain, "DON'T SQUISH THE SASQUATCH!!!" The imaginative combinations of animals making up each character will keep youngsters laughing. Pair this picture book with Sandra Boynton's Birthday Monsters! (Workman, 1993) or Matt Mitter's Hungry Monsters: a Pop-up Book of Colors (Reader's Digest, 2008) for a monstrously silly storyhour.—Linda L. Walkins, Mount Saint Joseph Academy, Brighton, MA
Kirkus Reviews
Mr. Sasquatch tempts fate--a good squishing--when he boards Mr. Blobule's city bus. "Hello, Mr. Blobule! May I please ride your bus?" asks Mr. Sasquatch to open this gladdening bit of tomfoolery from Redeker. Traveling through a city where French curves meet plane geometry in a style as idiosyncratic as Art Deco and all Staake's own, others ask to ride the bus. There are Miss Goat-Whale, Mr. Octo-Rhino, Miss Loch-Ness-Monster-Space-Alien, all in a roundelay of " ‘May I please ride your bus?' / ‘Of course you may ride my bus…. But please… // Don't squish the Sasquatch!' " Who, of course, gets more squished with each new rider, his eyes rotating, his hat boinging off, his arms flailing, until--"KA-BLOOEY!!" This work will not be denied engagement, whether children join the circle dance of words, with their simple, sunny musicality, or pore closely over the fanciful city the bus passes through. Mr. Sasquatch's final delamination takes place in a fine, eruptive double-gatefold, which inspires a group hug, which triggers Mr. Sasquatch's claustrophobia switch again. Pure, disarming horseplay served on a bed of charismatic artwork. (Picture book. 1-5)

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1 - 5 Years

Meet the Author

Kent Redeker attended film school in Los Angeles where he now resides. He is the creator and executive producer of Disney's Higgletown Heros and has written for such popular television shows as Special Agent Oso, Olivia, Hero 108, Veggie Tales, and Angela Anaconda. This is his first picture book.

Bob Staake ( is the author and/or illustrator of over 50 books, and has had his art published in the Chicago Tribune, Easy Reader, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times and many more. Bob won the Reuben Award in 1997 from the National Cartoonists Society for Best Cartoonist in the Division of Newspaper Illustration, and his book RED LEMON won a New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Books Award in 2006. Bob lives and works in Chatham, Massachusetts

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